CAP 33 - Part 11 - Name Submissions

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WIP (1/2)


From tsuyoi (the word for strong in Japanese), tsunami, and Tsukuyomi

WIP (2/2)


From kahuna (Native Hawaiian, refers to a person of high influence and status; co-opted by American surf lingo to mean a large, imposing wave) and Bakunawa (a serpent/dragon/sea monster from Philippine folklore that attempted to swallow the moon)

Pronunciation: kah-hoo-nah-wah

EDIT: Added a second name to my submission.
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Final Submission


eclipse (shadow event involving the moon, also like the shadow the mon casts underneath it) + surge (large/excess raging water)

Pronounced: ih-KLIP-surj
IPA: ɪ'klɪpsɜrdʒ
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Final Submission

Soaring Surf

English for, nearly literally, a very tall (and potentially still rising) wave.

Pronounced: as expected, or the usual English pronunciation

Unironically funny name that could fit would be Roaring Moon, but here’s this instead! It’s in the vein of past paradox Pokemon such as Flutter Mane, Walking Wake, etc. I also think it conveys very well the idea of a very fast wall (of water).
Final Submission


Portmanteau of the words "Shogunate", "Kanagawa" and "Tokugawa", and "ukiyo-e" and "meisho-e". Also, "wa-e" sounds similar to "wave".

Pronounced: "show-guhn-nuh-WU-eh"
IPA: /ʃoʊˈɡʌnəˌwɑeɪ/
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Final Submission


Inverted "Mare Undarum", latin for "sea of waves"; also the name of a lunar mare.

Pronounced: un-da-ru-MA-ray

A lunar mare is a plain on the moon formed by lava flow. They were perceived as seas by early astronomers, hence their name meaning "moon sea".


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Final Submission


Katsushika Hokusai, the artist of the Great Wave + tsunami

Pronounced: "kaht-SOO-nah-me"

A name that combines two important elements behind CAP 33's flavor concept in a simple and elegant way.
Final Submission


Kabe, Japanese for wall - based on concept and a tsunami being "a wall of water" - and Kanagawa, from "The Great Wave off Kanagawa.”

Pronounced: "kahh-bay-GAH-wuh"

I've always been a sucker for names ending in -wa.
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Final Submission


A combination of the words Marina ("From the sea" in Latin) and Nanami ("Seven Seas" in Japanese), doubling for Nami ("Wave" in Japanese)

Pronounced: (ma-ri-na-na-me) at a quick speaking pace

LOrd Fernado

Final Submission

(Pixie + Lake)

Pronounced: Pik- si-lae-k

combination of pixie, since they are associated with start, and lake because it's a wave
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