Sports 2023 NCAA Tournament (Post your brackets here!)


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It's finally that time of year where we all predict what will happen in 63 college basketball games, only for our bracket to inevitably be crushed by a random 15 seeds again. (looking at you Oral Roberts and Saint Peters...)

Here are some questions to start off the thead.

1) What's your Final Four?
2) What's your boldest prediction in the tournament?
3) What games are you looking forward to the most?

I have Houston winning against Marquette in the finals. My final 4 are Alabama, Marquette, Houston, and Gonzaga.
Some of the main upsets I have are providence over Kentucky, and gonzaga over kansas


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I have Alabama, Marquette, Texas, Kansas F4, with Texas over Alabama in the finals.

I tend to pick pretty chalk but I have 6 seed TCU in the Elite 8. I don't believe in either Gonzaga or UCLA. TCU has had a rough patch recently but I think they're a fundamentally solid team and have played Texas close twice recently, even winning once. If I'm going to pick Texas to win it all, I feel I have to respect TCU as a team. I mean they beat Kansas by 23 on the road?!

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