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hosted by sundays and Muralik29, approved by Rage

art by Hydroflorix

Hello everyone, welcome to the inaugural Apex Premier League! AXPL is an A Place to Hangout discord server-based event. It is a team tournament with unique formats. Teams are formed through an auction where the chosen captains of each team buy the registered players that they desire. First, there will be a round robin between the eight teams for seven weeks to qualify for the playoffs, where the top four teams battle to determine who will be tournament's champion. This tournament is part of the APTH Circuit!
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:rowlet:[REDACTED] Rowlets (3) vs (5) Divine Pulse Dialgas:dialga:
Ban for Ban Random Battle: DragonPhoenix333 vs Fragments
Auction: RoiDadadou vs s7a
Limit Break: sir jelloton vs LuBiStar20 BWDOU / 2600
Same Solo: Akeras vs bloccked
Same SolOM: Don Bork vs Danbear02
Same Duo: volcaronaisboss vs Flinchhaxisgreat
:bastiodon::archeops: / :hoopa-unbound::scizor: / :metagross-mega::zygarde: / :shuckle::forretress: / :gyarados::Torterra:
Same Six: hidin vs Lechen
Doubles Same Six: tkhanh vs Opelucid


:chien-pao:Criminal Chien-Paos (6) vs (2) Blue Lock Blacephalons:blacephalon:
Ban for Ban Random Battles: Kanha Greninja vs R1C3M4N
Auction: Lightniong vs TTK
Limit Break: Chris Chien Pao vs dex BWDOU / 2600
Same Solo: recti vs Da Pizza Man
Same SolOM: King Griffin vs TheIronPikachu
Same Duo: AIRedzone vs Toxinalpaca
:bastiodon::archeops: / :hoopa-unbound::scizor: / :metagross-mega::zygarde: / :shuckle::forretress: / :gyarados::Torterra:
Same Six: Beleth vs Alpha1013
Doubles Same Six: Idyll vs Fangame10


:gyarados-mega:Giggling Gyaradosites (3) vs (5) Power-Up-Punching Ledians:ledian:
Ban For Ban Random Battles: USN vs Arcanine1929
Auction: ComputerWhiz vs M0onStarr
Limit break: FFK vs Dorron BWDOU / 2600
Same Solo: bern vs Pokemonerxyz
Same SolOM: RedMoonie vs ParmesanBruh
Same Duo: Spcplayzz vs Celestia74
:bastiodon::archeops: / :hoopa-unbound::scizor: / :metagross-mega::zygarde: / :shuckle::forretress: / :gyarados::Torterra:
Same Six: Kinzo vs Novax
Doubles Same Six: NinjaSnapple vs ihbst


:tatsugiri:Tasty Tatsugiris (2) vs (6) The Iron Walreins of Date Tech:walrein:
Ban for Ban Random Battle: MexicanPasta vs dunoks
Auction: Zygarde12 vs diegoyuhhi
Limit Break: Dearest Deerling vs Nightfront BWDOU / 2600
Same Solo: MagearnaTheBoss vs kajti4

Same SolOM: Shortie vs seroo
Same Duo: bydy vs BloodAce
:bastiodon::archeops: / :hoopa-unbound::scizor: / :metagross-mega::zygarde: / :shuckle::forretress: / :gyarados::Torterra:
Same Six: Realblazing vs Waldinji
Doubles Same Six: Trelloant vs Cyril tbh

1. [REDACTED] Rowlets: :iron-valiant:T:Decidueye::Ogerpon-wellspring::heatran::accelgor::haxorus::Rhyperior::Chandelure:
2. Giggling Gyaradosites: :volcarona:T:gyarados-mega::porygon-z::zeraora::noivern::sylveon::tangrowth::lycanroc-dusk:
3. Blue Lock Blacephalons: :gallade-mega::Ting-lu::primarina::Salamence:T:goodra-hisui::magmortar::bellibolt::trevenant:
4. Criminal Chien-Paos: :dragonite:T:gardevoir-mega::blacephalon::toxapex::eiscue::mudsdale::stakataka::crobat:
4. Divine Pulse Dialgas: :lopunny-mega::gliscor::magnezone::Blastoise::hydrapple::cresselia:T:grimmsnarl::comfey:
6. The Iron Walreins of Date Tech: :Tapu-koko::ursaluna::roserade::okidogi::hydreigon:T:mismagius::aggron-mega::barraskewda:
7. Tasty Tatsugiris: :aegislash::excadrill::togekiss::milotic::salazzle::kommo-o:T:pinsir-mega::walrein:
8. Power-Up-Punching Ledians: :rotom-wash::ferrothorn::ditto::drapion::mimikyu::cinderace::sandy-shocks:T:Abomasnow-mega:
Ban for Ban Random Battle: /challenge gen9randombattle @@@ maxteamsize=10, pickedteamsize=6, teampreview, bestof=3

Same Solo: /challenge nationaldex @@@ zmoveclause, terastalclause, -hiddenpower, Sleep Moves Clause, Accuracy Moves Clause, !Sleep Clause Mod, -focussash, -brightpowder, -focusband, -moody, -perishsong, -kingsrock,-quickclaw,-acupressure,-imprison, maxteamsize=1, +allpokemon

