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  1. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament IX - Cycle 1 Signups

    forum name: Zenter LT91BB Zenter yes
  2. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament VIII - Cycle 1 Signups

    Forum name: Zenter Cycle 1 Alt: LT81YL Zenter Does my alt for Cycle 1 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: yes
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  4. Resource SS Ubers Bazaar (Post your teams here!)

  5. Official SS OU Suspect Process - Round 10 Voting

    Zamazenta-Crowned: Do Not Unban
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  8. Announcement SS OU Suspect Process, Round 10 - Voter Identification Thread

    Confirming as OUTK Fernandes S/o team alpha ( sauf Situm et Ereshkigal vous êtes des fraudes) finch edit: confirmed