CAP 25 - Part 6 - CAP 25g Art Submissions

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Well, my drawing had gotten deleted a week ago or so because I hadn't managed to host it on a proper image hosting site, so I've gone and fixed it now. ( I hadn't updated it before because I kept forgetting.)

Anyways, here it is.

Well, it's still in a rough stage, I'll spiff it up in a while.
I'm quite an amateur in drawing, so I know that this does pale in comparison to some of the other works, but I'll do my best nonetheless.

It's based on a velociraptor, albeit with a lot of features to give it the Grass/Electric feel. The crest on its head is to give it a tribesman-like feel.

As I've said, I'll update this with an improved version in a few days.

Comments and critique are appreciated.

Here is my design, its based off, you guessed it, a dandelion. Its basic concept is that it can't see very well due to its dandelion-puff head and that's why it has a light on the end of its tail (the Electric-type part of it's body). Its ears are lightning rods too.

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Final Submission - DQ

Back again with another big update to coffee cat! Now fully shaded and with visible electricity!

I reddened the eyes and added bags underneath to more clearly show how sleep deprived this caffeine-addicted mon is.

Also, I took feedback into careful consideration and added marks at the end of some of the cherries to distinguish them from kernels of corn. I also added some blurriness to the coffee bean spots to make the pattern seem more blended in with the fur of the design.

I hope you all enjoy!
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Final Submission

Here's my mushroom okapi boy pushed to his final evolution. Inspired by serows, deer, unicorns and bio-luminescent mushrooms. The mushrooms on its back collect energy, which is discharged from the shrooms on its horns.

Flats for the Parasaurolophus. I'm still trying to work out some kinks, and the grass mane is going to be hell to pattern, but I feel there's a solid concept here.


I don't have as much time to get into detail about this thing as I would like, alas, but the tl;dr here is that I decided to bring back the Therizinosaurus pitch from the Pajantom art contest and heavily revise it to suit the typing. Instead of a Grim Reaper of sorts its influences are now a mixture of tokusatsu and Chinese dragon, since a number of canon Pokemon have a kaiju-esque feel already and dinosaurs have always been associated with dragons, which in Asia are associated with weather including storms. I know someone else did the alligator clamp face as well but I couldn't not give it a try here and I think it fits well enough regardless, though I did add some fiddlehead ferns resembling the antlers typical of Asian dragon art to keep it from looking too plain. In fact, ferns grow from this thing's, well, everywhere, because I knew that leafy feathers were pretty much the only way to go with regards to the Grass typing.

Feedback is appreciated as always! I may also drop off an alternate color palette with red instead of black, but IDK how well that'd fit with the rest of the color scheme.


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All right, the giraffe has finally gotten somewhere. :D I polished it up a bunch and got loads of feedback about the colors and other details. I had a really hard time figuring out a set of colors. I wanted to use really neon colors like vibrant blues, purples, and pinks, but I'm constrained by how the design has to signal Grass/Electric and it being even more obvious because it's a starter design. (E.g., all Grass-type starters have green in their palette.) I hope it still looks outrageous!

Besides adding colors, the design changes include:
  • Removed "legwarmers".
  • Made spots pentagonal and removed swirls in the middle.
  • Added ears and gave them a notch.
I give a huge thanks to the people on Discord who helped with the giraffe! :D
Divinity, Frostbiyt, Galvanatic, Golurk, Jordy, Magistrum, paintseagull, pip, Plazzap, QxC4eva, Reviloja753, SHSP, spooktune, StephanXPM, Violet, Warren685, Yilx, and Zephias!

Edit: Made the collar collide with the mane less, and tweaked the orientation of the grass on the base of the tail to match.

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Final Submission

Alright, with some help I was able to re-format my post.
I went with a design inspired by the struthiomimus to fit it's electric/grass typing. To show it's grass typing, I added a mane all over it's back, and leaves on the back of it's head to give it a bush-like appearance. It's electric typing is based on it's design and how fast a struthiomomus can be (reaching a top speed of 50 Mph) since lightning and thunder is very fast. To make it's design look more electric other than it's origin I added a yellow base body color and shaped one of it's head leafs like a lightning bolt, and it's tail aswell along with a thunderbolt-shaped stripe across it's leg.

