Tournament CAPPL IX - Commencement Thread

Steam Buns

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SV: Strap
SV: Sylveon
SS: Splash
SM: Velvet
ORAS: Gorex
Subs: Bossaru, Devious Flamingo
I accidentally drafted more ss players than sv but the lineup still turned out kinda good


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Piyush25 (No Fucks Great Tusks - 10k )

I don't know how you get away with Piyush for this little. Loads of experience in the majority of slots provided, both playing and building, with the home advantage of being on the designated CAP Indian team. Which is another plus, because by retaining Piyush, that's one less Indian player Spitfire needs to worry about securing. This is the right combination of a great player with a low cost to net the #1 spot.
Steam Buns ( Noble Naviathans - 13k )

Under normal circumstances, if you told me you spent 13k for steam buns I'd have a lot of questions unless you were from like 1920s Germany or something, but we're talking about Pokemon here. Buns is a fantastic oldgens player, and it's important to stress here that BW really lacks a solid, active playerbase, so guaranteeing a strong presence for BW/ORAS for as little as 13k is wild.
Potatochan (Heart Attack Hemogoblins - 18.5k )

An outsider would likely be confused why a player named Potatochan would be retained, let alone for such a high price, but as has been proven time and time again across various Tournament scenes, Potatochan is a highly threatening presence for any opponent to face down. 18.5k is a steal for someone that would inevitably be launched into a back-and-forth upbid war during the real draft: we'll just have to see if the performance will be more like the Baxcalibers and not the Bagons.
JayHeaven (Mollux Stocks - 21.5k )

Heaven Jay
fade (Heart Attack Hemogoblins - 21.5k )

Tied for the highest-cost retain, fade did excellently last PL and I expect them to have another great showing here, especially as someone with vast tournament experience across the site (and even a good run for the SS Money Tour, if you neeed more CAP-related ventures). 21.5k is a tad high, but it's not hard to see fade go for more in the actual draft, so the Hemogoblins should be more than happy with this.
Fogbound Lake (Vengeful Venomicons - 10k )

A great breakout player from last PL, who helped make miracles happen for the Rajas, at the low price of 10k is quite nice. Not much else to say on the matter.
myjava (No Fucks Great Tusks - 10k )

A bit on the lower end of CAPTT history, but after a great showing in CAPCL II on winning team Whole Lotl Cottas, with back-to-back victories during the Finals, it's not hard to understand why the NFTs felt it was a good idea to acquire myjava early, even as a 3k buy that wasn't slotted a single time. And once again, this only furthers the full-Indian team agenda.
clean (Vengeful Venomicons - 12k )

clean doesn't jump out to me as much as those above: by no means any less talented or active than the competition, but the results aren't nearly as convincing. 12k is still a good deal for the Venomicons and a good bit lower than any of the mock prices: hopefully, we'll see a clean sweep twice over this time around.
Fc (Dave's Dedennes - 16k )

Someone had to be last, and the confidence Fc gives me regarding performance is about that of clean's, but now for 16k. With any luck, Fc won't be on the cursed team of last PL and exceed my expectations, and for what it's worth 16k is still better than the Dave's's would have likely gotten anyhow.


Mollux Stocks - Clementine
clem good player and betrayed spoo by managing, 11/13
Noble Naviathans - lax
lax is goated at mons or smtnh idk, 5 Lotus Biscoffs/6
No Fucks Great Tusks - Dj Breloominati♬
spitfire will win every game up until its important, 80% Magearna Pro-Ban Majority/100%
No Fucks Great Tusks - RaJ.Shoot
good player, 4.7 stars out of 5
Vengeful Venomicons - SHSP
SHSP stands for "SomeHow Still Playing," known washed user, most likely gonna get haxed even after playing properly, 107 miles worth of Pennsylvania potholes/205
Heart Attack Hemogoblins - nobody
great call, spoo is ass and D2 loses every game due to some unknown cosmic entity, 10/10
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Hello everyone, the (UN)OFFICIAL CAPPL POWER RANKINGS are underway behind the scenes and should be out before Week 1 ends (no promises...), but I can't contain my excitement for this tour so I'd like to share my personal (UN)BIASED CAPPL POWER RANKINGS. Hopefully I will still have new things to say in the (UN)OFFICIAL rankings after I'm done writing this.

