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Lol we got got this week.

I'll make a funny video later, but I'll do shoutouts now. Overall I wanted to say, this has been a very good tour. We didn't end the way we wanted to, but sometimes that happens. Big props to Lax's who definitely put the work in for that stomping. I think everyone will mostly agree, this tour was very tight at all times. Every team was filled with amazing talent of really good 1v1ers who excelled in their tiers. I genuinely believe that if we run this tour again 100 times, every team is nearly equally successful.

My tags will break because no badge, so I'm not actually going to @ people.

@ Itchy and Heika and 1v1 TDs big thanks for letting me manage again. I was definitely a controversial pick, being out of the loop for several years, but I hope I proved that I do know some things about running a team.

(goats are just in random order, except felu)

@ Squirtell: the more things change. The more things stay the same. 100% still in my eyes the best SM player of all time. Some rocky series for sure, but your teams were always strong, you were always quick to identify your outs, and you always knew what to do.
@ neomon: " 'I feel like we like neomon' - Felucia" was literally all I needed to write on my draft plan because it was just obviously true. An amazing buy. I'm glad you were there with us.
@ zo: Despite being incredibly busy and life being life, I never stressed because I knew if you needed anything you would not hesitate to say.
@ bern: I BELIEVE IN OLD GENS BERN. 100% I don't think anyone was as motivated as you were. Y'all better be scared for level-ed up bern come PL.
@ bomb21: Thank fucking god you were on the team. SS teambuilding goat. A tremendous fucking help to everyone on the squad.
@ Robyn: Cutest user 12/10. I still don't know shit about ADV so I really can't tell if we did good or bad, but I'm always glad to have you with us.
@ Marsh and Opchurtle: Both of you are absolutely amazing, and I hope you're always on the same together because it's just funny. 100% huge team players.
@ Sword: TOP 5 ORAS (actually though what was the initial number I don't know). What a fucking steal. All you Sword Haters are just wrong imo. 10/10 would draft Sword again.
@ Kanha: I'm sorry I meant undefeated SS goat Kanha Greninja. Idk how many Go's you have, but they're all earned.
@ Euph: I'm glad I had another player who I absolutely could not control what they were going to do or going to bring. And definitely not because Bite Umbreon somehow worked.
@ Arcanine: Late pickup, but I'm glad you were excited to come help us when and where you could

Felucia: THANK YOU. I 100% doubt I would've been able to manage or really participate at all in this tour if I didn't forcefully make you sign-up with me. You're amazing, and I appreciate you so much. For everyone who doesn't know, while I always like to give shit to Felucia for bringing whatever nonsense she brings, I do 100% always trust her madness. If she thinks Octillery is good, then we're loading a fucking Octillery I guess. You've always supported me, and you know I will do the same for you. So really, thank you.

Anyways gl to the remaining teams. Swiss is starting tomorrow, so it's not like I will be taking a break anyways.

Also tune-in to Felucia's last match. It'll be fun.
shoutouts post coming early now that goats are out

unfortunately ogpl was always going to be my last tour whether i knew it at the start or not. my life is much busier than it ever has been before and i struggled this whole tournament to find the time, unfortunately that showed and i wasn’t really able to give it my all at many steps of the way. couple missteps lost us serieses because i just wasn’t as prepared as i might have been were i less busy. summertime is always busy and im starting an accelerated graduate school program in the fall so i think it’s best i pack it up and move forward. coming back after three years was daunting but im sure glad i tried, and i finally got some closure.

obviously shoutouts go to the whole gogoat squad but a couple specific ones below

Felucia and lost heros thank you for taking the chance on me and upbidding to hell on me, i really wanted a good team environment and ive really never had one quite as good as the goats. you two are a power duo

neomon Squirtell 1v1 was nice to play again with some old faces and im very glad to have teamed with you one more time. never forget the frozen articunos, squirtell.

Marshme1to and Opchurtle100 my favorite old married couple, thanks for doing all that you could to support me in ADV even though i barely had time

bern Euphonos Bomb21XD Kanha Greninja you guys were sweethearts and amazing to be around, as were the rest of the goats tho i didn’t interact with everyone equally and itd feel too shallow to act as though i did! but the whole team was so sweet and fun, and i love yall so much

Made a little promise to Felucia that id come play another tour when im done with school… here’s to hoping it’s Prof. Robyn, the next time im here in 1v1 :)

finally, shoutout Arvinraj K III C. every good diva needs a fanboy, and you were… i think we can agree on “sufficient”


