Ask for XY and ORAS OU Battles Here! (READ THE FIRST POST)

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The OP said:
  • No post game commentary. This includes making any sort of "GG" post, except in the case of arranging another battle. (If you absolutely have to, please use PMs or VMs! Don't clog the thread up!) The other people who are using this thread for its intended purpose (to find battles) do not care about your hax. They do not care about your hack accusations. They do not care about your disconnects. Attempt to settle this via PM and then, and ONLY then, report to the blacklist. If a moderator notices you arguing in this thread you will receive a warning without question.
  • Put your Friend Code (FC) in your signature or post it in all your posts. No one needs or wants to listen to the three or four extra messages that are required when two people have to have a back and forth conversation about "whats your fc?".
Gonna leave this here as a gentle reminder...
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