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Five weeks of live tournaments have come to a close, and the playoffs have begun!

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the live tours. This tournament wouldn't be possible without your help, and I appreciate how flexible and willing to help out you all were.
The standings after preliminary rounds can be found here. Once again, there were a number of ties, including an ugly 6-way tie for the last four slots. Just like last year, every tie that doesn't involve someone making or missing playoffs (i.e. every tie other than for 15th) was broken using win percentage from the live tournaments. Win percentage was calculated by dividing matches won by matches played across all live tournaments entered, with round robin finals counting as 2-0 for the winner and 0-1 for both losers. The results of these calculations can be found in the hide tag below. Massive thanks to talkingtree for crunching these numbers!
live challenge tiebreakers.png
The 6-way tie for 13th makes things a little tricky, since four of these players will make playoffs while two will miss. The primary tiebreaker in this case was win percentage - this means that Mr.GX and DaWoblefet both qualify for playoffs in the 13th and 14th seeds, respectively, by means of their higher win percentages. For the last 2 slots, the four remaining users will all play one play-in match. These matches were seeded based on win percentage first, then number of wins.

The seeds for Doubles Live Challenge Playoffs are as follows: All playoff matches, including the play-in matches, will be a best of three SM DOU series.

The play-in matches are to be played before Top 16 commences.

Competing for 15th seed: YoBuddy vs n1n1
Competing for 16th seed: Mishimono vs Havens

The deadline for the play-in round is Sunday, November 3, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (GMT -4).

Good luck to all!

Top 16
(1) Frania
vs Mishimono (16)
(2) Memoric vs YoBuddy (15)
(3) Kiichikos vs DaWoblefet (14)
(4) Stratos
vs Mr.GX (13)
(5) emforbes vs stax (12)
(6) Z strats
vs AuraRayquaza (11)
(7) SMB vs NintendoKenny (10)
(8) Yoda2798 vs Tricking (9)

Top 8
(1) Frania vs Yoda2798 (8)
(2) Memoric vs SMB (7)
(14) DaWoblefet vs Z strats (6)
(4) Stratos vs stax (12)​
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