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Ok I've been informed that tagging people in edits does not work.

When you have achieved your rank, make a new post with the screenshot and tag me in it as its the only way I can see it.

Sorry for confusion.


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Forgot to post this, when tagging me after getting your ranks, please state what your dark horse mons were in the post again so I don't have to trawl the thread looking for them, my bad, should have posted that somewhere but it only just occurred to me.


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Got B-rank, aiming to get A at some point and will make an actual post about Aero and Blaze when I don't have a bunch of homework for the next day :p


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Screenshot (120).png

C Rank atm SpaceBass. I'm using Clefairy and Jynx. I'm aware that a Clefairy has already achieved C Rank, however I have 5 more ladder points than MainEvent (the other Clef user), which is made even more ironic by the fact that we both have 52 wins and I actually have the worse overall record.


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SpaceBass I finally hit C rank

That was the most painful thing ever oml. Scarf Hedgehog Shaymin is a cute mon since I can snipe Lando-T with HP Ice. I decided to use it and Gallade alongside a sand core, cause those two Pokemon bones the musketeers which helps Ttar and Excadrill a lot. In fact, my entire team pretty much loses to musketeer + speed control lol. What I found from laddering is that people don't seem to know that Mega Gallade's ability is Inner Focus lol. Natural Cure is a pretty sweet ability since I can pretty much use Shaymin as a status absorber and then switch out, which is part of the reason why I added Scarf to it since it won't be crippled by Thunder Wave and whatnot. Despite me tilting when I was at 1500s and spending the entire day laddering again only to drop even more, I had quite a lot of fun doing this haha. 10/10 would do again except I'm burnt out so yeah...
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