Policy Review End of SS Planning (was: Delay CAP 32 Until Gen 9)


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Hey all, got an update on end of gen plans. We have a ton of stuff to work through before Gen 9 so it'll all be happening in pretty quick succession. Here's where we're at:

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 9.44.13 PM.png

- Libra nerf reversion just happened; the Venom nerf thread will hopefully go up in the next day or two (or as soon as we're able), while Raja's post play lookback will be up quickly after. Each is allotted three weeks, which makes sense considering the length of past PPLs and nerf processes, and we felt it was fine that they overlap considering they operate in pretty different spheres.

- BL apps will overlap with the nerf/PPL so we can roll into the first buff – either Chromera or Miasmaw – immediately, with whichever of Mera/Mias we didn't buff being handled right after. As discussed earlier in this thread, we're choosing to buff these two mons to leave them in as good of a place as possible in their home generation.

- An extremely special tournament to send off SS CAP hosted by dex will begin soon after the Venom nerf and PPL close. This isn't shown on the chart, but signups are planned to go up on the 18th and close on October 2nd.

This leaves about two and a half weeks between the final buff process ending and the release of SV on November 18th. Depending on how the buffs go, the metagame council might still be making some final tunings during this period. Like I said, there's a ton to get through here, but unexpected roadblocks might also come up along the way; as such, this schedule isn't written in stone, but is more a general outline of what we have to do before SV and how quickly we need to do it.

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