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fiiiiiiine ig i'll make my own little post
so this one was a doozy, i was expecting to play ss for frosmoths but i ended up in gogoats instead due to let's just say a small slip-up. the team was very nice but i'm not a fan of the losing streak as is my team, i think i did well and proved i can hold my own in ss, beating players notable for their ss and losing to those who weren't, however this team was always supporting and barely kept me out of like insanity yk, but yeah, cool ogpl, cool players, everything cool. as for my rehabilitation it's going decently well aside from the fact that i'm terrible at doing things right and bang my head against the wall for 2 hours everytime i do something wrong (but don't tell gogoats cuz they could be concerned ig) overall just such a nice team and i'm eagerly awaiting for PL, in the meantime playing some swiss and mspl sounds fun to get back on the SV grindset.



lost heros your copium tank never emptied up, however your great enthusiasm is really what carried this team, i'm very glad i was trusted to do whatever i wished and it worked so yeah!!!!!!!

Felucia i don't really know where to start here, you're just amazing at what you do and your synergy with lh was awesome, our sm wouldn't have been better without you, ily

Bomb21XD personal carry and west gastrodon enthusiast, the fact i even got to 6-0 thanks to you is insane, every match felt like a do or die, because your teams are what made my record 2-2, and i will forever be greatful, until we meet again.

Opchurtle100 i trusted your buildings with my life >:(, fr tho you're obviously the best bw builder ever and no one will remove that title from you, but don't get too cocky, also make sure to explain teams better that might be helpful

Marshme1to ty for tests

Robyn don't let that record let you down, you're still the queen and everyone shall fall.

Kanha Greninja great mopo slot, and you were there when we needed you, amazing 3k, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Euphonos i'm waiting for those commentaries and cringing at my own voice, really cool guy would love to be on the same team again

Squirtell 1v1 just the goat of 1v1

zo did you beat jesse pinkman? i really wanted this tour to be a first chance to talk with you about gd n all but you're not really that active but it's ok

neomon also a goat, sorry we changed last minute this week

ToasterBoi420 for lack of a better term, you are a dickhead.

Arcanine1929 good sub


ok that's all cya in mspl
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I'm getting old, too old to be crying over a PL team, but here I am. Thank you gogoats with all my heart, I cannot express how much it means to have had you by my side. I will try not to write an essay about all of you, but I don't know if that'll be possible. What can I say, I'm a wordy woman, and sometimes those words cannot be contained. Seriously though, Gogoats were what I needed right now; my life is stressful and on many fronts I feel like I cannot meet people's expectations. Not in gogoats. In Gogoats I got to feel like I was allowed to do whatever the fuck I wanted and get love and support. In a community where I've been a symbol longer than I've been a person, thank you for reminding me I'm here to have fun.

Now in no particular order (it's alphabetical (with one person swapped for story purposes) with a very special person left for the end)
You subbed in, felt like you didn't deserve to be there. You are just as much a goat as those who started out on day 1. You may not know this, but we already considered drafting you originally but ran out of money, so you weren't some afterthought! Thanks for chatting with us a little even if it was short lived. Arcanine1929

bern oh bern... You started us off thinking you couldn't do this, thinking you'd be sent to what you called "SS hell" despite wanting to play BW, and then you proved to yourself and everyone else that you fucking had it in you. It is okay to not be okay, and I respect you for your openness when you weren't feeling your best! Getting help takes courage too. Speaking of getting help, your enthusiasm was unmatched. You helped out where you could, and were very communicative when you needed help. You are a legend Bern.

SPEAKING OF FUCKING LEGENDS HOLY SHIT BOMB WHAT A GUY. If there's one thing that has come out of gogoats it's a massive amount of mutual respect between me and Bomb. Pardon me for leaking discord DM logs but
Btw u are have become one of my favorite builders your teams look truly fun.
RIGHT. BACK. AT. YOU. I cannot praise you enough for how you refuse to compromise in your building. You have said so many things I agree with, and despite not building the same gen I cannot help but respect your methods. You very hesitantly admitted "I'm sorry, but I won't build koko, because I don't find it fun" and honestly I feel that. In my opinion the best teams to come out of a good builder are the ones they find truly fun, and by that logic I reckon you were having a lot of fun because look at those TEAMS.

Future managers. Pick this man up, let him build, let him play, do whatever you want but do not let Bomb21XD go undrafted

If I'm praising Bern for his enthusiasm across the board, I must praise Euphonos for his enthusiasm about DPP 1v1. I'm getting old, I've long resigned myself to the thought that I'm never gonna learn a gen older than 7 because it's just more effort and time than I have available... And here I was, getting dragged along with Euph in his dives deep into the depths of Gen 4 hell, thinking about the options and genuinely trying to find ways to beat the things he was looking to beat.

