Tournament AAAPL I - Finals (Won by Charming Charizzards)


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Scheduling should be done on Smogon Profile walls, plain and simple:​
  • If there is communication on only one user's behalf, the win will go to them. Feel free to call activity in this thread beforehand
  • If there is a very healthy back and forth regarding potential times and one user is a no-show, a manager may take the opportunity to sub out the no-show competitor; if this is not done, the user that showed up responsibly will be awarded the win.
TL;DR: Post on your opponent's Smogon wall, schedule your matches, and be reliable. If you can't play for any reason, let your manager know so they can sub you out ASAP.​
Use these posts as a place to initiate discussion about bo1 or bo3 as well (or bo5 if you're insane like that)!

Exhibitions of unsportsmanlike conduct with regards to the Almost Any Ability Premier League will be met with an infraction at the discretion of the OMPL host/OM mods. This is unlikely to include interactions within a team's private chat unless there is reason found to make an exception. This rule is meant to protect other users from being publicly flamed/bashed/provoked by another competitor for the duration of and following the tournament.​
All players must complete their matches by the given deadline. Any incomplete matches by that time will be subject to an activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S WALL); otherwise, it will be a deadgame. All matches should ideally be done on your most notable alt (the one you registered for OMPL with) to avoid confusion and all match replays must be saved and posted in this thread.​

Substitutions & Lineups
Managers, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the manager and assistant manager of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent, and all of the hosts (Isaiah). This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.​
Managers, when you send in lineups, please send it in with the tier and Smogon username of each player fully written out for ease of transcription, following these guidelines exactly.​


:Ceruledge: vs :Charizard:
Cherry Pit Ceruledges (2) vs (4) Charming Charizzards
SV: Potatochan vs ojr
SV: Kaif vs Ivar57
2AC: hariyana grande vs Atha
SS: zioziotrip vs PandaDoux
SM: Redflix vs The Number Man
ORAS: crow crumbs vs PociekMociek

10:00 PM (GMT -4) on October 8th, 2023

Cherry Pit Ceruledges (0) vs (0) Charming Charizzards
SV: Potatochan vs ojr
SV: kaif vs Ivar57
2AC: hariyana grande vs Atha
SS: zioziotrip vs PandaDoux
SM: Redflix vs The Number Man
ORAS: crow crumbs vs PociekMociek
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Final 10 second aaapl predicts!

Cherry Pit Ceruledges vs Charming Charizzards
SV: Potatochan vs ojr - I think this could go either way, ojr definitely can win here but its 60:40 in my head EDIT: ojr just challenged potatochan to a money match im gonna die
SV: kaif vs Ivar57 - I think this is a fair prediction
2AC: hariyana grande vs Atha - Haryiana is amazing, but Atha is a stellar AAA player
SS: zioziotrip vs PandaDoux - I like pandas
SM: Redflix vs The Number Man - This is another that could go either way, I slightly favour TNM
ORAS: crow crumbs vs PociekMociek - Placu is a great friend and AAA player, think he wins this one

On paper this looks like a lopsided finals matchup to me, but hopefully the Ceruledge players prove me wrong and make this a very memorable and exciting finals! GL to all
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I think The Charming Charizards should buy and slot in the free agent Mr Bossaru. Then the victory is guaranteed.

Cherry Pit Ceruledges (2) vs (4) Charming Charizzards
SV: Potatochan vs ojr is the new AAA Main.
SV: kaif vs Ivar57 even tho Ivar has to try harder in randbats, he is a solid AAA player and wins this
2AC: hariyana grande vs Atha could go either way. But i have this gut feeling...
SS: zioziotrip vs PandaDoux I think Zio will bring the pink blob again and outplay Panda
SM: Redflix vs The Number Man 35:65 for TNM
ORAS: crow crumbs vs PociekMociek placidusax


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As you can see by my ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CORRECT prediction rate, I know what I'm talking about and my preditions may as well be spoiling how the finals go. Now I could withhold this information as to not spoil the finals for everyone, but I want to farm likes with a prediction post because I'm selfish like that. Here are my predicts:

