1v1 2022 1v1 Circuit Championship - Grand Finals [Won by Justdelemon]

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Welcome to the third 1v1 Circuit Championship! The top 16 1v1 players of the year worked hard to reach this point, and now the best of them will receive the 1v1 Circuit Champion banner and a custom avatar! Final standings of the 1v1 Circuit can be found here.

Tournament Rules:

Round 1

Nick (1) vs Golden009 (16)
Rosa (8) vs deddd (9)
Close (4) vs PG is PG (13)
Jamez (5) vs Justdelemon (12)
smely socks (2) vs Boat (15)
Nalei (7) vs SiceXV (10)
XSTATIC COLD (3) vs Tom1535 (14)
Trashuny (6) vs DEG (11)
Winners' Round 2

Nick (1) vs Rosa (8)
PG is PG (13) vs Justdelemon (12)
Boat (15) vs Nalei (7)
XSTATIC COLD (3) vs Trashuny (6)

Losers' Round 1

Golden009 (16) vs deddd (9)
Close (4) vs Jamez (5)
smely socks (2) vs SiceXV (10)
Tom1535 (14) vs DEG (11)
Losers' Round 2

XSTATIC COLD (3) vs deddd (9)
Boat (15) vs Jamez (5)
PG is PG (13) vs smely socks (2)
Nick (1) vs DEG (11)
Winners' Round 3

Rosa (8) vs Justdelemon (12)
Nalei (7) vs Trashuny (6)

Losers' Round 3

XSTATIC COLD (3) vs Jamez (5)
smely socks (2) vs DEG (11)
Losers' Round 4

Rosa (8) vs XSTATIC COLD (3)
Trashuny (6) vs smely socks (2)
Winners' Finals

Justdelemon (12) vs Nalei (7)

Losers' Semifinals

Rosa (8) vs Trashuny (6)
Loser's Finals

Trashuny (6) vs Nalei (7)

Grand Finals

Justdelemon (12) vs Nalei (7)

Bracket can be found at https://challonge.com/zdc8250e.

The deadline is Wednesday, December 14th, 11:59 PM GMT-4.
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1v1 Circuit Champion
Epic gamer predicts 2 with frogfacts
Nick (1) vs Golden009 (16) nick is doing pretty good rn
Rosa (8) vs deddd (9) tails
Close (4) vs PG is PG (13) h
Jamez (5) vs Justdelemon (12) -frog
smely socks (2) vs Boat (15) smely has won 3 tours this year -frog
Nalei (7) vs SiceXV (10) frog held a gun to my head and made me predict against sice
XSTATIC COLD (3) vs Tom1535 (14) xsc will be banned after this series -frog
Trashunny (6) vs DEG (11) trashunny wins in 3
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Nick (1) vs Golden009 (16) - Nick has dominated this year’s circuit and made Masters Grand Finals only losing to Close in the end, I’m fully expecting him to show why he’s #1 seed

Rosa (8) vs deddd (9) - Both players have had solid individuals runs in SS, but Rosa has a considerable edge in both playing ability and experience. Deddd is kind of a wildcard though so I’m not expecting a completely one sided match

Close (4) vs PG is PG (13) - Yeah, I cant say the same here. Close had seemingly ended PG’s career in Masters but it looks like they didn’t quit afterall. Anyway, if Close does what he’s been doing he’s close (yeah I wrote this on purpose) to unplayable

Jamez (5) vs Justdelemon (12) - Yes, I’m bolding Jamez because I’m assuming he’ll care somewhat and I think he’s fundamentally the better player between the 2. Delemon isn’t to be underestimated however, he can be hard to read

smely socks (2) vs Boat (15) - smely has had an even more insane 2022 than Close has and I‘ve rarely seen her lose in anything recently, I’m not expecting anything different than a win here

Nalei (7) vs SiceXV (10) - These 2 have played each other so many times, it’ll be interesting to see what each one is gonna bring this time to get an advantage over the other. Pretty sure Nalei’s track record vs Sice is better but I’ll go with Sice regardless because he’s done well in SS recently. HL of the round imo

