Clefable Sweep team in OU?

i dont have a baton passing team, so i thought id give it a shot. it's pretty good IMO. So i know i wanted to use the best baton passer, Ninjask.

With Ninjask, I can baton pass an Agility and Swords Dance without having to actually use Agility. now, I wanted to have a unique sweeper. Something that has a wide moveset, decent ability, and decent HP. So i went with Clefable.

Clefable has an amazing ability, Magic Guard. With Magic Guard, i can use a life orbed Double Edge with no secondary damage to me. and now i wanted something that could take priority moves so my Clef doesn't go down. Something that could resist/immune many priority moves. So i chose a bulky ghost type, Dusknoir.

With Dusknoir, i can switch him in to a obvious Mach punch, Vacuum Wave, and Extreme Speed. And he's on the bulky side so thats a plus. Now i wondered what could make Clef's sweep easier? Toxic Spikes, but also, who could rapid spin away entry hazards? Tentacruel was a pretty obvious choice. He's Specially bulky and can set up spikes, AND rapid spin.

Now i started looking at my teams weaknesses...electric types i pretty much have no answer to. But what ground/rock type could i use? Dugtrio...

One of the best revenge killers in the game. I just switch him in on an obvious Electric type move, shrug it off with the immunity, and (since its trapped) kill it with a life orbed Earth Quake. And not many teams i know of carry two pokes that are electric type...if any. but many people carry pokes with a electric type move, like an Azelf with Tbolt. Sucker punch it ftw. Now this part was really hard...who to fill my 6th spot...
? :D
no. i need something to balance my team. i dont really have anything for grass types or ice a fire type it is.

Moltres, a Special Attacking beast. With Tentacruel as my rapid spinner, im not afraid to use him in OU. He's decently bulky with 90 / 90 / 85 stats. also has a decent speed. Hmm...i dont know if you can even call this a "baton passing" only has one. oh well lol
So now that i have my team, lets get into detail.

Ninjask @Focus Sash
Trait-Speed Boost
EV: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed

Swords Dance
Baton Pass
Alright, I know what you guys are thinking, "oh thats a lead Ninjask" nope. I bring Ninjask in on a KO (free switch) so nothing breaks my FS. You'll see who's my lead later. So basically i can get a SD up, go down to my sash, and protect and/or substitute for even more speed.

Clefable @Life Orb
Trait-Magic Guard
EV: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Speed

Double Edge
Meteor Mash
This thing is beast. with +2 Atk and +alot of speed means i can sweep teams. and on top of that, belly drum maxes out my attack, magic guard means no life orb or double edge damage, and i bet your wondering why only 4 EVs in Speed...well, im getting baton passed by Ninjask. Nuff said.

Tentacruel @Leftovers
Trait-Liquid Ooze
EV: 252 HP / 120 Def / 132 SpD

Toxic Spikes
Rapid Spiin
HP Electric
My beloved Toxic spiker/rapid spinner. with bulkyness, i know he's gonna stay on the field for a while. I chose HP Electric over the normal Sludge Bomb because my team, although not weak to water types, has no real huge answer for things like Calm Minding Suicune or Wish Supporting Vaporeon. My best bet against bulky waters is to toxic stall them by switching into my Tentacruel and HPing them...since they can do a whole lot to my Tenty. This is also my lead btw.

Dusknoir @Leftovers
EV: 252 HP / 28 Atk / 228 Def.

Pain Split
Earth Quake
Will O Wisp / Mean Look
Dusknoir is rapeface. Prevents rapid spinners, bulky, and helps against water types with TPunch. My last choice, WoW or ML is a tough choice...with toxic spikes up, will o wisp wont do anything, and i love mean look, trapping a unexpected fighting type like Lead Machamp and Physical Lucario, and watch as toxic kills them.

Dugtrio @Choice Scarf
Trait-Arena Trap
EV: 252 Atk / 44 SpD / 212 Speed

Earth Quake
Sucker Punch
Stone Edge
My eletric killer...well....revenge killer. Switch into any poke i want gone (after a KO or predicting an electric attack) trap em, then OHKO them, maybe needing some toxic damage on them to assure the OHKO. I have pursuit there for things like Choice Specs Azelf that i predict the switch on.

Moltres @Life Orb
EV: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Speed

Fire Blast
Air Slash
HP Grass
With my Tenty, i feel alright using moltres in OU play. with a 383 in SpA plus life orb, Moltres can OHKO many pokes that arnt SpD bulky. And with HP Grass, it also helps with my teams slight weakness to water types. Roost is there to regain health from life orb, so no life orb stalling here.

Well thats my team. I think it's a good balance of types and moves. Not many people expect a Clefable sweep in OU, thats why i think this team works nicely.
Well, this team is weak to any Gengar, Gyarados, or Dragonite. Carrying a Jolteon with HP: Ice will really help. I suggest a LO set with thunder wave. Clefable is an awful bp reciever, so try something like Lucario. Dusknoir does nothing to contribute to the team, so try out a Scarf Rotom. Dugtrio dosen't seem like a revenge killer, and Rotom does the job. Sorry for the short rate, I'm just tired.
gengar-idk, his defenses arnt good so if i got the bp off with (idk the exact number) the speed boosts i could hit him with a meteor mash. gyarados? uhhh HP electric and TPunch? dragonite-hmmm i dont find him a huge threat to my team. maybe MixedNite...maybe. lol clefable IMO is a great reciever...with his ability and Life orbed Double edge. dusknoir is my all around wall. and lol at dugtrio comment.

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