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Name: Frat Dude on Forums Fratty on PS
Tiers Played/Interested In: ORAS, BW, (Dubs if i have to don't really want to play it though)
Any foreseeable inactivity: Nah schools over dudes, Let break begin! (Might not be here for the 4th weekend tho I'll let you dudes know about any thing if it comes up)
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What a time
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Signing up for both non player and player roles

Name: Disbelief
Tiers Played/Interested In: CAP Mono
Non-player roles: Team Artist
Any foreseeable inactivity: Nope

Animus Majulous you're drafting me lmfao
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Name: Chras
Tiers Played/Interested In: Cap ORAS, CAP Monotype
Non-player roles: team musician, theme song writer and diss track expert
Any foreseeable inactivity: nah fam

OLD GREGG (im back baby)

old gregg for life
Ol Greg
I'm moving at the end of the May so I might be without internet for a couple of days depending on how long it takes Comcast to get us set back up.


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Name: iVid
Tiers Played/Interested In: Mono CAP/ BW CAP
Any foreseeable inactivity: None
Name: Integer Mova
Tiers Played / Interested In: None
Non-Player Roles: Artist. If my assigned team requests it, I would be more than happy to stop messing around with MS Paint, and use Paint.NET for something more serious.
Any Foreseeable Activity: The end of May (and very beginning of June) because my first college semester's finals could get in the way. I don't get on Showdown very often regardless so I prefer to provide art over the forums.
Name: EpicUmbreon29
Tiers Played/Interested In: ORAS, BW, CAP Monotype
Non-player roles: Team Cheerleader, Team Representative, Team Scholar, Team Statistical Analyst, Team Strategical Analyst, (I'm really just making up stuff that sounds good. I just really want to help out somehow. I'm not a good artist, though, so I'm afraid I can't really help with that.)
Any foreseeable inactivity: Nothing should stop me.
Name: Mighty Sciz
Tiers Played/Interested In: ORAS
Any foreseeable inactivity: There are times in which I'll be busy, but then I'll notify you guys ahead of time so then you don't have to worry about my inactivity.
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name: confide
tiers played: all as long as given team D:
non-player roles: lol why the fuck is this information needed
any foresseable inactivity: lol

sparktrain draft me
Name: NitrousAcid
Tiers Played/Interested In: ORAS, Monotype
Any foreseeable inactivity: Just school but shouldn't be much of an issue.
Name: KrazyCake aka ChronicleGem on PS
Tiers Played/Interested In: ORAS CAP, CAP Doubles
Non-player roles: (not a very good) Team Artist, Epic Disser, Makes Best Nicknames
Any foreseeable inactivity: Try to be active but after 6pm BST is when I am on most weekdays.
Name: Redwolf on here, Ack or LedgenDairy on showdown
Tiers Played/Interested In: BW, CAP Monotype, ORAS (Cautiously)
Non-player roles: I can photoshop fun little team posters!
Any foreseeable inactivity: Don't think so :0
Name on Showdown: Snorlax_in_the_way
Tiers Played: Cap ORAS
Any foreseeable inactivity: Mondays and Tuesday from May until July 10th, after that point I will be really busy, but i can work things out with the Team Captain. Last week in July is 100% no go.
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Showdown names: SHSP and Viva Las Angeles
Tiers: ORAS, rusty at BW cap but prob that too
Inactivity: getting ready for week 1 is gonna be a pain because school ends the 13th, after that I should be fine really, I'll let the captain know id anything pops up though.
Name: Jigglykong / JigglykongisFUM16
Tiers Played: All
Forseeable Inactivity: Nope. If i'm not on main, then I'm likely on Origin, Squad, Or Tsunami
Non Player Roles: I can make people feel better about themselves by having them crush my horrible teams :P
Name: vulpix mayhem
Tiers played/interested in: CAP monotype, CAP ORAS
Any Foreseeable inactivity: School+sports, I'll try to make time for this though.
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