#5 - No Fucks Great Tusks
Hurts me to put this team last (sorry Spitfire) but I have a hard time seeing the vision here. Spitfire and Raj started the draft with two incredible retains and dual manager buys ($50k combined but mostly worth it IMO), and while this was a really powerful start, I think their low budget might've scared them from committing hard to other big-name players early and left them with an army of substitutes. The elephant in the room here is really the 18 player lineup; a large lineup isn't always a bad thing, mind you––the Lechonkers made finals last PL with 17 players iirc, and the Hemogoblins are pretty damn big at 16 players too––but this team feels very scattered and I don't really see clear strengths outside of the four retains/self buys. I think this team will probably win one, maybe two weeks, because there are absolutely some solid pilots here, but I still see this lineup having trouble with consistent success.

#4 - Dave's Dedennes
I was really afraid of this team going into the draft because they had the biggest starting budget by a pretty good amount, but I'm not totally sure that all of their investments will pay off. There are undoubtedly some great players here, but I worry a lot about their support; from an outsider's perspective, it seems like they're betting on these pilots building for themselves and then Lasen telling them if their teams suck or not (I love Lasen but he is also not always the most reliable guide for this). I haven't interacted with most of these players though so I could be totally off base about how self sufficient they are. If their pilots are motivated and can figure out building, then I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this team perform well.

#3 - Vengeful Venomicons
I am being fairly conservative with this placement, but IMO this team has the biggest chance of overperforming past their expectations. Their draft reminds me a lot of the Saharaja's lineup last year: one or two big buys, and then a lot of players that don't really "stand out" but have some really high ceilings. Sylvi, Madara, Trogba, TGA, and Beraldo each went for a pretty modest amount but could all easily go positive with good support. And thankfully for this team, Wulf + SHSP are equipped to competently support pretty much every tier aside from BW. Clean / Fogbound / SHSP / Joeshh is a very strong and reliable core that I think will take this team far––as long as their bets on the cheaper players go well.

#2 - Mollux Stocks
This team scares me honestly––I don't have them ranked #1 but my gut feeling tells me that's probably a mistake. Jay is top tier ORAS, Clem is top tier SM, Kate is top tier SS, and I don't really have doubts about their other slots either. Fakee, Chris, and Elfu were options that D2 and I were heavily considering for BW/SS/SV respectively. The rest of their players are good too! Still, this team isn't without its flaws; building support looks to be their primary hurdle to overcome, and if any of their players flop or need to be subbed out, they don't really have good substitutes to fall back on (aside from maybe velvet in SS/SM). As Clem probably remembers, the latter issue is one thing that plagued the Bagons last year: our players needed to win, because if they didn't, well, we didn't really have good alternatives. I think both of these issues will stand pretty heavily in their way of the title, but this is a playoff contender team for sure.

#1 - Noble Naviathans
Okay so I don't know what dex was thinking with the 18.5k snaga retain LOL even if he goes X-0 there's still no way that anyone else would have drafted snaga for close to that amount, but that one choice aside, I think dex approached this draft with very sound mind. However, just like I think the Venoms have the biggest likelihood to overperform, I think this team has the biggest likelihood to underperform. On paper, this team is rock solid––there really is no standout issue like poor building support, bad substitutes, bad pilots, or whatever else. But this team also seriously hinges on how well their expensive players live up to their price points. I am pretty confident that lax and Steam Buns will farm, but the other four big buys (snaga, TNM, Darek, and Lily) I am more unsure about. A year and a half ago, TNM was a free win in SS CAP every week, but he did not have a stellar CAPPL last year (not that 3-3 is bad either, but for 28k you probably want more) and has been on break from mons until fairly recently. Lily and Darek are both unquestionably good players, but like TNM, it's been a while since they had strong CAP teamtour showings. Can't really speak to snaga's abilities but yeah 18.5k is a lot. If these players pull through, though, then I think it will be another finals run for dex.

