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  1. Kurona

    Mechanics Swap Question

    The DexNav sort of did this, but the Habitat List from BW2 is something I'd love to see again. For someone who likes completing the dex and catching everything new in sight like me, it's very helpful to see what's left from a route and immensely satisfying to see it fill up and complete. There's...
  2. Kurona

    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    Does the Snorlax on XY's Route 7 have a higher catch rate than normal? It always feels much much easier to catch than in something like FRLG or HGSS but Bulbapedia doesn't say it's any different to usual
  3. Kurona

    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    Oh, wow; I never knew this! Looking it up it also seems to be the case for FRLG and Emerald. Bit of a shame for me because I was intending to end it on Ho-Oh as some kind of cool thing for the last one, but this means the climax has ended up being, uh; Dragonair. Thank you either way! That...
  4. Kurona

    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    Do some games' National Pokédex completion requirements only check the number of Pokémon caught, regardless of whether some of them are mythical or not? I'm just about finished completing it in Platinum with only Ho-Oh to go, but both Lucas and Professor Oak tell me I've completed the National...
  5. Kurona

    Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum In-game Tier List Discussion

    A couple things from skimming through the DP listings:- - Geodude (no trade) is listed in both D tier and E tier - Is there a reason Cranidos is listed as "Diamond only"? It's not done for any other version exclusives - This is a very minor point, I'm wondering what warrants Buneary in...
  6. Kurona

    Generational Breakdown of Regional Pokedexes

    Funny that the part of the game ostensibly set in Unova has more Kanto Pokémon than Unova Pokémon...
  7. Kurona

    Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    Just now learning that ScarVi introduced a Metal Claw TM which Charmander can learn, but Charmeleon and Charizard can't use -- and similarly, ScarVi's False Swipe TM can't be used on Charizard despite it working fine in SwSh and Charmander and Charmeleon still being able to use it. Are there any...
  8. Kurona

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Was this the same guy that leaked Legends Arceus having a sizable DLC with Megas? Still a little bit mad about that
  9. Kurona

    3DS/Wii U eShop Shutdown March 27 2023 - Online Services to go offline April 2024 (Bank Excluded)

    I think it's likely that they simply set a far-off date that allows them to be flexible with their plans, and they'll shut down Bank before that point. I doubt they'd have an exact date in mind years in advance.
  10. Kurona

    SO true

    SO true
  11. Kurona

    "Patterns" in Pokémon generations

    I meant the third version of what they're remakes of. For instance, ORAS included a lot of Emerald content (even if it was stuffed at the end). I did also forget about LGPE, but that one was directly based on Yellow itself!
  12. Kurona

    "Patterns" in Pokémon generations

    Where does this thread stand on patterns introduced later in the series that were changes to previous patterns? Like-- from B/W onwards, all TMs are infinite use... until SW/SH. I can see it being a slippery slope (Until S/M, all-party exp share can be toggled on/off!) but I picked that example...
  13. Kurona

    Pokemon Home 3.0 update and S/V compatibility arriving ~~May 24th~~ ~~"Soon"~~ MAY 30TH FOR REAL THIS TIME

    I feel like if the issue was Machamp, the best way to fix it would be to just... make No Guard not bypass Fissure's accuracy check. I get the feeling this is more a series or errors or oversight to do with how data was handled; perhaps they just didn't take into account the Ability Capsule and...
  14. Kurona

    Research How many Pokemon are obtainable in each title?

    Really interesting stuff! Are you planning to do one for ScarVi and LGPE, or does that sound just a bit too exhausting? I guess technically ScarVi aren't 'over' yet, mind
  15. Kurona

    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - 18th Nov 2022! **OFFICIAL INFO ONLY**

    The Cud Chew change has, in fact, been 'fixed'; along with a long list of other changes Friendly Competition registration time has been altered so you can now enter until the end of the competition Link Battles Fixed a bug in Link Battles where selecting Swap in just before the selection...
  16. Kurona

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    This is a LOT of starters, by the way -- the only ones missing are Snivy and Tepig (which is kinda funny and also cruel that it's just them specifically, AND that they were absent last gen too). For a while I've been saying that I totally understand dex cuts but I feel they should prioritise...
  17. Kurona

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    There is precedent for a lot of legendary Pokémon being added that aren't in the Pokédex in any way, shape or form -- that is entirely what Max Raid Dens were in Crown Tundra. In fact, that was also the case for the Hoenn Starters. So while I find it strange that not even a couple aren't in the...
  18. Kurona

    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - 18th Nov 2022! **OFFICIAL INFO ONLY**

    Over 230 Pokémon (so I'm assuming like. 239 at most), which is about the same as SwSh's DLC additions
  19. Kurona

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    They said you can transfer Pokémon from GO to ScarVi starting today. Doesn't this open up a majority of what would be available through Home? Arguably more relevant for Ubers but still
  20. Kurona

    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    Oh it's literally just a shop now? Okay then that's cool