Tournament [Draft CA] Smogon x NPA Signups!

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Name Felipe Reyes Castro (Feligato)

Time Zone gmt-4

Relevant Social Media twitter FeliVgc

Accomplishments top 8 seniors laic 2023 undefeated winner of 2 regionals (Santiago and Sao Paulo) seniors) member of team chile in the w cup 3-0 in the first phase
top 8 worlds juniors 2019 ic champion junior division
only robbie losse in laic XD

Bio I want to be part of the team since I want to win as much as possible both in the npa and in official tournaments I feel like I could have done better in laic I can't stop the hax but it doesn't matter, I'm on vacation and I want to give my best, now I am already recognized in Latin America but I want to make a name for myself on the world vgc scene since I know I can be part of it, and I also work very well as a team, helping to plan match ups, scouting and I am willing to improve and help in everything as much as possible, I'm going to play all the remaining Naic and Euic internationals and I want to win them so I'm not going to stop working
Name Tsuyuvgc

Time Zone GMT+9

Relevant Social Media Tsuyuvgc as twitter and discord

Accomplishments Friendship Match
One of Player of 2022 February Korea-South Asia Friendship Match (7 players, S12)
One of Player of 2022 June Korea-Thailand Friendship Match (7 players, S12)
One of Player of 2023 January Korea-Japan Friendship Match (4 players, 2nd at selection match, 4 win and 1 lose, 5 swiss round, Reg A)

Team Draft League
Participated at Sootopolis City League (Cyllage City Coalossals, 0-2, Spikemuth Cup & S13)
APAC S5 (Rustboro Rayquaza, 3-1 Top 4, Reg D)
Opal S2 (Twinleaf Turtwigs, 4-2 Champion, Reg D)
Smogon Classic (Twinleaf Turtwigs, 2-1 Runner-up, VGC 21 & 22)

Online Tour
Rose Tower Spikemuth Cup I Top 4 (Spikemuth Cup)
Saturday Night Rumble Top 4 x 2 (Reg E)

Official Tour
2022 Korean Nationals Top 24 (S12)
2023 2nd Korean Pokemon Nationals 12th (Reg C)
2023 World Championship VGC Competitor

Bio I'm Tsuyu and want to compete with great players. I'm Starting to play this game since 2021 and still playing until now without rest. Nice to meet everyone.
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VGCPL Champion
Name Desu

Time Zone GMT+01:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter @DesuVGC

Accomplishments NPA XII MVP and champion w/ Asakuna Samurais. EUIC 2016 & OCIC 2017 Finalist. LAIC 2018 & OCIC 2018 Top8. Multiple day2 at internationals. Multiple day2 and topcut at regionals events. Turin SPE 2023 champion

Bio I can help with weekly prep, I have previous experience with team tours. I think it's a good opportunity to improve my skills and share opinions with other strong players in friendly environments.
Turns out I'm also good at the game
Name Olivia Moledzki

Time Zone GMT-05:00

Relevant Social Media aboxoftimbits on twitter

Accomplishments 2019/2022/2023 worlds qualifiers with 2 being seniors and 2023 being my first year in masters

Day 2 at fort wayne and knoxville 2023

6th at toronto 2019 (seniors)

Bio Im a VGC player from canada who has been playing for about 6 years now, i wasnt able to travel to events until i was a masters player but so far theyve been a success. Im signing up for NPA to get better practice and to try and push my name out there more. A team league sounds very fun
Name Pengy / Stefan Mott

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media @PengyTwitch

Accomplishments 2022 Indianapolis Regional Champion
2022 Liverpool Regional Top 8
6x Regional Day 2s
OCIC 2023 Day 2

PGL 3 + 4 champion (Top 10 ELO in Season 4)
VCL Season 2 3rd Place
World Cup 2021 Top 8 (Switzerland)
USPA 2022 Top 8 (Pennsylvania)

Bio I love team leagues. For as long as I've played VGC I've really enjoyed the experience of coming together with a larger group of players and fighting for a common goal. I've experienced highs and lows in my team league experiences but regardless of the result the most important thing to me is meeting new people and having fun. I'm happy to help whenever I can with prep work. I consider myself a creative teambuilder who can bring a different perspective to discussions in teambuilding, which I feel can be especially valuable in a team league setting. I have a lot of time that I can dedicate to the team. I hope to be drafted and I'm looking forward to working with whichever team I end up on!
Name Thomas Hayden