XSTATIC COLD (3) vs Tom1535 (14) - This is an obvious one, however there are a couple premises to be made here. Xsc has apparently been quite unlucky in Classic and is notoriously a moody player so although he’s the clear favorite if he goes into this match with a defeated/depressed attitude or doesn’t really care he’ll have a harder time. God knows what will happen if he gets unlucky here too, not sure I wanna know either

Trashuny (6) vs DEG (11) - 2nd and last HL match of this round for me. Both are competent players, deg has however more recent SS showings than Trashuny. Despite that, I’ll bold the latter because I believe he’s less prone to tilting/less likely to get cold feet and also overall luckier (this is not a knock on Trashuny, but it is something to consider)
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These predictions are not for fun. Bet these if you wanna make some easy money.

Nick vs Golden009. I favour Nick actually, but since I always expect 1 or 2 upsets to happen, I think this might be the most dangerous match to bet in favour of the high seed. Naturally, I will not be surprised if Nick wins.

Rosa vs deddd. There's probably a maximum of 5 people whose gameplay I enjoy watching and Rosa is one of them. Unfortunately you have to build SS Rosa , my condolences.

Close vs PG is PG. I am thinking about leaking Close's prep to make it interesting.

Jamez vs Justdelemon. I favour delemon and I thought this would be the second upset, but who tf is the favourite here? The seasoned player or the SS player? I decided to flip a coin, you need luck to make money by betting. On the topic of luck; if nothing else works, James will crit.

smely socks vs Boat. WIll be more interesting than most people think, but I see smely socks winning.

Nalei vs SiceXV. I cbad to look at their h2h, I'll copy the WC VI result here.

XSTATIC COLD vs Tom1535. Only one of these bums can lose and it's not david fraudal.

Trashunny vs DEG. DEG I paid you to make TWO people drop out not one...
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dead gaming man predicts

Nick (1) vs Golden009 (16) if he doesnt bring shit teams hes fine probably
Rosa (8) vs deddd (9) i cant build for shit
Close (4) vs PG is PG (13) gn
Jamez (5) vs Justdelemon (12) delemon can probably catch jamez off guard w random shit but jamez is also just jamez 155
smely socks (2) vs Boat (15) gn part 2
Nalei (7) vs SiceXV (10) wc was their most recent encounter so i think sice wins
XSTATIC COLD (3) vs Tom1535 (14) if xstatic doesnt get lucked hes fine
Trashuny (6) vs DEG (11) trashuny has not played ss in like 9 months but he wins these anyways
clearly, i m just mad of the classic so i play yolo.
Anyway i will be haxed , then useless to prep.

Nick (1) vs Golden009 (16) I can definitely see an upset but nick probably has this one in the bag
Rosa (8) vs deddd (9) deddd got here by getting a lucky bracket so he'll probably luck rosa
Close (4) vs PG is PG (13) rip pg
Jamez (5) vs Justdelemon (12) I can never predict against delemon
smely socks (2) vs Boat (15) could be an upset tho
Nalei (7) vs SiceXV (10) sice lost to deddd lol
XSTATIC COLD (3) vs Tom1535 (14) I had a lot of prep for smely (1 team) so I'll have to redo my prep, however people have been giving me "good" teams so I think that evens the playing field
Trashuny (6) vs DEG (11) better player+one of these people think zard is healthy in oras
Nick vs Golden009 - funnier player wins here

Rosa vs deddd - surely rosa has enough self respect to not lose against regirock here

Close vs PG is PG - close finna get packed cause im passing walrein Gn

Jamez vs Justdelemon - just needa not take building support from frogfacts

smely socks vs Boat - smely should actually just retire if they lose this

Nalei vs SiceXV - idk if nalei cares about champs but i still think sice xv is winning when not high

XSTATIC COLD vs Tom1535 - haters gonna hate

Trashuny vs DEG - deg is not arab if he loses this
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