Am I a gen 4 player now? No. Am I interested in playing the occasional gen 4 game? Yes.

Keep doing what you do my guy, you are one of a kind

Kanha Greninja your mental is truly unshakable. While everyone was freaking out over their games you were just vibing, playing and winning your games. Wish we had the room to slot you in SS more because there's no way the untiltable man wouldn't have performed well there. Also thank you for your positive vibes, this moment meant the world to me:

thank you for echoing my lil motto when one of our players needed to hear it, that was beautiful

Opchurtle100 is part one of our married couple and our dedicated "oh he can build every gen I guess" guy. I knew nothing of you before this tour other than being locked on PS, so I just kinda assumed you'd be a mistake to draft. Lost picked you up anyway and boy was it a good decision. You built half a billion teams for different gens, and kept us entertained with positive mentality and friendly quarelling with Marsh (it was friendly... right...?) 10/10 would draft again

Marshme1to, part two of our married couple, and the start of my section about old friends because all the goats from this point are people I've known for a very long time. You play a gen I wouldn't touch with a 5 foot pole, but just like Euph got me excited for DPP, in the end you got me to care about ADV. Thank you for making me laugh with doug, thank you for chiming in on SM building, and thank you for humouring ADV Piloswine for half a second.

neomon it's been a minute hasn't it. I'm pretty sure we've been playing 1v1 together since the very first world cup, and yet I don't feel like I've really gotten to know you until this tour. I've grown as a person since the past, and so have you obviously, and I think we've grown into people who can bond wonderfully. Story time for the readers: neomon seemed stressed when I asked him for SM building advice, so I reached out and made sure he was okay... Turns out mans just had a cake in the oven and was stressed about burning it... What a relief, but also what an unbelievably good way to find out your teammate likes baking. Thank you for your SM advice, and I'm sorry for ignoring the BW channel

Robyn darling I didn't think I'd see you again after everything that went down in 1v1. You rejoined the community feeling bitter and expressing that you had no intention of being involved with it... But after seeing what I was doing with the room you supported me and the flame of our friendship was fanned to be larger than ever before. I am incredibly thankful for everything you've done for me, starting 3 years ago when you put a stop to the worst 2 months of my life, but even now. Gogoats were only a few short weeks but you were one of my biggest supporters. I loved everything about having you around, see you in 5 years when you get homesick again.

Squirtell 1v1, the man so dedicated to 1v1 he put it in his name. I could not have played this tour without you. I haven't played 1v1 in ages, and needed someone like you to reawaken my SM knowledge. I was playing at half power week 1 because I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, and you talked to me, showed me your own teams, and acted as a second brain so that I could ignore all your suggestions and remember the jank shit that did the same things. I can't imagine 1v1 without you lurking in the shadows somewhere. FYI our draft plan said 28k Squirtell, and I stand by that.

What is there to say about Top 5 ORAS other than thank you for the laughs and positive mentality. I sound like a broken record, but something about your desire to prove yourself was motivating and it was very fun to meme about the top 20 oras thing. I hope you felt the same way! You are the best ORAS pickup I could've wished for, which is why our draft sheet had you listed as "Best ORAS pickup in the pool"

We're closing off our old friends section with zo, someone I met many years ago in a community other than 1v1, and have many fond memories of. I think lost heros summed it up, thank you for being reliable and communicative through everything you had going on. You're a hero and I wish you all the best

Krytocon you helped me build a few teams and were my go-to for having a first look at my jank
delemon I'm so glad I got to know you during this tour, your memes in gogoats discord brightened my day every time
Elo Bandit prepping for you is the best time I had with SM in a very long time. Robyn described that series as a beautiful display of SM building prowess from both sides, and I couldn't agree more.

... and you, for coming this far reading the ramblings of an old lady.

lost heros you aren't getting a hide tag because I need everyone to see this. You changed my life this year. I've known you for a very very long time and I've always known you appreciate me for who I am which I am incredibly thankful for
Being Felucia is hard on me sometimes. I've been through a lot on this website, I've been through happy times and bad times, I've seen communities rise and fall, and more than once have I felt 1v1 crumbling around me while eyes were on me to fix it. It's exhausting, and it caused me to leave 1v1 "for good" at the end of 2022. I returned recently because I had a small burst of motivation to make a change, but as soon as I showed my face, the eyes were on me again to be "Felucia," and after a few weeks I was ready to give up.

I don't want to be Felucia, I just want to be a girl who likes to play mons...

