Tournament [Draft CA] Smogon x NPA Signups!

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Name Ze Banded

Time Zone GMT+08:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter @ZeBanded
Discord zebanded

Accomplishments 2nd Taichung regional side event 2024
Top 8 Taipei regional side event 2024

Bio I guess im decent at the game, always willing to learn and meet new people :)
Name Swamp

Time Zone GMT-0

Relevant Social Media Twitter - SwampVGC
Discord - swamq

Accomplishments 2023 Malmo regional champion (seniors)
2023 NAIC T8 (Seniors)
Several other regional cuts in 2023, 2nd in EU cp (still seniors)
Not much as of this season so far, consistent online results throughout.

Bio I feel like I'd be a good addition to any team because I have a ton of time to dedicate towards vgc that other people might not be able to.
Name Joan Garcia

Time Zone Gmt-2

Relevant Social Media

Accomplishments Oficial: Worlds 2023 Day 1, a few day2 and 6-3 in regionals, 2MSS and 4pc win and 300CP for this season.

Online: Victory Road Runner-Up and T16, Desafio Latam finals and 8x top, Rose Tower win and multiple top cut, Battle Palace T32 and made top cut at many limitless big tours.

Bio I’m signing up to play against great players and to meet new people
Name Gabriele Manunta

Time Zone Gmt+1

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @GerbyVGC

Accomplishments Top 16 EUIC ‘17 (sr), Top 4 Stuttgart ‘18 (sr), Top 8 Prague ‘18 (sr), 24th place Nashville WCS ‘18 (sr), top 128 Turin ‘23 (ma), VCL Desafio 1st division (ASM)

Bio Hey! Im Gabriele, 20 yo, Im from Palermo (Italy) but I live in Milan to study. I play VGC since 2016 (skipped dyna era cuz it sucks). In team tours I always try to be present in call on discord to prep for the week


VGC 2012 Seniors Champion
Name dimsunlight

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media twitter: @dimsunlight

Accomplishments 2015 national champion, 7-3 in desafio latam last year (best performing american and tenth in mvp contention), t8 orlando regs 2023, 4-3 worlds day 1

Bio I'm Toler. I am invested in being a positive presence on the teams I play with, and I try to help everyone grow with me. I'm passionate about success and will be focused on helping the team succeed to the best of my ability.
Name ApplePie

Time Zone Gmt+1

Relevant Social Media ApplePieVGC

Accomplishments D2 worlds 2017, top 8 Sheffield 2017, top 16 euic 2018 & 2019, top 16 utrecht 2023, 20k+ .overpay in npa 7 & 8

Bio Best Dutch vgc, used to be good at memes now washed, ready to practice again for new NL Regional. Took a long break from 2020-2022 played 1 regional in 2023 and ready to play at least 1 more in 2024 :)
Name Hao Dai

Time Zone GMT-8:00

Relevant Social Media X: @MoccaVGC

Accomplishments 84 of 409 for Sacramento Regional. 2 of 29 Sacramento PC. Couple of top 4 in locals for Seattle area.

Bio First time NPA. Would try my best to help the team and improve my VGC skills. Have a lot of practice opportunities in locals. Could help gather team build in different community groups. Cheap in price.
Name Huang Yang-Jie

Time Zone GMT+08:00

Relevant Social Media X(twitter):
Discord: kkcwind

Accomplishments 2018 OCIC Top 16
2018 Hong Kong Regionals Top 16
2018 WCS Day 1 competitor
2018 Nashville Open Top 8
2021 Taipei Regionals Top 8
2022 Taipei Regionals Finalist
2022 Taiwan Nationals Day 2
2023 Taipei Regionals Top 16

Bio Hi managers,

This is Huang Yang-Jie from Taiwan, I have played VGC since 2016.
I would like to have more communication with players all over the world, NPA is the best opportunity.
I will do my best if I can have the chance to play in NPA.
Name Sunoru

Time Zone GMT-05:00

Relevant Social Media Discord @sunoru
Twitter @sunoru_sidw

Accomplishments NAIC T16, T32

Bio I haven't played in NPA or gotten any great results yet, but I would like to make friends ‍
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Name AkumaVGC

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media AkumaVGC on Twitter AkumaVGC on discord

Accomplishments Played for the NPA X White Forest Hams and for The Lovely Peaceful Video Gamers in PGL2. Qualified for Players Cup 2.

