Tournament [Draft CA] Smogon x NPA Signups!

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Name Eughe

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media X: @eughe8, Instagram: @eughe_

Accomplishments Top 128 Bochum 2023
Top 32 VictoryRoad: Welcome To Paldea Series 1
Team Tournament result:
- Won API5 (6-3 record)
- Runner-Up PTC3 (5-2 record)
- Won PGL4 (2-1 record)
Bunch of wins and cuts at online tournaments and local PCs.

Bio I love draft leagues and team tournaments. I'm very active and I know I can be useful to the team.
Name Joaquín Blanch

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media Twitter/X: ximoblanch

Accomplishments T32 EUIC 23
Worlds 22 D2 (37th)
Milán Special 22 T32 (7-2)
2 years been drafted at NPA

Bio Why not?
Name Zac/Tatsu

Time Zone GMT-8:00

Relevant Social Media @t4tsur0u on twitter
tatsur0u on tiktok

Accomplishments Captain of CSULB Gold in CVL
S1 - Champion
S2 - Finalist
S3 - Second in Silver Bracket

Bio i reeaaaaaally want a custom avatar, i even drew up a mock one for myself

besides that, im a decent player i think and i understand the meta - i have attended multiple regionals but i just never had any placements of note, i plan to keep going though
i also currently run the pokemon department at my esports club at my college and captain the team
Name cucuyasayHD

Time Zone GMT-1:00

Relevant Social Media instagram : @sergiorodriguez__

Accomplishments winning the VGC showdown tournaments twice in a row

Bio i use a team made of "non competitive pokemon" and still win so i think it would be revolutionary to win with a team of non compettitives
Either way its their choice tbh
Name Jin Furai

Time Zone Gmt-5

Relevant Social Media Jinfurai on YT/twitch

Accomplishments 2024: Day 2 Portland
355/500 CP 2024 Season

Bio Positive vibes and determined to prove myself.
Name David Kubiak

Time Zone GMT-6:00

Relevant Social Media @davidkubiak

Accomplishments Multiple PC wins starting from 2014 with an MSS win in TX and elevated PC win in Kansas

Bio Just chillin, looking to get better and make a stamp on future tournaments!
Name Nick Willems

Time Zone GMT-06:00

Relevant Social Media @hurrixvgc - twitter

Accomplishments 4 6-3’s and 2 5-4’s at regionals in 2023
111th at San Antonio this season with a 12th place finish in the MSS the day after
Defeated James Evans at Charlotte last season (sorry james ily but this is prolly my most notable accomplishment LOL)
PC wins and Top 2/4 MSS placings in Chicago area this season

Bio Hi i’m Nick, i’m and oldhead in vgc being active from 2012-2016 then starting again at the beginning of Scarlet and Violet. I fell short of my goals last season but this season i’m well on my way to my invite and a lot more confident in my play. I have met a lot of the community at regionals and hope to get the chance to improve my play and help out the team in this tournament!
Name Dante Horton

Time Zone GMT-8

Relevant Social Media skyp1llar

Accomplishments Top cut several Limitless tournaments
Won / Top Cut several premier challenges
Top32 Portland Regionals 2024

Bio Dudes! I’m in my prime! I’ve been playing VGC since Dallas in 2019 before COVID, but now I’m chasing bigger accomplishments and a larger network.

Trying to put Las Vegas on the map!
Name Huston Rhodes

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media SkyeFallVGC

Accomplishments Top 64 2023 Peoria
Top 16 2017 Fort Wayne

Bio I have unlimited time to dedicate
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