Lost, you never saw me as a number, never saw me as a community leader, a room owner, someone with power. You were just a friend who wanted to play 1v1 with me. Sure, you had your own goals, but more than anything your goal was to achieve things together. You had to really really peer pressure me to accept managing with you, I had bad memories of 1v1 tours community, and didn't see anything good coming out of re-entering. Boy was I wrong. As we were making our draft plan, my excitement grew. You spent many hours scouting every player in signups and creating a spreadsheet, and as we were going over that spreadsheet I really started seeing the plan unfold. Our mentality has always been very similar: We are winning this tour, but we are not compromising fun to do it. We made a plan, looked for some steals, prepared to drop unreasonable amounts on Squirtell, but in the end we aimed to build a friend group not just a team. The more things came together, the happier I was, and less than 3 hours after draft was over I knew we'd struck gold.

Also, I know this better than anyone, on the surface you were screaming every second along the way about how I was using Piloswine, but all you were trying to do is help me play 1v1 in the way that makes me happy. You say "how the fuck does that not lose to everything" as a joke, but we both know you just mean "nice set, what does it beat?" and I love the support even if it's expressed in a way nobody else can read. Driving you insane has been a nice sidequest this PL, and I'm glad all my most stupid ideas won.

There are few people in this community more supportive than you, there are very few people in this community who understand me better than you, and there are no people in this community that I'd rather manage a PL with. Literally everything I set out to achieve this tour would've been impossible without your support.

Thank you.

now apologise for benching me because I brought Galvantula EVEN THOUGH IT FUCKING WON
dw spectators I was benched because I was afraid of Bandit, not because of the Galvantula

I will leave everyone with this line:

Felucia out, thank you goats for reminding me 1v1 is fun, see you next team tour.

PS: Hope that with my performance nobody will make the mistake of giving me out for 6.5k again... That was offensive yo
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s/o all the Nagas, it was fun
DripLegend Man why are you managing so many team tours while working full time. We didnt do well this tour, but its all part of the training arc for PL
Nick unfort u were busy with irl and couldnt unleash ur full power
spell U were always around when we needed u, except when u were at the grocery store when u were supposed to play. Too bad ur only series was against one of the best oras in the pool
Despacito87 Subbed in and got the reverse sweep as usual. Ik u cooked up some heat with hugo in adv too
Bopher This was not ur tour darcy. U will get em in pl for sure tho
Waylaid one of the best players around. Its always fun being on ur team. why do u always go for cheap?? idgi
SuperMemeBroz Goku69420, u really held our no fairy old gens together, even if we didnt end up with a good record. I think if u take some time to improve ur preview analysis/picking u would get much better at 1v1
Scholar Rough tour to start ur return to 1v1. Although u did end up going 2-3 with a bit of luck. I think u just gotta play 1v1 more often if u want to improve. I was impressed by ur enthusiasm about dpp, and how u thought about improving where u had made mistakes
Hugo U really went and learned adv 1v1 for this tour. I think if u weren't as busy with irl u cooked the competition
MattC (Banned) best monopoke player, what can i say.
Rellia goat
My journey of surpassing past top 20 ORAS was a fun one and I'm so glad to have been drafted in this tour and enjoyed my time on the team, if I had a regret it would be not building enough as I mainly reused teams due to a struggle to find time to do so.

All of the team did well in their own ways but I want to thank lost heros and Felucia for drafting me and also helping me build and pick teams to use for the tour. Shoutouts to Opchurtle100 and Marshme1to for being epic gamers.
I dont usually make these kind of posts but I really wanted to thank crow crumbs and the whole team for picking me up at such a high price and believing in me the whole tour, even when I was playing complete ass the first two weeks. I'm happy I was able to rebound in the last two weeks but still bummed how closely we missed out on playoffs. I would also like to shoutout Satanic Beast and Mishlef for being so supportive and helpful during this tour, your ideas and input was really clutch as I struggled building most of this tour. I hope to see everyone during the next PL!


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Just want to give a quick shoutout to crow crumbs for carrying my ass in the builder every week. Unfortunately we did not see eye to eye on the genius that was hidden power bug dragonite, but im sure without you pulling teams out of your ass every week for me to use i woulda flopped hard. Sorry I didn't pick up the wins when it mattered you're the goat for doing so much for me.

Also ty to AlyssaVGC for also being willing to pick me up. Was fun shitting up the adv channel during prep.

