Tournament 1v1 WC VII - Regions & Rosters

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Regions & Rosters Thread

This thread serves two purposes, being where regions and their captains for the 7th edition of the 1v1 World Cup are announced, and acts as where the captains will post their roster of players that they have picked out of those who have signed up for the tournament. Posts that aren't from the captains or aren't rosters will be deleted.


Asia + Pacific - DEG & Kaif
North Europe - DezShizzels & D2TheW
South Europe - Close & ACII
US East + Canada - delemon & Mishlef
US West - Waylaid & Elo Bandit
US South - Taka & Slip
US Central - Urfgurgle & DripLegend
India - RaJ.Shoot & frostyicelad
Brazil - A Hero's Destiny & TrainerPla
Latin America - Bernian & Dybala jr


Feel free to use threads like the 2022 World Cup Rosters to draw inspiration for formatting your roster. You may choose to include the player slots in your post in accordance to the template below, or send them privately to the hosts. Just make sure your post has your roster listed.

(Your lineup for Round 1 can be still changed in private prior to Round 1 going up; this thread will only be used as a default for if neither captain submits a lineup before that point)

SV 1v1 Bo7:
SV 1v1 Bo5:
SV 1v1 Bo5:
SV 1v1 Bo5:
SS 1v1 Bo5:
SM 1v1 Bo5:
ORAS 1v1 Bo5:
BW 1v1 Bo5:
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