The real #1- Heart Attack Hemogoblins
Go team


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art by Shadowshocker!
CAP Premier League IX: Official Power Rankings

It's that time of the season again––that's right, it's time for the anxiously-awaited Official CAPPL Power Rankings! These took longer than I wanted to get out, both due to delays behind the scene and some things that cropped up in my personal life, but I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless. As always a huge thanks to SHSP for taking some work off my shoulders and assisting in writing these.

The Process:
A google form containing the full lineups from Week 1 was sent out to each manager, on which they would rank every player not on their own team from 1 to 15 in SV, 1 to 5 in SS, SM, etc. The scores were compiled and averaged out to get the final results below; each team's final ranking is the grand total of all of their individual player rankings + their "extra" ranking. Because the grand totals are just every individual ranking added up, a smaller score represents better placement, while larger scores represent worse placement. The "extra" category represents positive qualities other than the pure strength of their W1 lineup; factors such as managerial competence, building support, strength of of substitutes, potential tiebreak strength, and anything else were all up for consideration here. Now, let's get into the team overviews!

Team Overviews

:dedenne:Dave's Dedennes:dedenne:
SV: Sylveon used calm mind
SV: Fc
SV: Monai
SS: shiloh
SS: Mimikyu Stardust
SM: Kenix
ORAS: Lasen
BW: tier

Dave and Leru take up the mantle once more in CAP after their last-place finish in CAP Champions League, and this time around, they’re poised for what could be a much stronger performance. For starters, they didn’t draft the ever-cursed D2TheW again––who chose to instead manage and sabotage his own team from the bench––and DPP CAP isn’t in this tour, either, so there’s no possibility of going 0-5 in that slot a second time. Not to mention, this duo has managed or is currently managing over 10 team tournaments in the half a year since CAPCL, accumulating enough managerial wisdom to last anyone a lifetime. While the last-place overall ranking doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, it’s still not exaggerating to say that this team has the tools they need to beat the odds.

The Dedennes’ combined SV lineup weighs in at second-to-last against other SV cores, dragged down both by Sylveon used calm mind, who hasn’t yet managed to replicate the success he found in the SS Money Tour, and Monai, an assumed BW slot who many were perplexed to see starting in current gen. The star players on this roster are undoubtedly Fc, who was the Dedennes’ sole retain, and tier, who put up a strong 5-1 record in BW during CAPCL and found himself ranked at second place in his pool as a result.

Shiloh and Mimikyu Stardust in SS, ranked at #6 and #7, respectively, are both strong players with prior SS CAP experience and should be positioned to succeed with minimal support. The same can’t be said about Kenix, however; while he’s found success on Smogon as an oldgens player, a sixth-place ranking reflects some uncertainty about his abilities in SM CAP. Confidence isn’t high in Lasen, either, the single CAP mainer on the roster––given that he usually ends up in SM, only time will tell how he fares in a dangerously strong ORAS pool.

If the Daves can first get past their apparent lack of building support, and second, prevent their players from getting banned mid-season again, a reversal of their CAPCL season looks entirely within reach.

:great tusk:No Fucks Great Tusks:great tusk:
SV: RaJ.Shoot
SV: Piyush25
SV: myjava
SS: arn.av136
SS: Atha
SM: pannu
ORAS: Dj Breloominati♬
BW: Wait2Seconds

With the largest roster of the tour at 18 players, as well as having spent the most money on retains and manager self-buys ($50k total), the NFTs took a topheavy approach to drafting that other managers don’t seem quite as confident in. Coming in at 5th place overall, with a miniscule margin between 6th, the Tusks need to seriously overperform to have a shot at the championship. Although, no CAP teamtour is complete without a team India that somehow blows past everyone’s expectations.