To the rest of the team I either hang out with you already or had minimum lines with you, but youre all cool people. Thanks for being around it was fun to have a chill team vibe. We win these next time. ggs
Quick informal shoutout post yippee

Shoutout to Crow "Bird" crumbs for spending way too much on a person who did not want to play but he can decide if SS builder + sub slot is worth it, glad I could team with you for once and I'm very happy to see you going positive a record that's finally representative of your skill level, now just do it in PL or WC and you'll be good. Anti shoutout to AlyssaVGC for talking about league in vc like 90% of the time another shoutout to crow crumbs for giving me mute perms for that. Shoutout to Career Ended and deddd for playing the SS slot I wish I could have built more teams overall but I think the teams I sent were decent and glad they could get a couple wins. Shoutout to lancert Frito torterraxx for holding down SM y'all did great there. zioziotrip u abandoned me in ORAS >:( no shoutout! Slip my goat glad to see you pick up DPP always impressive how you can pick up a tier so quickly glad to see you doing well.

Thank you to all the helpers especially bo_bobson27 and DripLegend and Satanic Beast y'all the goats. Also shoutout out to NTG Cuz IDK.
Anti Shoutout to D2TheW for no reason.

Unlucky season but I'm happy I got to team with everyone!
ggs to my fellow competitors. going out with a zio sub due to vacation, slip clicking focus energy for fun and AlyssaVGC rage timer-outting was at least very on brand for the bird team.

jokes aside AlyssaVGC there's no1 else i would have rather had as my co this tour. putting aside how comical/poetic crow crumbs and AlyssaVGC managing a team tour together is, you did great as a player and as a team presence. should go without saying that the pale incident was very ape but theres no hard feelings from me. would love to team with you again if you decide to stick around.

Satanic Beast not really much to say lol, i consider you the best person i've met online and you basically acted as a free 2nd co-manager throughout the tour. thx for everything <3

zioziotrip u honestly heined me so hard this tour LOLOL i cant believe u asked to be subbed out on friday and then spent the next 48 hours nonstop posting on discord. its all good though. we don't see eye to eye on much but ur one of the best people on this site to talk to and im glad you were around/even won some games.

torterraxx you said yourself that the early week series were unfortunate but im glad i bought you. its hard to show consistency in a 5 week 1v1 tour and ur for sure a strong and flexible player.

Career Ended pretty rough tour all things considered but i don't hold it against you. thanks for playing and i hope you stick around.

Mishlef you talked a lot about being an overpay but you were the most active support by far and were always ready to sub into whatever gen. i still think ur builds are hideous as hell but i won with almost all that i loaded (negative s/o scarf rock slide zarude failing to kill volcarona) and sometimes things just work. idk who else i could have bought that fit ur niche.

deddd sorry you had to be thrown in adv jail but i couldn't ask for more in terms of your performance there. i deadass used to find you the most annoying person in 1v1 and the amount you have grown is commendable. enjoyed talking with you even if ur schedule prevented you from being as active as you wanted.

lancert wish i was able to have better supported you since ik ur a great player. getting you for 6k was (and still is) the highlight of the auction for me, even if it didnt show on the sheet.

Slip ok honestly i think all of ur series had at least 1 game that gave me an ulcer (glass houses har har) but nothing that happened this tour beat the elation i felt when you won vs lumi. you did great someone being thrown into dpp for their second 1v1 tour. i think your intuition is honestly really good and your ceiling as a player is high if you thought about sequencing more/learned building fundamentals.

Frito not slotting you in earlier was probably my biggest mistake this tour. i can joke abt you saving the teams jerk factor but i legit think you are hella capable as a player. you played exceptionally well considering how much i did to throw you to the wolves (first gen sm + crucify 2nd series).

Rellia NTG Cuz IDK Synonimous Vertigo cityscapes polt DripLegend bo_bobson27 spoo D2TheW Bopher thx for hanging around the cord, i appreciate yall a lot.

as for me crow crumbs, i think i did an ok job for a first time manager. i definitely stretched myself too thin when drafting since i kind of needed to support 3-4 slots here and i could barely keep up with myself+dpp. glad i finally broke my curse this tour, even if its not ending up on the sheet. i'll make an ss metagame post later but i think this gen is still a blast to pilot even if prepping it can really feel like playing mad libs.

