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Clefable provides good utility in teams thanks to its good movepool, giving it a multitude of options, such as Calm Mind and Stealth Rock. Furthermore, its typing allows it to check many prominent Pokemon in the tier, such as Mega Gyarados and Dragonite. Thanks to Calm Mind and its access to coverage options in Fire Blast and Thunderbolt, it can serve as a niche wallbreaker. However, that typing may backfire on Clefable, since it leaves it vulnerable to other prominent Pokemon, such as the omnipresent Melmetal, as well as Mega Beedrill, Alolan Muk, and Nidoqueen. Finally, its mediocre Special Attack stat leaves it reliant on Calm Mind, leaving it prey to other setup sweepers and being walked by special walls such as Snorlax and Chansey.

name: Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Moonblast
move 3: Fire Blast / Flamethrower
move 4: Stealth Rock
item: No Item
nature: Modest

Set Description

Calm Mind allows Clefable to improve its rather mediocre Special Attack stat for it to function better as a wallbreaker. Fire Blast is a powerful coverage option that allows Clefable to potentially OHKO Melmetal at +1, but Flamethrower can be used in its place for consistency. Stealth Rock allows Clefable to wear down its checks such as Melmetal and Alolan Muk for Clefable to handle them easier. A Modest nature is preferred for Clefable to break more easily.

Usage Tips

Since this particular set of Clefable is focused on its role as a wallbreaker, this Clefable set is best utilized early- to mid-game. Clefable should almost always set up on passive Pokemon such as Chansey. If an opponent has Melmetal on their team and you predict their going to switch into it, use Fire Blast on the switch. If Clefable is going to force out a Pokemon that it checks but their team doesn’t have Melmetal, try to have Clefable set up Calm Mind so that it can wallbreak more easily.

Team Options

Clefable fits on balance teams that have the capability to answer its checks. Chansey makes for a good partner, since it can safely pivot Clefable in with Teleport, and in return, Clefable can check Fighting-types like Poliwrath. Other wallbreakers like Gengar and Melmetal appreciate Clefable setting up Stealth Rock for them to function more easily. Similarly, late-game cleaners such as Mega Gyarados and Dragonite appreciate Stealth Rock wearing down foes for them to clean more easily. Since Clefable is walled by special walls such as Chansey, checks to it like Poliwrath and Mega Beedrill are appreciated. Finally, since Melmetal beats Clefable, checks to it like Mega Charizard X, Moltres, and Mew are appreciated by it. Both Moltres and Mega Charizard X can check Mega Venusaur for Clefable, while Mew can handle Nidoqueen.

Other Options

Toxic is an option for Clefable so that it can cripple switch ins. However, due to the prominence of Toxic-immune Pokemon like Mega Venusaur, Melmetal, and Nidoqueen, it is not recommended. Clefable can also set up Reflect and Light Screen on hyper offense teams. However, Electrode makes for a better screens setter due to its faster speed, and Clefable’s meddling Speed means it is hardly able to set up screens. A Calm nature allows for Clefable to be more of a special wall, but the prominence of physical attackers in the tier makes a Calm nature not recommended. A Bold nature may solve this problem, but Clefable’s Defense is too low to deserve a Bold nature. Teleport is another option for Clefable to escape an incoming check and bring in a teammate, but it is not recommended since it is hard to fit into the set.

Checks and Counters

**Special Walls**: Specially defensive walls such as Chansey and Snorlax wall Clefable thanks to their high Special Defense stat and HP.

**Melmetal**: Melmetal can always come in and wall Clefable’s STAB Moonblast and force it out or OHKO it, but it has to watch out for Fire Blast 2HKOing it.

**Poison-types**: Mega Venusaur and Nidoqueen can outspeed Clefable and can OHKO it, but Mega Venusaur has to watch out for Fire Blast.

**Fire-types**: Fire-types such as Mega Charizard X and Moltres resist Fire Blast and Moonblast respectively, but they hate getting worn down by Stealth Rock.

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I’d mention Teleport as a potential Other Option. It gives Clefable a pivoting move to help escape an incoming check and bring a teammate in safely to deal with it. However, it has trouble fitting it onto its moveset.


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