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K, so, realtalk? I'm sick of running into passerby teams starring mega mence and friends. While I'm at it, I don't like folks asking for mixed tier battles when half their team is OU and the other half is the OU of UU. I wanna see stantlers and dunsparces and mega banettes, dammit.

What I'm trying to get at is I'm up for mixed tier battles. Like, MIXED tier battles. I'll be bringing kecleons and arboks and sevipers and torkoals and mega glalies and whatnot with one OU/BL fella that I really need to tie the squad together. Seriously, I'd rather not see a completely OU team starring a couple of UU guys; bring cool stuff! Like....sunflora, jolteon, mega camerupt, etc.; just don't give me some totes mcgotes tryhard BS. You'll know it when you see it.

....also no stall plz. I'd rather not have a 200 turn battle.
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Hello friends looking for some people to join me and a friend for multi/FFA, we like to do them regularly so if anyones interested message me and we'll arrange them :]
Looking to try out a couple of my teams that I made. I would love to test them out. Someone PM, if you're interested.
Hey, all! I'm looking to set up a group of people who want to do FFA battles every week or couple of times week. We can play straight up battles or roulette style, mono type, gen wars, you name it! If you're interested or don't know what a FFA is, pm! Thanks!
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