Cherry Pit Ceruledges (1) vs (5) Charming Charizzards
SV: Potatochan vs ojr - I predict that this will be a deadgame and neither players will win this one. They will john so late that the score ends up being 4-1, making this game moot. Has a deadgame ever been predicted before in the history of AAAPL? I'm not sure it has, but I wonder if I've one more harm than good in being the first to do so
SV: kaif vs Ivar57 - Last time I checked Ivar was still European. I just checked again and he is still European. I just checked another time and he is still a handsome fella. Can we say for certain that kaif is both of those things? If we cannot, then I can't be confident in bolding anyone but Ivar
2AC: hariyana grande vs Atha - My sweet glorious king, Atha. I've found a contact with criminal connections in the Southeast of France and set up a covert meeting with a top cocaine dealer. They've confirmed that Atha had in fact purchased 8 kilos of the coco, which means in all likelihood that Siamato is in fact on crack. The question remains though.. Is Atha on LSD? Probably. If you know Atha, you know he has a crippling depression caused by his home life. His mother told him he wasn't gonna be shit and that he should give up on his dream of being a professional athlete in Extreme Ironing. To cope with the mental health issues stemming from daily verbal and physical abuse he found an escape in the altered states of consciousness he feels while on LSD. Atha believes that though LSD he can develop a deeper understanding of himself, the universe, or a higher power. Some experts even say that while on LSD Atha hallucinates himself being a professional Extreme Ironer, out ironing the competition and winning the coveted The Extreme Ironing Grand Slam. Safe to say.. Atha is probably on LSD
SS: zioziotrip vs PandaDoux - This could say Jesus Christ and I'd still bold Panda
SM: Redflix vs The Number Man - El Numero is in all likelihood the better AAA player here, and he has the Camomons council differential. However I've never received a :blobsalute: from The Number Guy but I have multiple times from Redflix. I've also doxxed both of these individuals down to their social security numbers, and I can confidently say that I think Redflix is more handsome than The Digit Dude. Redflix will win via nicer jawline
ORAS: crow crumbs vs PociekMociek - :spit: Placu is gonna ClodSconuSciuto all over crow crumbs. Placu simply has too much clout to lose to crowcrumbs. Perhaps if crow crumbs were instead named monkey crumbs, I'd be a bit worried. While Placu does have a lot of clout, the power of full monkey could even out the odds and give crow crumbs the W
As we the salamence's are out Predicts time

Cherry Pit Ceruledges (4) vs (2) Charming Charizzards
SV: Potatochan vs ojr
SV: kaif vs Ivar57
2AC: hariyana grande vs Atha
SS: zioziotrip vs PandaDoux
SM: Redflix vs The Number Man
ORAS: crow crumbs vs PociekMociek


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Cherry Pit Ceruledges (4) vs (2) Charming Charizzards
SV: Potatochan vs ojr - go pot
SV: Kaif vs Ivar57 - kaif been on a hot streak
2AC: hariyana grande vs Atha - atha is beyonce
SS: zioziotrip vs PandaDoux - zio is fire
SM: Redflix vs The Number Man - redflix in 2023
ORAS: crow crumbs vs PociekMociek - i want the haha react from picek


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everybody john so ze Ponch makes a power rankings of people who make prediction posts

In 10th place we have RoFnA. Rofna has so far made a total of 1 prediction post in the AAAPL threads I believe. Now you'd think that with only a sample size of one, it may be difficult to determine whether or not Rofna is bad at making predictions, especially since no one has played yet. I will present exhibit A:

This absolute monkey went onto my Smogon wall and said "Free Agent." This is in all likelihood a JoJo reference to Mr. Bartholomew (colloqually known as Mr.Bossaru) unknowingly commenting "Free Agent" in each thread of this tour that doesn't do FA's. I see this is as enough reason to be Rofna dead last in the PR because of this. Now there are only 8 entrants, but Rofna is #10. How is that possible? Fuck you. That's how.

ponchlake ze Ponch is numero 6. But why?
Because I ain't reading all that. I appreciate the kid's game, but bro simply writes too much.

yokoisop A consistent player in this league. Always shows up and gets the job done with some predicts. Truly a hustle player that any championship core needs. Your Alex Caruso or Marcus Smart type of guys that know how to play the game right with a lot of heart and grit. I was talking to their coach the other day and he was telling me about how yokoisop is always the first one to show up to practice and the last one to leave. They set an example for the team, and it's not just about talent lemme tell you. It's about the heart and hustle they bring to the game. You simply can't teach that kind of work ethic to a predictor. Their drive and effort on the Smogon forums are exactly what every coach dreams of in a player, so it's no wonder yokoisop has become such a cornerstone of this team's success.

Gimmickyasitgets Now if we're talking about consistency, then we absolutely have to mention Gimmickyasitgets. She's a force to be reckoned with in the Smogon forums, but she does her best work in the Smogon discord. She puts up all star caliber numbers in there with the dog photos. Her dogs are very cute, and I don't think it's a stretch to say that all Smogon users love dogs. I think Smogon University needs to send her the max contract otherwise Pokemon Online might poach her from us and we lose out on some dog photos. Now this has nothing to do with predictions, but I'm a serial waffler around these parts so sue me.

I have one brain cell and it's hardstuck obsessing over a boy
:blobuwu: Oh shucks.. I don't know what to say. I guess it feels nice to be thought of.

Osake So we have my boy Osake at #3, but he could easily go higher at the #2 spot as well. The thing that sets Osake apart in his predicts is that he's not afraid to put some spice into it. He's french, so you know his predicts has that signature french sass in there. This guy will call you bad in the predicts and still make fun of you even when you win. I like it when a player has that kind of grit to them. The game has softened up a bit since the 80's with the new rule changes, but Osake has that dawg in him that you don't see much of anymore. I also think he's a neat guy!

Siamato PS: Fuck you :smogonbird:

BoingK Listen we know shooters shoot, and if you know BoingK, he's gonna get his predicts up no matter the situation. This guy could be waiting for the train or in Maccas, he's getting his predicts up. Now he can be a bit hit or miss with his predicts, but boy BoingK is a microwave because when he gets hot, he gets hot. I don't know this, and I don't actually know how correct BoingK is on his predicts. I'm just making all of this up because I wanted to call BoingK a microwave. He laughs at my jokes in the OMcord, so that's enough reason to get him at #2.

UT At #1 we have my man UT. /randrex
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