CAP 33 - Part 11 - Name Submissions

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Final Submission

Soaring Surf

English for, nearly literally, a very tall (and potentially still rising) wave.

Pronounced: as expected, or the usual English pronunciation

Unironically funny name that could fit would be Roaring Moon, but here’s this instead! It’s in the vein of past paradox Pokemon such as Flutter Mane, Walking Wake, etc. I also think it conveys very well the idea of a very fast wall (of water).
What if for the next CAP, someone made the normal form of it
or the next cap could be paradox of an old one
Final Submission


From Astra/Astro - relating to stars (night sky coloring/moon) and Nautical - relating to the seas (it's a wave).

Pronounced A-struh-NAW-tih-cul

Flows off the tongue nicely since it reads like a portmanteau of Astronaut and Nautical, with Naut getting the emphasis on both words. Caps off with a Feraligatr-style consonant clump to save space and look stylish. I changed Astro to Astra as I think it sounds better and changes the mental image you get from a space suit to the night sky.
Final Submission


Sea + Syzygy

Pronounced: SEA-zee-jee
IPA: siːzɪd͡ʒi

Syzygy tides or spring tides are when the tide's range is at maximum due to the moon, sun and Earth getting in a straight line and the solar and lunar tidal forces strengthening each other, this happens around the full moon and new moon.


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  • Lunabrine (bigtibba): Missing "Pronounced:" line.
  • Omariinae, Kanagaiju (Cyril tbh): Multiple final submissions, missing bold text.
  • Tidalantis (AyushKr_PKMN): Incorrect "Pronounced:" line.
  • Lumentide (Ogerpon): Missing empty lines, missing description, missing "Pronounced:" line.
  • Soaring Surf (Berks): Not a valid pronunciation.
  • Kahunawa (darlingtonia): Description > 25 words, incorrect "Pronounced:" line.
  • Twilitide (Cheryl.): Missing "Pronounced:" line.
  • Pixilake (LOrd Fernado): Name is not on own line, wrong order of lines.
  • Tsukami (Breloomary): Missing spaces between lines.
  • Kanagawvern (DERPGengar10): Description > 25 words.
  • Lagoonize (TheMantyke): Missing description line.
  • Astranauticl (HallowedHarlequin): Incorrect "Pronounced:" line.
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