nothing but love for a lot of ppl on frosmoths but i will be rooting for the team with Nuxl on it. excited to see everyone in real pl!
Enjoyed this tour but myb for being dead for 5 weeks -> going 0-2 in ss into the adv slot going 3-0 (dude the linux user loss was not that bad the bernian loss was not defensible tho)
AlyssaVGC crow crumbs
honestly yall were pretty fun managers to have. Two people i never would've imagined talking with or being on the same team with. Esp crow crumbs tried to help out on every slot and it was p commendable like voluntarily getting involved in adv prep is insane(I'm actually sorry for building like 1-2 days before my series's like I honestly did not enjoy building adv @ all as y'all probably could tell by me spending more time on guilty gear than adv prep LOL) Also special thanks to bird and Mishlef for dealing with my bullshit w4 sorry for the last minute sub throwing mishlef into the adv trenches but he cooked so its fine :3
also shoutout zioziotrip Mishlef Rellia for being really fun chat presences and making what is prob like my last mons tour really enjoyable :3
If sv becomes bearable id probably play pl see you then!
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hey, i don't usually do sendoff posts but kaif is immune to doing these and he is salty over missing pult quals by 15 seconds so i'm doing this on his behalf as well

i'm definitely not the classic manager type, nor am i enthusiastic to manage; but kaif approached me with it asking me to be a co, and i ended up agreeing, partly cause it meant we would be guaranteed to be on the same team again. a big part of our plan was prioritising drafting people that we enjoyed teaming with, and getting budget players on the side that we could depend on to cover slots and click well. well, our draft plans kind of got hard contested and we ended up paying a ton for our players; but that's just the reality of an auction, and i think the quality of the players that we drafted had us pretty much satisfied with getting every member of our team. i think we drafted a pretty strong team by the end of the tour, and even if there's much to complain about, there's much to cherish from the experience.

in some order,

goldmason - we got you in for adv on pretty much no notice and we're happy for your commitment to the tier immediately after being drafted. i think some fraction of bad luck mixed with some sequencing got us on the wrong end in a couple of games, but it wasn't for lack of prep and i'm glad you put in the effort. no hard feelings. hope you keep having a great time with the adv gang :> btw shoutouts to all of you for stepping into cord it was great ^^ (special tag LRXC for popping in for help whenever free, ty)

Fragments - you got us some pretty neat wins in the group stage; i think rfning semis without prep behind it was definitely a step in the wrong direction but it's hard to say if that would've changed the outcome. you're a reliable player and you won every game when i was asleep / waking up so it felt nice to see the scoreboard bump up on a sunday morning.

lolebruh - you're a crazy steal for 3k and a demon to boot, i'm unsure why we got you for basically free and your close series was just amazing, not many people can lock in at 0-3 and bring it down to a clincher. i'd hope that you find a great home to play in in future team tours because your mental strength and clicking was top notch this tour.

gorilaa - tough tour, you were on the wrong end of a lot of bs this tour but i'm sure you'll come back strong whenever, you're still a top notch player and this tour doesn't change that. maybe if our squad was more flexible we could've rotated you into ss as well but yeah, good luck and hope to see you again.

STABLE - first off, welcome back !_! i'll take ownership of your loss from not letting you rfn with teams week 4, but aside that i was pretty impressed with your prep this tour and i'm sure you would've killed it if you were able to play in semis, i think there were some tart moments but hopefully you're here to stay, look forward to seeing you in future tours and beating the allegations (whatever they are). good luck on your project too, btw ^^

Nuxl - it feels a bit awful for things to end this way cause there's no better way to reward a breakout tour, than with a chip; but that's how things shook out. you killed it both in tests and in the actual games (the clicks you made were clinical + clinically insane) and impressed the whole team; that aside i don't know how you spawned in with like 0 1v1 games and became a god builder in dpp of all gens, good run and you're due for more in the future. also see you as a 20k in pl for no reason whatsoever? that aside you're a really nice person to team with from support to being super fun to team with. go crazy my guy

Potatochan - basically we spawned in with an extra manager slot and probs the best support you could ask for regardless of gens, i think your record is a poor reflection of how well you played for obvious reasons, you're not washed and your squirtell series really put the clockwork into action for our week 5. you easily have the most lines in the cord and carried multiple gens; you were worth every penny of your pricetag imo. (is this enough bribery to not get my lines turned into a doc this tour???? ) but jokes aside you were vital to our draft and really joined the dots on our team, it's rough you either don't get the best recognition or that people judge you off the games you troll but this tour was a good reminder of where you deserve to be seen. there's a reason teamtours have a jacob tax, you've earned your stripes.

