Tournament Doubles Derby II - Player signups

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Player name: gfsn
Tiers played: SV DOU SV National Dex Doubles
Tiers NOT played:
Time zone:GMT +8
Significant time missed:
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Player name: veti
Tiers played: SV DOU, SV National Dex Doubles
Tiers NOT played: DPP DOU, ADV DOU
Time zone: gmt-7
Significant time missed: no


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Player name: Frixel
Tiers played: SV National Dex Doubles, SV DUU,

Time zone: +2
Significant time missed: My availability for this tournament will probably very limited due to irl + PiC > Derby tiers. I would prefer to play ND or maybe DUU, and am always open to sv, but would highly prefer to be in one of the other 2 and not play 7 weeks of sv. I will probably delete this signup again, but I saw this message and got scared.
Tiers NOT played:

R8 this is your call, sign up for this tour rfn

Edit: I have removed DLC from tiers do not play and SV DOU from tiers played, will fill some weeks in sv as mentioned above uf needed, but I really want to play another tier. I will probably ask to bench 1 week
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Player name: Actuarily
Tiers played: SV DOU, SV DUU, SV Doubles Little Cup, SV National Dex Doubles, DPP DOU, and ADV DOU
Tiers NOT played: None
Time zone: GMT -4
Significant time missed: Will be traveling from mid June to like July 4th, so like 2 &1/2 weeks. Should probably be able to still play my games, but may not be super active during that window.
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