Dragons!!!! But What Are Their Names?!?!? (Ended. Lock Please.)

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The Mediator of Land and Sea. The God of Time. The Absence of Balance. Three Legendary Dragons from the respective mythologies of Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. All here...ready to be received by you.

But wait! They yearn for a name to show their uniqueness, to show their traits. And you, young trainer, must be the one to name them...

SantaChu's Rules

1. You do not need to have a trade thread.
2. You may choose only one Pokemon to name. On that note...no editing your post. It will invalidate your entry.
3. For the name you choose, you must give a concise reason for the name. Simply saying "I like it" is not likely to be chosen.
4. These Pokemon are not redistributable.
5. ICBB/Blacklisted members are not allowed to participate.​

There will be five trainers chosen for each Pokemon. Each winner will receive the Pokemon they chose to nickname with their chosen nickname. In addition, three grand prize winners will be chosen out of their respective fields to receive all three Pokemon, nicknamed with the winning nicknames from all three fields!


Winner: geneia ("Vethrun")
Second: Palu ("Quetzal")
Third: Advancer ("Watatsumi")
Fourth: Kid Icarus ("Ozone")
Fifth: Vulgo ("Ouroboros")


Winner: Cereza ("Hanyū")
Second: silversummoner ("Persephone")
Third: julios ("Kronos")
Fourth: kychi20 ("Tempest")
Fifth: JackieChun ("Clockwork")


Winner: Ashigaru ("Antipode")
Second: Luxpluff91 ("Frostbite")
Third: PieceOfPwned ("Apocalypse")
Fourth: GibleTV ("Fuzai")
Fifth: Kai Kusanagi ("Mu")

Pokemon will be distributed by me when contest ends. Therefore, do not pm/vm me to pick it up; I will inform you when to pick it up.
I would name the Kryeum simply Ice Dragon, because The Ice Dragon is one of my favorite books by author George R R Martin.
For Kyurem, I would go with Ice Climber since not only is it an ice type but you have to go quite a way to reach it, akin to a long climb up a mountain.
Hi guys I'm back after like 5 months (been playing lol) and I would name Kyurem "Sniffers" as his head is drooped like a dog and looks like he is smelling something lol
I would name the Rayquaza "Black Death" Because it's shiny form is black, and it looks like it'll kill something
I would name the Dialga Chronos, (or Kronos) because Chronos was the titan of time in greek mythology, and Dialga also controls time and is titanic. Also, first post on Smogon. ^_^
I would name Dialga "Kronos" for two things

First of all, Chronos is an character from ancient Greece who was the personification of time, not to be confused with Cronus, Zeus' daddy who would eventually be overthrown by his children.
The spelling though comes from Kronos, the robot made by Syndrome in The Incredibles to defeat Mr. Incredible. The only thing powerful to stop this Kronos is itself
I'd name the Rayquaza Watatsumi, after the Japanese dragon of the same name. It originates from Japanese folklore and mythology:

Watatsumi 海神 "sea god" or Ryūjin 龍神 "dragon god" was the ruler of seas and oceans, and described as a dragon capable of changing into human form. He lived in the undersea Ryūgū-jō 龍宮城 "dragon palace castle", where he kept the magical tide jewels. [Wikipedia]

I normally consider Rayquaza a Sky Dragon, since it lives in the atmosphere and is captured in Sky Pillar; yet as I look at the alterate colour sprite I can't help but see it as a different beast, an age-old creature of absolute rule, and
Watatsumi captures that feeling.
I'd name the Rayquaza Vethrun. Here is my reasoning:

Rayquaza's markings remind me of the runes used by old Germanic languages like Old Norse before the adoption of Latin became widespread. Thus I think it is fitting to name it in Old Norse, as then you could almost say that its name is already written on its body, though in a language no living person would decipher easily.

Rún is the Old Norse word for rune, however, it also refers to secrets or secret wisdom. This refers not only to the "secret" meaning of Rayquaza's markings but is also a reference to the fact that Rayquaza itself remained a secret, according to its Pokedex entries, for millions of years as it lived unseen high in the Earth's atmosphere.

Veðr (pronounced somewhat like "vether") means weather, storm, or wind; a reference to Rayquaza's power over the weather. However, taken together with "Rún" it makes a phrase which might mean something more along the lines of "wind writing," "wisdom of the storm," or "secret of the wind," all of which, in my opinion, sound like (freaking) awesome names. I especially like "secret of the wind" since it's a more direct reference to the fact that Rayquaza was essentially that for millions of years.

And that's how I got Vethrun, a portmanteau of Veðr and Rún.
I`d name Kyurem Icy Rex, because the body looks from a t-rex. The short arms are the main reason for these look. icy, because this t-rex got freeze in the icetime ( is it the right word in english?? ) and got an evolution so. :D
I would like to name rayquaza "Susanoo", the shinto god of the storms, from the japanese folklore.

"In Japanese mitology, Susanoo, the powerful storm of Summer, is the brother of Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, and of Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon. All three were born from Izanagi, when he washed his face clean of the pollutants of Yomi, the underworld. Amaterasu was born when Izanagi washed out his left eye, Tsukuyomi was born from the washing of the right eye, and Susanoo from the washing of the nose"
[description from wikipedia]

read more ----> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susanoo

i think that the power of Susanoo is represented perfectly in Rayquaza.
I'd call Rayquaza "Niddhog"(Níðhöggr) after the evil dragon serpent in Nordic myth. It means the 'Dread Biter' or 'Malice Striker'.
I would name Kyurem = Fuzai

this is the japanese phonetics for the translation of "absence", also i feel it is a striking & powerful nickname to give this legendary pokemon
I would name Dialga "Zurvan" which is another deity from mythology that is supposed to represent time. Plus, I also think it sounds like a cool name.


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I'd nickname that Kyurem Gliscor. Why? Because if I were using that baby in competitive play, I'd pass a Substitute to it. My opponent would think it was a Gliscor and use Ice and Water moves against it for at least one turn before they realized it wasn't a Gliscor, and by then it would be too late. Also, Kyurem's typing puts it weak to Fighting and Steel type moves, but nothing is going to use a Fighting move against a "Gliscor" and not many will try to have Scizor Bullet Punch through one either. If they do, they eat a nasty HP Fire. It's an ice cold deception. Maybe I'm stretching, but it's wordplay is also a tribute to itself. Gliscor = GL Ice Core.


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I would name Dialga "Hanyū" this is why:
I'm a big fan of an anime called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, in which Hanyū is one of the characters. She became a god after being sacrificed to atone the sins of the others. She's the one that caused the constantly repetition of June during showa 58, by controlling time.
I would nickname Kyurem simply "Mu" after the taoist principle that he is based on. While Zekrom and Reshiram represent yin and yang, Kyurem is "mu" which represents emptiness and nothingness.
I would name Kyurem "Fafnir". The name is from Norse mythology, he was the strongest and most aggressive of the dwarf king's sons and he turns into a dragon to protect his treasure.
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