Charizard and Latios are the same pokemon.

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Set the languages to English and Latin.

Type Charizard into the box.


E -> L

Charizard -> Mewtwo
Charmeleon -> Latias
Electrode -> Spermatophyta
Gardevoir -> Magmar
Gloom -> Caliginem
Haunter -> OBSESSOR
Mewtwo -> Latios
Slaking -> Mewtwo

L -> E

Abra -> Abraham
Celebi -> A widespread
Latias -> Gardevoir
Magmar -> Gardevoir
Mewtwo -> Slaking

Yeah, I know some of them are just words. ._.
Set it to Latin and English and type latios. You get Mewtwo.
Mewtwo turns into Slaking. Latias turns into Gardevoir.
Sorry, is this old news to everyone and I just never heard about it? I hate to be that guy who posts a thread about something everyone else already knew.
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