Bio I've worked with incredible players over the years like Brady Smith and Eduardo Cunha. I've worked very hard to become a better player with limitations in organized play in my area. I've had success in teams tours with upset wins over bigger names like Radium and Absurdity. I'm a creative teambuilder who us willing to help everyone build teams and prep for matches when I'm not playing.
Name Francisco Gribaudo (OverkillFTF)

Time Zone GMT-3

Relevant Social Media OverkillFTF (Twitter); OverkillFTF#0000 (Discord)

Accomplishments Top 16 Bs.As Special Event
Top 64 LAIC 2024
Runner-up World Cup of VGC (Team Argentina)

Bio Just a chill lad who likes to play in team leagues and have fun while beating´em all
Name rap

Time Zone GMT+8

Relevant Social Media
#rapvgc as Discord

Accomplishments Official Tournament
2021 Philippine Nationals top 8
2022 Philippine Nationals top 4
2023 Philippine Nationals top 8

Team Draft League
Participated at Sootopolis City League (Cyllage City Coalossals, Spikemuth rules 0-2)
Participated at APAC (Lavaridge Trailblazer, Reg D, 1-1)

2021 & 2022 VR World Cup Competitor for the Philippines

Bio Can commit my time and effort on this league and I may fought you at Ladder. I'm Friendly with everyone.
Name Wow_Yang

Time Zone GMT+09:00

Relevant Social Media Twitter: @wowyang4
DC: miraclegambler

Accomplishments Top 8 in Taiwan regional 2022
22/76 Kevin Off#4 in Tokyo

Bio Hello,
I am a player from Taiwan,
My playing style is to seek for romance
I would like to learn how to win more in this NPA , make a strong and interesting team!
And I want to gain more experience and see more different people's playing style!
Thanks for reading!
Name Giovanni Piscitelli

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media GeniusVGC on Twitter (I refuse to call it X)

Accomplishments 2019 DC Open Top8 | 2020 OCIC Top32 | 2022 Bremen Reg. Finalist | 2022 WCS Day2 | 2023 Liverpool Reg. Top8

Bio I've been playing this game since 2017 and I already partecipated in a lot of team competition as pasts NPA and API/PTC (Italian Team tour) and I'm also playing in the VCL. I like to help others
Name ZeldaVox

Time Zone GMT-5:00

Relevant Social Media ZeldaVox on Twitter, Discord, and Instagram

Accomplishments Top 4 Hatterene Series January Tour (I'm the Espathra/Sandy Shocks diva, so you know I can make my opponents miserable).

Bio I make very good EV spreads, I use really evil teams, I've been playing VGC since 2011 so I'll get all the references, I'm very active online, and I'll probably be dirt cheap!
Name Nido-Rus

Time Zone GMT-05:00

Relevant Social Media twitter: @Nido_Rus

Accomplishments Top 32 Virginia Regionals 2016? 2015? idr
regular Doubles OU player:
won 1st OSDT (2021),
won 2021 Winter Seasonal
won 2023 Summer Seasonal
top 8 2023 OSDT
top 4/8 in most Doubles OU tournaments

Bio have had a lot of fun helping out various doubles ou players prep for regionals, looking forward to getting more vgc practice myself


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Name eragon11145

Time Zone GMT-8:00

Relevant Social Media eragon11145 on discord/twitter

Accomplishments DOU main + top 64 fresno with growth wo-chien (only regional I've attended)

Bio I've played DOU seriously for about 1.5 years, team tours are kinda my thing + looking to play vgc more seriously and maybe actually prep for LA regional (real)
Name emma

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media tinkatink on Discord // //

Accomplishments 2023 Hartford Day 2, 5/28/23 NJ PC Top 8, SPL XIII & SCL Champion, 13-7 SS DOU supporting record in SCL

Bio I'm emma. Primarily a Smogon player (RBY/DOU) but always wanting to get into VGC. Made Day 2 at Hartford and top cut a stacked New Jersey PC earlier this year despite never playing the format before. Super interested to play in NPA!


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DPL Champion
Name kaori

Time Zone GMT-5

Relevant Social Media @fruitstandowner on twitter

Accomplishments Regs Top 2/4/8/16 over time, played in like 5 or 6 NPA's before, DODRIO CUP 2015 CHAMPION

Bio Plenty of experience across tons of formats, lots of team tour experience. Immaculate vibes
Name Ucaba

Time Zone GMT+1

Relevant Social Media TWITTER: @ucaba3
Discord: Ucaba8

Accomplishments I haven't played any tournaments, but I do play some team leagues like VCL.

Bio I really want to play this league cause I want to improve and get to know more people from the community. Looking forward to play NPA.


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Name Foufakirby

Time Zone GMT-01:00

Relevant Social Media Discord

Accomplishments Nothing related to vgc, I’m a sv ou main

Bio I have a good ingame and will support well the team
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