The NFT’s SV core is far and away the most promising feature of this lineup. Two of the top five SV players land on this team, with Piyush not much further back at #7, combining to a truly impressive first-place overall SV score––to put things in perspective, the margin between first and second place here easily surpasses the margin between second place and sixth. The rest of the team, however, takes a sharp decline in rankings.

Arn.av and Atha rank 10th and 12th in SS, respectively; pannu comes in at #5 in SM; Spitfire ranks at #5 in ORAS; and Wait2Seconds ranks at #5 in BW. The team also ranks at #6 in the extra category––even with the ten players who aren’t in the lineup, there may be a perceived deficiency in building support, viable substitutes, or even more nebulous things such as team environment. Still, with Spitfire and Raj at the helm of this team, anything is possible––even just in CAP tournaments, this would hardly be the first time that an underdog team punched far above their weight.

Heart Attack Hemogoblins

SV: Potatochan
SV: Baloor
SV: Kaif
SS: fade
SS: DetroitLolcat
ORAS: Seasons
BW: Feaniix

Unfortunately for D2 and Spoo, CAP 32 did eventually get a name, forcing them to become the Hemogoblins instead of the Carbombing Cap 32s. Fortunately for the managerial duo, they've put together an intimidating squad, strong all around with few apparent holes. The team overall was rated first in the extra category, pointing to strong support across all gens, strong management from the duo (despite D2's curse), and a strong environment for the team to thrive in.

Their roster points to some strong standout players, as well: Potatochan and Fade were rated first and second in their respective tiers, both coming off strong prior CAP team tour performances. Their old gens are a set of consistent newcomers: Seasons and Feaniix came in at third overall in ORAS and BW respectively, with QWILY fourth in a super strong SM pool. With the support provided by teammates with a lot of experience, the trio here are poised for big seasons and to exceed these mid-table expectations.

Where this team might struggle is depth: After Potatochan and Fade, their SV and SS starting slots were not highly rated: Baloor, Kaif and DetroitLolcat were ranked in the low end of the bottom half of the rankings, which could push the bounty of sub slots rostered here to fill in and succeed. If the top end performers can live up to expectations and the strong foundation this team is built on shines, D2 and Spoo might be looking at broken curses and some new jewelry.

:mollux:Mollux Stocks:mollux:
SV: The Strap
SV: Elfuseon
SV: Inder
SS: Kate
SS: ChrisPBacon
SM: Clementine
ORAS: JayHeaven
BW: Fakee

The new managerial duo of Clementine and Fragments have set up a championship contender in their first go of things, and a team full of players that might live up to their name billing and go to the moon. They were ranked second overall, and second in extras, high level across the board with some genuine star power to push them, hopefully, across the finish line.

The Molluxes were the lucky winners of the only thing the 30 mock drafts Spoo ran got right: the Kate sweepstakes. The most expensive player in the tournament comes in as a clear first place in SS, ranked no lower than third by every team. It'll be a tall ask to replicate––and potentially exceed––the undefeated performance she had in CAPCL II, but another strong season is certainly expected regardless. She's not the only first overall player this team lays claim to, however: both Heaven Jay and Fakee slot in first overall in ORAS and BW. If these rankings hold, this team will have a solid leg up against the field: starting a series with three favorable games could absolutely lead to some blowout performances. The three top-ranked players are joined by their manager, Clementine, who ranks third in a SM pool that is separated by razor thin margins. This core of the team is among the best in the entire tournament, and could spur a strong market for the Molluxes.

Some of the other slots on this team, however, were ranked as reasons to sell high. The second SS starter, ChrisPBacon, ranked low compared to the field, and SV across the board is their weakest slot per these rankings. Elfuseon is their highest ranked SV starter, coming just barely in the top half, and the remaining duo of Inder and The Strap find themselves firmly towards that lower end of the pool. This could lead to some difficult spots for the Molluxes if their old-gen star power falters, but if they can outperform these preseason predictions? It might just be a championship-winning season on the cards.

