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  1. TLPenn

    Metagame Views From The Council

    In my opinion, the Kokoloko method should only be used in dire straits, like when SS National Dex quickbanned a handful of 'mons at once post-DLC1 because of the horrid state the meta was in. Using it right now feels... unideal, and especially arbitrary if it's just for the sake of SPL. Sure...
  2. TLPenn

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    Would it be worse if Garchomp wasn't actually banworthy from UU like Tyranitar?
  3. TLPenn

    Announcement np: SS OU Suspect Process, Round 12 - Monster Mash

    I think you're forgetting Urshifu-R's Surging Strikes
  4. TLPenn

    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for July 2022 (August @ #39) (September @ #58)

    Yeah, seeing that list, I realize there's almost nothing that would change from letting BL 'mons rise; only circumstance I can see it being iffy is if the tier below them wants to test them back down or something.
  5. TLPenn

    Pokémon Necrozma

    It is not worth it to invest anything into Necrozma's Physical offense? I'm looking at the various moves that it can learn, and there's a lot of variety when it comes to the potential physical attacks it can use like Earthquake, Brick Break, Smart Strike, Shadow Claw, etc. Also, is it even...
  6. TLPenn

    Pokémon Tapu Koko

    Could Tapu Koko pull off a Jolly or Adamant Nature? It's base Attack stat is pretty high and could be taken advantage of rather well.