Same SolOM:
AAA: /challenge nationaldex @@@ zmoveclause, terastalclause, -hiddenpower,Sleep Moves Clause, Accuracy Moves Clause, !Sleep Clause Mod, -focussash, -brightpowder, -focusband, -moody, -perishsong, -kingsrock,-quickclaw,-acupressure,-imprison, !obtainableabilities, maxteamsize=1, -Comatose, -Contrary, -Fur Coat, -Good as Gold, -Gorilla Tactics, -Huge Power, -Ice Scales, -Illusion,-Imposter, -Innards Out, -Magic Bounce, -Neutralizing Gas, -Orichalcum Pulse, -Parental Bond, -Poison Heal, -Pure Power, -Simple, -Speed Boost, -Unburden, -Water Bubble, -Wonder Guard, -King's Rock, -Razor Fang, -intrepidsword, -dauntlessshield, -hadronengine, -pixilate, -galvanize, -refrigerate, -aerilate, -protean, -libero, -sturdy,+allpokemon

Camomons: /challenge nationaldex @@@ zmoveclause, terastalclause, -hiddenpower, Sleep Moves Clause, Accuracy Moves Clause, !Sleep Clause Mod, -focussash, -brightpowder, -focusband, -moody, -perishsong, -kingsrock,-quickclaw,-acupressure,-imprison, maxteamsize=1, Camomonsmod,+allpokemon

Alphabet Cup: /challenge nationaldex @@@ zmoveclause, terastalclause, -hiddenpower, Sleep Moves Clause, Accuracy Moves Clause, !Sleep Clause Mod, -focussash, -brightpowder, -focusband, -moody, -perishsong, -kingsrock,-quickclaw,-acupressure,-imprison, maxteamsize=1,Alphabet Cup Move Legality,+allpokemon

Same Duo: /challenge nationaldexdoubles @@@ zmoveclause, terastalclause, -hiddenpower,-focussash, -focusband,Sleep Clause Mod, Evasion Items Clause, accuracy moves clause, -moody, -razorfang, -allyswitch,-perishsong,-swagger,-kingsrock, maxteamsize=2,+allpokemon, +coaching,+metagross-mega

Same Six: /challenge nationaldex @@@ terastalclause, -hiddenpower,+allpokemon

Doubles Same Six: /challenge nationaldexdoubles @@@ zmoveclause, terastalclause, -hiddenpower,+allpokemon

Auction: /challenge nationaldex @@@ zmoveclause, -hiddenpower

Deadline is Sunday, 5th May 23:59 GMT-5




Crossroads: Paths unchosen
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Redacted Rowlets (5) vs (3) Divine Pulse Dialgas

Random Battle: DragonPheonix333 vs Fragments : Fragments is the better player here. Unless we see some crazy hacks or Fragments repeats the W1 mistake, it should be a win for them
Auction: Roi vs s7a : Could go either way, depends on who can build + click better
Limit Break: Sir Jelloton vs LuiBiStar : It will depend on the build + click factor and not just build (lechen support) alone.
Same Solo: Akeras vs Bloccked : Akeras went 3-2 last week, not the cleanest of wins but a win nonetheless. Bloccked however threw a possibly winning game and then got haxed. Bolding Akeras because of the start they had but Bloccked can win too if they play well.
Same Solo OM: Don Bork vs Danbear02 : I think we will get to see better teams from Divine Pulse Dialgas cuz Lechen Support, from my experience Don Bork's team tend to be a bit similar. I might just be wrong though
Same Duo: Volcaronaisboss vs Flinchhaxisgreat: I don't know how much doubles experience either of these 2 have. Bolding Volcaronais boss because I have recently had some bad experience of being flinch haxed in NDST.
Same Six: Hidin vs Lechen: HL Match in this mu. Both are good clickers, it will come down to what happens on matchday.
Doubles Same Six: Tkhnah vs Opelucid: Tkhnah had a tough mu week 1 against a doubles main and now they have another tough mu against another doubles main. Will they be able to pull up 2 upsets in a row ? Only time will tell.

Criminal Chien-Paos (3) vs (5) Blue Lock Blacephelons (sry to those who use dark mode

Random Battle: Kanha Greninja vs R1C3MAN
Auction: Concept Everything vs TTK : will be an interesting mu but no way concept goes 0-2 so early. TTK can still pull up a win though
Limit Break: Chris Chien Pao vs dex : dex did pretty well last week, good clicker too.
Same Solo: recti vs Da Pizza Man : Dpm came pretty close to a win last week whereas recti got 5-0 ed, going off last week performance for this one.
Same SoloOM: King Griffin vs TheIronPikachu : Ipika has better post/like ratio I think Ipika will bounce back to 1-1 in the tier they are good in.
Same Duo: AIRedzone vs Toxinalpaca : Has more doubles experience
Same Six: Beleth vs Alpha : Beleth had a pretty good performance last week but from what I have heard, alpha is a good clicker too.
Doubles Same Six: Idyll vs Fangame: Could do either way, Fangame had a rough start last week whereas Idyll came off with a win. Will depend on how well they click on that very moment

Tasty Tatusgiris (3.5) vs (4.5) The Iron Walrein of Date Tech
Random Battle:
Mexican Pasta vs Dunoks : Dunoks is better at rands
Auction: Zygarde12 vs diegoyuhi : I I like the walrein draft more mu wise
Limit Break: Dearest Dearling vs Nightfront : I don't know much about either players so I rolled a dice and rng said dd is gonna win, so don't blame me if i am wrong
Same Solo: MagearnaTheBoss vs Sificon : Sificon had a great start 5-0 ing their opponent last week so I think they are gonna continue that form.
Same Solo OM: Shortie vs Sero : Not really sure about this one, it will be decided by the builder and to anxtent clicking too
Same Duo: Bydy vs Bloodace : Better clicker
Same Six: Realblazing vs Waldinji : Gonna go with my ndst teammate for this one. Rb2 really carried the team in same six and played some phenominal games
Doubles Same Six: Trelloant vs Cyril tbh : i didn't like the team cyril brought last week and they somehow managed to throw the winning game
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