1v1 2021 1v1 Circuit Championship - Finals


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Winners' Round 2

Vrji (16) vs XanderUrBoi (9)
Mishlef (13) vs Gym Socks! (5)
Potatochan (2) vs abd1710 (10)
pattek (14) vs Bomb21XD (6)

Losers' Round 1

lvl100Blaziken (1) vs DEG (8)
Joker 1v1 (4) vs Nalei (12)
D2TheW (15)
vs pqs (7)
torterraxx (3) vs Tom842 (11)


Predicts come soon, i'm free.

Winners' Round 2

Vrji (16) vs XanderUrBoi (9) sorry but xander is worth more points in scrabble.
Mishlef (13) vs Gym Socks! (5) Gym Sucks, Gym Socks suck, Gym socks' socks suck, Gym sock's sawk socks suck, Gym socks sawk soaked socks suck, Gym socks sick sawk soaked socks suck, Gym socks sick sawk soaked six socks suck, Gym socks sack and sawk soaked six socks suck, i stop i'm tired.
Potatochan (2) vs abd1710 (10) does i need to explain that jackie chan will kick this cat? Kit Kat > Kicked cat.
pattek (14) vs Bomb21XD (6) turn to an addict, i bought him a patek. But it had trisomia 21. So i bought him a bomb.

Losers' Round 1

lvl100Blaziken (1) vs DEG (8) Deg is old, and with 8$ a liter, he has no fuel in his motor to be competitive.
Joker 1v1 (4) vs Nalei (12) Joker you know that you are better with bad mons, so at least enjoy and use Octillery. Or use 4 mons, if someone asks you why you use 4 mons, you say " it's a joker".
D2TheW (15) vs pqs (7) Both are washed, but pqs needs to go to school before be excluded. Imagine to be bad at school, and bad at pokemon :/
torterraxx (3) vs Tom842 (11) even if torterraxx has two x in his name, you don't scare anyone bro.


another day
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Bomb21XD While it is unfortunate to lose a series like that, there's no need to try and stir things up in the thread.

As for everyone else, there's no reason to shit up the thread, much less when someone is feeling upset.

The thread will be unlocked, but if something like this happens again, there will be proper punishments beyond just having your posts deleted.


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re : Pattek

Situation : Myself and Rosa have been presented with evidence that pattek was ghosted against, at the absolute minimum, torteraxx.

Result : pattek is disqualified from this tournament, infracted, and banned from 1v1 tournaments for a year.

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