:naviathan:Noble Naviathans:naviathan:
SV: avarice
SV: lax
SV: Darek
SS: snaga
SS: The Number Man
SM: Lily
ORAS: Steam Buns
BW: Splash

Equal parts Valorant players and CAP teamtour regulars, the Noble Naviathans make a splash at fourth place in the overall rankings. With their second-place score in the extra category, it’s clear that others think highly of the supporting capabilities and competence of these two managers; though, considering dex’s excellent showings in prior managerial stints and lax’s track record across the site, this is hardly a surprise. What remains to be seen is whether or not these strong supporting abilities can be effectively translated to the two gens new to CAPPL: SV and BW.

In the current gen, #3 lax and #9 Darek are primarily responsible for the high combined SV score of the Naviathans, ranking at second best SV among all teams. Avarice ranks in much lower at #15, reflecting some uncertainty about the move from their usual home in ORAS. With Darek not having gone positive in a teamtour in over a year now, as well as avarice’s unknown reliability as an SV starter, the Naviathans’ SV core is one with both a high ceiling and low floor.

The Naviathans’ two most expensive players at 18.5k each end up in SS, and considering dex’s excellent support in this tier, they should both be primed for a successful season––even despite snaga’s second-to-last SS ranking, and some lingering questions around The Number Man’s form after his break from mons and average CAPPL performance last year. In SM and ORAS, Lily and Steam Buns take the stage, the former having played this metagame in every CAP teamtour in recent memory, and the latter looking to build on his 5-0 ORAS performance last CAPPL. Splash probably puts up a good record in BW if he shows up to his games.

Overall, the Naviathans are a well-rounded team with few, if any, glaring weak spots. If some of their players like Darek, TNM, and Steam Buns can draw out the dominating performances they’ve had in prior years, then it’ll be a smooth ride to playoffs for this team; however, in the most stacked CAPPL yet, this task will be harder than ever.

:venomicon:Vengeful Venomicons:venomicon:
SV: Joeshh
SV: Trogba Trogba
SV: Beraldo
SS: clean
SS: Fogbound Lake
ORAS: Sylvi

Three SPL players, three WCOP players, an aging CAP main, and TGA––ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the overall #1 ranked team. Reigning champions Wulfanator and SHSP are back for blood, with the former looking to score his third CAPPL trophy in just as many years, and have assembled what looks to be a highly dangerous lineup to carry the team towards victory.

The focal point of the Venomicons is their SS core of clean and Fogbound Lake, retained for 12k and 10k, respectively. With both in the top five SS rankings, the success of this team will be largely defined by whether these two players can hit the strong records that are expected of them. A similar expectation lies on the shoulders of Joeshh, the Venomicons’ most expensive pickup by far at 23.5k, and one of the two users tied for best overall SV player (Potatochan vs Joeshh grudge match coming week 3). The remaining SV slots, Trogba Trogba and Beraldo, are slightly bigger question marks; while Beraldo is an established player who started in eight weeks of this SPL, Trogba is just now finding his footing in trophy tournaments in WCOP, and neither user has played CAP in an official capacity before.

Turning to the old-oldgens, the Venomicons chose to start assman SHSP in SM, SPL starter Sylvi in ORAS, and one of the few people who have played BW CAP before, TGA, in BW. Combined, these oldgens weigh in at fourth place overall, even despite SHSP’s strong second-place ranking in the SM pool. Whatever the reason for both Sylvi and TGA’s fourth-place rankings, it doesn’t help that SHSP and Wulfanator's weakest gens when it comes to support are ORAS and BW––they’re surely banking on these two players being self-sufficient for the majority of their prep this tour.

With reliably top-tier players in Joeshh, clean, Fogbound Lake, and SHSP, the key to the Venomicons’ victory will be in how much mileage they can get out of their lower end slots. If just one or two players overperform, and their heavy hitters don’t crash and burn (both are easier said than done), yet another championship title might just be in Wulfanator and SHSP’s future.