Kaif - you're an excellent manager and a great judge of potential; your record will never change that, but if it matters i had full faith in you to win out w5/semis, i think you're still not the most comfortable with any old gen to commit to while wanting the same degree of perfection as a mainer wrt how you build, i think if you blindly used teams and outclicked you'd be doing a lot better in most of the games you played. you have my permission to go win gc though. obviously you did a ton for the team mental wise and you're a great voice of reason off the books, look forward to how things shake out from here on?

my slot - i came in with little motivation to actually play oras because i've been playing it for like 3 teamtours straight? and inspiration is really hard to sustain versus opponents you don't have a clear idea of what to prep with. the last series i played vs Taka was the most satisfying game I played this tour because of the confidence i had in the teams i loaded; a long overdue shoutout to eblurb for building teams i loaded in the semis and them really feeling strong to to click with. just like he popped in to help for wc finals and ogpl 1 successfully, his teams were a way to get out of the holes i was in prep wise. thanks emil.

overall i think maybe we should've donated to more orphanages e.g to secure our win this week but i can't really complain about mons being mons; it was a good week to play and i think these were hype matchups regardless. good luck to both the frosmoths and the spectres in finals, yeah

peace out
OGPL has concluded and firstly, I want to thank the Frosmoths for making this experience one that I will never forget. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to help the team cross the line at the end. You guys made these past few weeks enjoyable for me. I'm glad to have teamed up with everyone and I hope to team up again.

I'd also want to congratulate the Spectres for winning the tour and to Itchy and Heika for hosting the tour. So sorry for the mishaps that happened in each week lol. To the other managers, It was a pleasure to have been battling against y'all. Sorry as well for the mishaps about somethings and the somewhat stressful situations when we battled lol.

My second stint in OGPL was not as grand as the first. The story in the first was great until it wasn't in the tie break. However, nothing is gonna change the fact that I enjoyed this tour, even though I fell short in the last week. For the metagame, I'm glad to have seen the DPP metagame develop and get involvement from the people around. From a once hated gen, to one that is at the very least liked by others, I think this metagame has the potential to be amazing and maybe bring it back to the premiere league in time. As for managing, I know some people had doubts in regards to me managing and I can totally get why. This time however, I was more ready was blessed with amazing people I am glad to call my teammates which I believe deserved to be mentioned.

crucify - First thing's first, you were the heart and soul of the team. You played a huge part in the team playing somewhat of a third manager role. Getting you was one of the major plans that me and frosty had at the start of the tour. My respect for you has grown even more after this tour after seeing how you helped the team. From building to helping QC multiple slots to battling and just your general presence was incredibly positive. He helped bind the Frosmoths together with his presence. I couldn't imagine what Frosmoths would have been like without you.

Close - I finally was able to team up with you in a team tour and it has been a joy to be building with you in the SS slot and seeing the innovations that you make. You are an amazing player and has made waking up worth while especially during the Semis game. At this point in time, I feel like you are now becoming somewhat underrated. I learned a lot about the tier which I didn't know was possible lol. Hoping to team up with you once again. Keep doing what you do and stay cool bro

Larry - Worth the wait is all I can say, sorry for making you panic in the Registeel vs Raikou game XD. I really liked your presence in the team cord when you got online before playoffs making jokes here and there. How did y'all let him fall to me for 3k LOL.

Liimpy - Another 3k steal. Though we've been helping each other in indiv tours, I believe this was the first time we formally teamed up in a tour. Going 4-1 in the SS pool is an amazing feat. I hope to see you in more 1v1 tours going forward and in more individual tours (especially if SV actually becomes fun to play in. I can see you going for more this PL if you ever decided to sign up and I have a feeling you will do great.

Lialiabeast - Love to see the ADV prep bro. you did good this tour especially the finals though the finals prep you did didn't translate to a ring but we'll get them next time. We have TTT to look out for :> Glad to have known you more this tour.

Eeveekid10 - Don't panic, it's organic haha. I liked your addition to the team, it was more than just the building part that makes you a good teammate but also the insights that you gave on the teams especially in my slot where I would have went negative if not for the tests that we had. You'll bounce back in a tour at some point, I saw the potential in you before and I still can see it now. I know a break out tour will happen at some point.

Taka - The moment I saw that Frosmoths got you, I knew this tour would be fun. Seeing you build BW was a joy to behold and it has helped me learn more about the tier. Seeing your willingness to take on a new tier, which btw is a tier I can't imagine at all to be friendly to newer users, was amazing. You delivered especially in the weeks and delivered a great environment in the team chat with the conversations that we had about the random stuff I send in the food palace channel lol. How to see you soon in a team tour setting and maybe even battling once again o_O.

Palestine - That was a funny ride, it was to the point I was panicking at the end of the weeks. See you in WC lol.

frostyicelad - I originally had no plans of managing and at that time and just wanted to see how much I would have went for. This was mainly because I thought Joker 1v1 would have managed with Frosty again but things didn't come into fruition. We then talked to each other and agreed to work together this time. I have teamed up with Frosty in multiple tours from WC to TPP to every other tour lol. I knew this man would bring a presence in the cord that would give it a sense of familiarity. Records don't show the true picture of how someone could impact you in a team tour and I can attest to it for frosty. I'm grateful you chose choose me to be your co this tour. I know you can bounce back. I might just have to bring someone back to scare you like last OGPL XD.