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media Tomhayden27 on Discord, Twitter & twitch

Accomplishments 2023 worlds competitor, T32 GC3 (19th), T64 Fresno (35th), T64 NAIC (39th)

USPA team Ny season 1-3

Bio I host tournaments on Tuesdays and would love to join more communities!
Name Jontra

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media @NFJontra (twitter)
.jontra (discord)

Accomplishments T16 Barcelona SPE '23
T64(34th) Gdansk '23
T32 Dortmund '17

Cut Nats in Seniors Germany Nats '16

Bio Love collaborating with people and am always down to clown when it comes to running sets and discussing plans. I play this game to make friends and I hope I'll be able to do that in the NPA along with improving as a player.
Big fan of contributing to a fun team environment.(and running it down mid on the opps)
Name Kendrink

Time Zone GMT+11

Relevant Social Media @kendrink_ on twitter
Kendrink on discord


Bio Its a well known NPA fact that if you want a good value pick then you draft an Australian. And I am one of Australia's finest offerings!


is a Tiering Contributor
Name Raahel

Time Zone GMT-4

Relevant Social Media Discord: raahel

Accomplishments N/A but i really wanna improve this tier

Bio Im really active and i can provide some wins with the help necessary to learn the tier.
Name Dot1Q

Time Zone GMT+01:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @Dot1Q_VGC
Discord: dot1q_vgc

Accomplishments WCS 2022 Qualified - 20x Online Tours Winner - Top16 Victory Road September Challenge 2023 - Top32 Barcelona Special Event 2024 - Top64 Turin Special Event 2023 - Top64 Milan Special Event 2022

Bio I have good past experience in team tournaments such as API, PGL and VCL as well as excellent continuity in the various live and online tournaments that I've been playing by myself, and I think I can lend a hand to my team to achieve the final victory!
Name Sam Frankel

Time Zone GMT-8

Relevant Social Media FonzeeVGC on Twitter, fonzee on Discord

Accomplishments 5-4 at my first regional at Fresno, Top 8 in the 11/14 Tom Hayden tour with 124 people

Bio I'm new to VGC with Scarlet and Violet, and I feel I have improved a lot since I started. I know I'm not the cream of the crop but I am very dedicated to growing and learning, and would love this opportunity to become a better VGC player.
Name mirai

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media @ka1nee on twitter

Accomplishments -few t16/t32s in Regs/Special Events
-went 5-1 last NPA, 5-2 for Team Spain in this year´s World Cup, and a few more team tours I can´t remember

Bio I´m pretty good at making animal noises and I can scream very loudly
Name Sali Resuli

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media Twitter: Pokesun1V
Discord: pokesun1

Accomplishments Irl&official: Top 8 Milan Special event 2022(sr), 5th place Bochum Regional 2023(sr), Turin Special Event Champion 2023(sr), 5th place (6-1 in swiss) Yokohama World Championship (sr)
3rd place Global Challenge 1&3 2023(sr)
Also many results online

Bio I think i'm capable of working in group as i showed in other draft leagues where i almost got finals everytime with my teammates, also i'm a student so i'm always available for testing and helping the team with everything i can do
Thanks for listening!
Name Sierra Dawn

Time Zone GMT-05:00

Relevant Social Media

Accomplishments Official Pokemon caster (so don't get to compete often) but get to attend a few regionals and locals coming up!!

Bio Looking to be able to put my skills to the test in a good team environment, especially as I'm looking to work with others heading into the New Year since I'll be able to attend quite a few regionals to compete at, something I don't normally get to do since I spend my time casting instead :'3
Name Connor Swikart

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media Condornj on everything

Accomplishments Day 2 San Antonio/Sacramento (10-4 at both)
Pittsburgh Top 64
San Antonio pre regional PC top 4
2x NPA player for Jamie Kean

Bio I’m better than I’ve ever been ;)
Trying to stay sharp while I work for my invite so I’ll be very active!


is a Past WCoP Champion
RUPL Champion
Name Lunala

Time Zone GMT+2

Relevant Social Media tsu_ki.hime on discord

Accomplishments Read below

Bio Relatevely new to VGC but i was a manager in PGL4 reaching semifinals, and while i didn't get to play much due to a busy period i did play a series against ranghome which i won. Looking for the opportunity to keep improving in VGC.
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