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one for the money, two for the show
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Player name: Clementine
Country / State of Residence: France / UK
Interested in Captaincy: no, more interested in a sub/player slot
feel free to hmu on discord, there's a lot I can do for a team and I won BSSPL on the Dragonairs back in September

Aqua Jet

Boba Bitch
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Yes i know I mixed up east and west in Europe ;w;
Latin America - Railgun
Canada + United States - DerpySuX
Brazil - Pla
United States (Northeast) - zee
France - yone + Micciu
Europe (West) - Ina fable + seroo
Europe (Central - East) - Lasen + Mada
Rest of World - Fluore

Feel free to choose a co-captain and let me know who it is if you haven't already!

I understand the map looks a little weird compared to what we were expecting but this is what it should look like if we prioritize geographic proximity and # of potential members, which is what I said I'd do and a stance nobody objected to.

Also slots are 6+2
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