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Muh Druid Irish Elk in all its fully rendered glory. I also got to squeeze in a quick Zap Cannon support art:

Edit: Changed the nose and pupil color to orange to give dat Irish flair as suggested by Quanyails.
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There probably won't be many more changes to this, I just need to clean a little more and fix some of the lines. It's a pretty major change from my original, it got more shaman-like. But at least it's something.

Edit: I'm worried about not getting everything cleaned if I'm busy this week, so I'm going to I'm going to put in a version as my Final Submission just in case.
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My first time in this cap. A berry pokemon. First WIP
not that great.
Please critisize

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Final Submission

My design for CAP 25-G is a Mad Scientist Gelada with Venus Flytrap elements! I settled on the idea almost immediately, and I felt it was strong enough to develop even further. I ended up having a lot of fun fleshing out the look and personality of my entry. Also, for the "prehistoric crowd," there are several fossil Geladas in the genus Theropithecus!

Supporting art:
Concept Art Sheet (over 500 kB)
Flytrap Animation
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Final Submission

It's a PowerplEnt. Arceus knows what he does with his saps, but somehow he turns it into electricity through some crazy processing on his back. Powerplents grow their branches around this generator as it becomes part of their body. Both the trunk and the fruits change colour depending how charged they are. Like a battery.

... Yeah portraying electric types is hard. ANYWAY.

Supporting Material:
With effects.
Charged and uncharged.
Where it all began.
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Switched up my design during last week cus I wanted to do a white rhino. Its based on that, plus the idea of a lightning-struck birch tree! I found out actually as coincidence while I was drawing it that white rhinos are on the brink of extinction, only 2 left in existence and both in captivity :( i guess that inspired me to finish the design. It also has some triceratops themes.
I'll add some supporting art later on, but this is likely my final render and main submission :]
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Final Submission

I'd first like to give a big thank you to Plazzap, Reviloja753, Quanyails, Sun, Pipotchi, and to many other wonderful people in #flavor on the discord. I always appreciate the strong feedback you all provide me.

As previously discussed, the foundation of my design stems from Norse mythology. The electric typing immediately created a connection to Thor, so i ran with that idea.

Next, I identified a creature to base my design around. There is a theory that all the grass starters are based off of prehistoric animals/portray the idea of evolution, so I searched for Scandinavian prehistoric animals. One of the first results I found was the saichania. The saichania is an ankylosaurid dinosaur. One of its most defining features is the large mass at the end of its tail. This is where the idea for the Mjolnir tail took shape.

I then took note of the various spines that covered saichanias bodies. I knew the head was going to have some sort of viking helmet, but was unsure of what to do with the body. Then i recalled reading that oak trees are a symbol of Thor. I thought that would make the grass typing more apparent so i created these tree stump spikes along the back and made Mjolnir a log.

The horns of the viking helmet took on a lightning bolt shape early on. It was a nice nod to the secondary typing. Then I added a lightning bolt shaped pattern to split the dark and light green of the body. It could also be seen as grass or moss growing down off the body.

Lastly, I added the bands around the legs. I noticed that many of the cast iron symbols of Mjolnir had rope patterns wrapped around them. Instead of making them actually rope or vines, I decide it would be best to just leave them as markings on the body.

I had a difficult time deciding on a color palette. I got lots of helpful feedback and eventually settled on this. The forest greens and brown are intended to take up most of the viewers attention. I think it sells the grass typing very well despite not having any leafy parts to its body. I had a hard time trying to include colors for its electric typing. The colors were often too vibrant and difficult to pair with the greens. I ended up really liking the gold/copper color i used for the legs and wood. The last thing i decided to do was make the eye a stunning electric blue. I had used the color in a previous palette and wanted to find a use for it. I personally think it works better than the red eye i had before.
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Final Submission

For my grass starter, I decided to make a plant-based organism with a design based on the Flatwoods Monster. On the sides of its (for lack of a better word) skirt, there are containers that encase a battery acid-like substance that is secreted from glands within its body. This substance helps generate energy for this Pokémon to hover around, use its eyes as headlights, and of course use electric attacks.

Better Quality Version
Back View
In the Woods at Night

Here is my prototype. Its based on a mandrake plant (for the humanoid part) and a drosera plant. Droseras are carnivorous plants who entangle little insects with their sticky tentacles. This one would trap their prey with then and absorb their natural electrical current or discharge electrical power and stun them.

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Final Submission

Very hastily drawn support art

Spotlight Peacock, ready to roll!

