Project 1v1 Core Laddering Challenge [Challenge #5; Deadline January 23]


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1v1 Core Laddering Challenge
Approved by Rosa | Based on the OM Core Laddering Challenge
Hello and welcome to the 1v1 Core Laddering Challenge (CLC for short). This is a challenge where you're required to climb the heights of the 1v1 ladder with one or more designated Pokémon. At the end of each cycle, which usually lasts for two weeks, whoever has reached the highest ELO will be crowned champion for that cycle, and put in the Hall of Fame. The CLC puts your teambuilding and laddering skills to the test in a unique way, but it also teaches you about Pokémon you may have never thought about. Of course, these put a constraint on your teambuilding and forces you to think creatively. But worry not, although the Pokémon you can use are dictated by the rules, the sets you use are not! So go ahead and have some fun, or try your hardest at being added to the Hall of Fame.

  • Every 2 weeks, a new challenge is posted
  • Challenges consist of 1 to 3 cores (labeled Core A, Core B, and Core C). These cores consist of 1 or 2 Pokémon.
  • To participate in the challenge, reply to this thread after reaching the Bronze medal to sign up.
    • "In as [name of your laddering alt(s) in bold]"
    • Your laddering alt must start with 1vCLC followed by the number of the cycle you're signing up for and the letter for the core you're signing up for.
    • There must be at most one alt per core. You don't have to sign up for all cores, you may later post again to sign up for another core.
    • Example:
      In as 1vCLC 1a Felucia and 1vCLC 1b Felucia
  • Challenges end on Sundays at 6am GMT every other week
    • The next challenge will then be posted as soon as possible, usually around 1pm GMT
  • Your team MUST have ALL of the assigned Pokémon from the selected core on it.
  • While laddering on a CLC alt, if you're caught using a team that doesn't match the challenge in your username (even if you use core A on your 1vCLC 1b alt), your challenge will be considered invalid.
  • Please do not ask your opponent for a free win or forfeits. If you're caught doing this, you'll be banned from participating in this challenge.

  • There are four possible achievements: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
    • The base ELO required for each achievement is as follows, but can be higher or lower depending on the difficulty of each challenge
      Bronze: 1325
      Silver: 1450
      Gold: 1575
      Platinum: 1700
  • To claim a medal, reply to the thread with a screenshot proving your achievement.
    • You must be signed up in order to claim achievements
    • Achievements are given for each core individually, if you achieve a Gold medal for Core A, that doesn't give you a Gold medal for Core B.
  • In addition to the medals, at the end of every cycle the highest ranked player for each core is given a special highlight in the hall of fame.
  • Any players who got a Platinum medal or ranked on top will be asked for a copy of their team, which is put in the Hall of Fame.

Q: When laddering, do I need to ladder with the same team? Can I make changes?
A: Yes, you can change your team, as long as you keep the assigned Pokemon. If you are caught laddering on your CLC alt without the assigned core, your alt will be considered invalid.

Q: When can I start laddering?
A: As soon as you post your registration post (see format above).

Q: Can I participate in past challenges?
A: You can always ladder with the cores from previous weeks for fun or your own satisfaction, but you will no longer eligible for the Hall of Fame for that challenge.

Q: Do I need to save replays?
A: No, but you can save them to be featured in Hall of Fame if you win.

Q: These cores are bad, too easy, too hard, or just unviable.
A: New challenges will be up every two weeks. If you have a suggestion, feel free to post it here.

Q: Can I discuss the assigned Pokémon in this thread? How good the Pokémon is, what roles it can do, what movepool it gets, etc.
A: Yes you can. This thread is not limited just for registration and achievement posts.
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Hall of Fame
Here you find all the wonderful people who reached the Platinum medal (1700 elo), along with those who were on top of ladder at the end of every cycle.

Highest for each cycle
1a :necrozma: (1835) 1v CLC 1a Doomsday (XSTATIC COLD)
1b :tangrowth: (1710) 1vCLC 1b LilDreDre (ChoccyMilk O-o)
2a :metagross: (1699) 1vclc 2a Doomsday (XSTATIC COLD)
2b :silvally: (1698) 1vclc 2b STATIC X (XSTATIC COLD)

Platinum ranks



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Challenge #1
2 cores to start things off. One you'll be familiar with, one not so much. Happy laddering!

Core A
Bronze: 1350
Silver: 1500
Gold: 1650
Platinum: 1700​

Core B
Bronze: 1300
Silver: 1425
Gold: 1550
Platinum: 1700​

Names for this cyclemust start with 1vCLC 1a for Necrozma, and 1vCLC 1b for Tangrowth.
This Cycle ends at October 31st 2021, at 6AM GMT

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