Special mentions to DEG realaccountami? for hanging out in the cord since day 1 and to Marshme1to and eblurb for helping out in the poffs. Your presence was very much welcome especially rami for taking care of out monopoke slot o7 and deg for contacting pale everything I went full on panic mode on sundays XD. Shouting out Euphonos as well for teaching me this tier and giving me ideas of sets to make and use this tier. Let's develop this metagame together. And to the pirate pad as well for their predicts that made me laugh a bit whenever I read them.

This was not up to the standards that I have set upon myself. Yes, a positive record isn't enough :b. I got boring to watch because I was somewhat using just meta mons. I miss myself when I was making super innovative shit that would make me laugh a ton. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself? Idk. I likely have something in me that is holding me back a bit and I hope to find it some day and beat the shit out of it and do well. As for future plan, do I see myself managing again? Maybe. I wanna see myself as a player again being drafted and what not, maybe it can awaken something in me lol. I think it's for the best that I will not manage in PL for now. One thing is for certain, I'll be back.

Peace out for now :>


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i made a total of 0 scouts this tour, everything i built was just an idea i had, or something i wanted to build.
:gyarados::volcarona::tapu koko:
i wanted to use gyara bc it can fish 3-0s. Torment koko was initially a way to beat no rest chansey, but i also realized it beats a lot of choiced mons, and gets a pretty good mu spread. Taunt + toxic also works, but taunt doesnt do the same things as torment.
:porygon-z::dragapult::tapu bulu:
lo pz is good, pult + bulu is a good core, not much to say. lo pult is cope trying to cover the hitlist
wanted a togekiss team, spd rhyp for naga/pz/spectrier, and lo sd to fake beating steela. sub kart to play around custap, charm, and counter
cress + ttar, and conk is a troll 3rd, focus energy can give odds vs id fini
pretty standard drago + 2 fairy counters. nidoking is mixed to beat corv and prim
:tapu fini::cradily::aegislash:
cradily goat beats water fairies, and fire types and zapdos. fini is surf for metagross. no kings shield aegi pretends to beat steela and spectrier
had to make a naga team, needed sd on aegi for chansey, and this moveset also beats scarf zolt for the team (actually happened in the series)
actually the first team i built in my return to ss. nihilego and shifu are trying their best
band garm team. i went jolly bc ppl think thats fake and lose to it fnr
yea i went rapid spin eleki. blaziken is another case of pretending to cover the ss hitlists
:ferrothorn::tapu fini::salamence:
max spd also helps for lo pz (happened in series) and regieleki. trick torment fini so u dont lose to mcoat avalugg + its funny and u can run misty terrain. mixed scarf mence was the third that worked idk
urshifu lure zarude. custap swamp has to run a lot of attack for entei, but u can also run more bulk for band garm if u want. scarf tran was my fake drago answer woo. i dont like setguessing entei on preview, and i couldnt afford the humiliation of swamp losing to entei
:tapu lele::rhyperior::volcarona:
wanted a lele team bc my teams were generally weak to it. turns out lele is pretty good lol. ice punch band rhyp so ppl dont just play around avalanche. i needed something for dracovish and volcarona was the closest thing to covering the list. it doesnt win reliably, but all that defense came in handy kek
lefties cress is the new tech, so yea. magic coat prim bc i have the extra slot, and u can bounce taunt, and leech seed which is pretty funny. usually its just a 5050, but with element of surprise its 100-0
funny drago can beat corv, cress, and sometimes registeel and steela. the set is still good in general too. can run swipe over scale if u want to beat crustle. herb steela for fairies, and rhyp kinda works as a 3rd
also beats steela and corv and registeel etc. av steela lures zone. icicle spear on kyurem for whimsicott
this team looks so cool. i wanted to use subtect corv bc its cool and no one uses it in ss fsr. idr why i had wp ttar, but it does something trust. chople kyurem was my best attempt to beat shifus
i stole the entei prim core from sceptiles bulding, and settled on av digg as the third. chilan prim for a better garm and pz mu (they can 5050 custap easily)
wanted a charm chansey. all stabs nihilego bc i like beating entei bulu and zapdos. zapdos has laser focus for registeel
made the team very quickly, i had the sets already, and the team just kinda works (it doesnt) why to use hslam
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