Some background for random people here, the eyes on its feathers are designed to be like spotlights, to emphasise the electric typing, and can be controlled by the peacock.

... And I know this is not likely to get voted for 'cause it looks like a special attacker instead of physical, but I really didn't have time to make another design...

Thanks to Magistrum, Quanyails, SHSP, and everyone else who said this design was magnificent!

annnndd gl everyone!
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Final Submission

Support Material:
Previous version
Front and side views, attacks and abilities (NOTE: This support art was created for the outdated version linked above. The concepts presented still apply to the new version, however.)
Proposed scale chart

9/16 EDIT: Since the now-confirmed stat spread for the Grass starter has 106 Speed, I vacillated between letting CAP25g skip leg day or not, but in the end I decided to give him bigger, faster-looking legs, while still keeping them thick and sturdy enough to look like they support his weight. This is a nod to Deinocheirus, one of the largest known ornithomimosaurs (the leggiest and fastest known dinosaur family), and another dino which used to be known only from fossils of its oversized arms!

Bought back from extinction CAP23, it's "Therizilla"! RAWR! :D

Because the fan-theory that the Grass-type starters are based on prehistoric animals speaks to me on a personal level, being a paleo-nerd and all, I knew the only logical solution for my Grass/Electric starter sub was to use a dinosaur; it was either Therizinosaurus or Stegosaurus, but I've already seen enough Grass-types based on the latter that they've started to blend together, and the risk of overlapping with Torterra (which has some ankylosaur feel to it despite being a tortoise) made me decide to go with the "scythe lizard" after all... though now its bipedal saurian kaiju build reminds me of Sceptile instead. Oh well.

I already proposed a therizinosaur for the initial concept for my CAP23 art sub, but circumstances forced me to discard it and go with a different idea; this being a different type combo whose ability can work with basically any design that fits it, I decided to redesign the big lug to suit this art sub contest better. Leaves instead of feathers were a definite given, in light of Marco Polo's account of a palm frond being marketed as the feather of a mythical giant bird. I didn't want to directly copy off of Sceptile, so I took a suggestion from the Discord chat and made them into fiddlehead ferns instead, in part because ferns are associated with the Mesozoic; the support art shows that the fronds unfurl into a fern-like shape when attacking, though I don't know how the modelers would be able to pull that off, so perhaps the serrated edges of the feathers could be discarded if this thing wins. The curly shape of the ferns also made for a neat pair of deely-bobber thingies tacked onto the gator-clamp-like head and resembling antlers, in reference to Asian dragons. Dinosaurs have often been associated with dragons, especially in Asia where many therizinosaurs have been discovered, and Asian dragons in turn have powers based on weather, including storms, hence the Electric typing. The Tibetan druk in particular has been known to summon storms and bolts of lightning, so this CAP does the same when using its special Electric attacks, spitting electrical blasts from its mouth. And on the physical side, it can also channel electricity through its body and especially its huge taser-like claws, justifying Galvanize. From there, it wasn't a hard jump to a feel akin to tokusatsu, since a lot of Kanto Pokemon have a kaiju-esque feel; I looked at Toho's Titanosaurus in particular for reference with regards to the long neck, tubby body, relatively short tail, and stocky, nearly plantigrade legs, all of which are also known from Therizinosaurus itself. I also added conductive spikes on the neck, back, shoulders, knees, and tail to make it look more monster-like and accentuate the Electric typing - a very minor holdover from when I considered giving it a Frankenstein's Monster feel, with a number of chimeric dinosaur parts sewn together (an idea which I discarded due to it being superfluous and too similar to my CAP23 entry).

This design is also notable in that aside from some minor cosmetic changes here and there, I only drew it exactly once, and actually got it to look distinctive and interesting on the first try! Usually it takes several sketches for me to get a fakemon to look right but for this one it turned out almost perfect right away. I don't know how I did that, but I'm okay with it!

And as always, special thanks to the following Discord users for helping me refine this particular entry: Sunfished, Sandshine, KnightsofCydonia, StephanXPM, and Magistrum!
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Hidden Face Iteration
Original Iteration

Toying around with a (light) sabertooth tiger. It grows berries in its bushes that have a lot of SHOCK, if you can get to them ;)

Could really use some feedback on what y'all like! Please look at all three and let me know what you prefer.
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