Individual & Overall Rankings


Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.32.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.33.03 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.33.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.34.16 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.34.33 PM.png

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.34.50 PM.png

Grand Totals
Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at 5.35.24 PM.png


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As Week 5 comes to a close, three teams have secured themselves a spot in Playoffs: The Naviathans, The Venomicons, and the Hemogoblins. Their stories are left to be told, so in the meantime, let us reminisce on the teams that have passed on.

:dedenne:Dave's Dedennes:dedenne:
The Dedennes weren't in the best position even before matches had begun, and teams were quick to notice. Their Power Rankings scores were unimpressive, many players ranked middle-of-the-pack and only a couple scattered high-ranking players in their respective categories, such as tier and Lasen. Speaking of which, Lasen was practically the team's only CAP representative. While not short of talented and strong players on paper, this critical lack of support to familiarize much of their lineup with CAP metagames put them at an immediate disadvantage, only further worsened by both managers having practically no CAP experience between them. Additionally, with Leru and Stone_Cold having made the decision to become the Mr.Bossaru of team tours and manage over a dozen teams at the exact same time, it was inevitable that something would slip between the cracks. Week 1 wasn't a awful start to the season, and going 6-2 the following round certainly made things better, but a disastrous 1-7 loss Week 3, followed by a 2-6 the next, left their playoff chances a mere memory, and the team's drive to continue up to personal accomplishment. All said, the Dedenne's put up as much of a fight they could even with the odds against them, but demonstrate that drafting big names can only get you so far when traversing uncharted territory.

:great-tusk:No Fucks Great Tusks:great-tusk:

As 2022 was coming to an end, Brambane, reminiscing on his past misdeeds, had an idea. CAP surely has a lot of artistic talent, so what better way to pay homage than a team name whose abbreviation is NFT? This second iteration for CAPPL was a bid to franchise the NFTs by allying with CAP's third strongest adversary: the entire subcontinent of India. The Tusks had such a predictable draft that the one I did as a joke would end up eerily similar to what we got in the end, but that was just fine. Team India was compromised of many talented players, and certainly had the benefit of comradery. Furthermore, their massive 18 player roster was host to many CAP familiars that could prove massively helpful in prepwork or just soloing their respective slots. Spitfire arcanine and pannu performed as expected of them, but this is sadly the extent of their winnings. The slow burn of the NFTs after their initial success seems to be an issue of spreading themselves too thin as players failed to meet expectations. Come Week 5, the Tusks would find themselves pitted against the Hemogoblins, which by now had done the exact opposite and felt stronger than ever. SV was a particularly sour point, (though SS and BW did not fare much better) and featured some generally strange, if not somewhat on-brand builds which ultimately weren't enough to bring home Ws in CAPPL's most volatile metagame. Were the Tusks able to stand their ground in SV, we could have seen a dramatically different playoffs season.

:mollux:Mollux Stocks:mollux:

There always seems to be the one team that people expect to go far, only to fumble the ball in the end. Sadly, for first-time CAP managers Clementine and Fragments, their team was the one to be left with this dishonor. Outside of their fantastic showing Week 3, the Molluxes were falling short of expectations, and come Week 5 needed a repeat of their prior success. The MU would prove to be too much to handle, however, as the Naviathans had fully realized their potential by this point and were on a race to the first seed. The core issue with the Molluxes is rather obvious: a total of $63K—more than half the allotted $120K—was spent on a combined record of 1-11. Kate quickly went from CAPPL's most expensive and anticipated player, at a whopping $26,500 pricetag, to the most disappointing performer in the entire tournament, a result that will likely haunt her for a long time. Heaven Jay seemed similarly cursed, tied for the third most expensive player at $21,500 yet only mustering a single win to four losses. It's cruelly poetic that the downfall of the Mollux Stocks would be investing too much in what ended up as shockingly little. With velvet seeing a return to form, plus Elfuseon and newcomer ChrisPBacon finding success even in spite of former insisting this was not the case, the Molluxes really should have made playoffs, and it's unfair to say they had a bad draft when the other teams were just as confident in the lineup.

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