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(the name is in all caps and must be referred to in all caps, ty AquaticPanic for approval!)

Welcome to EXTREME ROULETTEMONS! This is a spinoff format from Roulettemons earlier this gen. In Roulettemons, the Pokemon were made with RNG; the stats, abilities, movesets, and types of every Pokemon are made through a randomization spreadsheet. This mod explores what would happen if we took it even further by deleting and replacing every move, ability, item, and even type and adding new ones in their place. These will all be controlled to some extent by the users, with the number of each depending on how many users "participate." The exceptions are the amount of Pokemon, which there will be 27-30, and the amount of types, which there will be 10.

Did I explain that poorly? If I did, here's the main takeaway - nothing in traditional Pokemon exists anymore. Everything is replaced with randomly-generated moves, abilities, types, items, and Pokemon, although there is some level of user input to make sure nothing insane pops up.

I'd like to go over the process for everything here for those who want to see. Not all of it is foolproof, but that's why I'm getting the help of the community on some parts. The only thing you have to know is that in order to help make abilities, moves, and items for the mod, please read the post below this one.
In order for this mod to work properly, we have to do things in a certain order. We can't add Pokemon without having moves first, and we can't have moves without a type chart. So here's how that'll work...

First Step - Randomizing the Type Chart
The type chart is the very first thing that will be randomized. I'll give out three options for type charts with colors as the placeholders for the types' names, and they will be voted on, with only the most voted winning. The way I'll be randomizing this will be by getting half a table that randomly generates numbers from 1-36, with 1 meaning the user is immune to the target, 2-6 meaning strong matchup, 31-35 meaning weak matchup, and 36 meaning the target is immune. The other half of this table will be found just by flipping the first half so if a type resists another, they'll be super effective against it as well. There will be nine regular types, plus a tenth neutral type that has only one losing matchup and zero winning matchups. Things like immunities to status and weather are given to exactly one type and are given randomly. In addition, I'll be manually giving a winning matchup to types that don't have any against the type with the least losing matchups relative to their winning matchups, and vice versa. It might sound kind of complicated, but all that matters is that you can see the end result. Want examples? You'll be able to see them in a few posts after this one. I'll have conveniently-sorted graphs to show everything you need to see. The community votes between three options, and the winning option is the one we go with.

Second Step - Naming the Type Chart
For the aforementioned randomized type charts, the names have colors as placeholders. That won't do. The types need proper names, and this is where the community involvement really kicks up. The community gets to name all of the ten types instead of their placeholder names. A user has to submit an entire type chart so that people who want cohesiveness through their types aren't screwed over, and whichever user's submission get the most votes will win. The names can make sense, like if a Scissors-type is super effective against a Paper-type, or they can be completely nonsensical, like if the Beaver-type is super effective against the Awesome-type. That's up for the community to decide.

Third Step - Getting the Moves
Up until this point, I've yet to mention that I'm going to have people sort of "sign up" for the earlier parts of this mod. This is because I don't really have a perfect way of generating moves, abilities, or items. Everyone who asks me to be involved will be given 10 pairs of moves to try and fuse together sort of akin to how Fusion Evolution does abilities, with each person getting one of each type. I'll be getting rid of any unviable attacking moves, so you'll only get viable attacks or any status move. The moves will be assigned types already, and they'll likely have to make a specific number of their moves either physical, special, or status, but everything else is entirely on the user: name, base power, secondary effect, other additions like whether it's a punch or sound move, and so on. This is also where we'll get things like terrains, weathers, hazards, etc. How many moves will we end with? That depends on how many users we have sign up. So far we have 16, although more may join or leave. The 10 moves I make will all be universally-learned and neutral-typed, and there will be 2 additional universal moves that are 90 base power, match the user's primary and secondary types, and go off the user's higher attacking stat. That way, every Pokemon will have at least one STAB option. I also will be adding a hazard removal option if we don't have any of those and more healing moves if we don't have enough to allow bulkier Pokemon to succeed.

Note that signups are closed because this mod has gone beyond the point where they are needed. If you are reading this, you do not need to ask me to contribute. Go ahead and post away!

Fourth Step - Getting the Abilities

This stage will be very similar to the last one, but each participant gets to combine 7 pairs of abilities. This works identically to Fusion Evolution's ability combining process, once again with randomly generated ability pairings. The reason this comes after the moves is that the moves will be how we determine things like new weathers. Some abilities like Prankster and Thick Fat can't be translated to a random type chart perfectly, and in cases like this, I will generate a random type for the user to work with.

Fifth Step - Getting the Items
For this one, the people participating will be combining the secondary effect of a random move and the effect of an ability. Each person will get only one to make since there aren't many viable items in the first place. I haven't mentioned this yet, but broken abilities and moves are fine as long as they're not on the level of Wonder Guard and can feasibly be balanced, but I will ask for people who make these to be a bit more careful than with moves and abilities. Especially broken abilities can be balanced out by being given to bad Pokemon, but items can be given to anything, so no "this item doubles the user's attack" or anything too absurd.

Sixth Step - Setting the Power Level
This will be the first time getting actual Pokemon will be involved. For the first slate, I'll generate 10 Pokemon from all of our new resources. This will work similarly to traditional Roulettemons slates, except the 5 that get the most votes will be put into the metagame to set the power level. This slate will be entirely discussion-based minus the voting period and people are free to jump in at this point. The ideal purpose of this is to aim for the perfect middle of the pack, although if people want something a little more broken or sane then that would be fine.

Seventh Step - Adding the Pokemon
The bulk of the mod. After we have the main five, we'll add 20 more to those five while keeping balance in mind. People are allowed to submit sprites for these Pokemon as well, just like with the original. This will work almost identically to how the original Roulettemons worked, which I'll go over now as briefly as possible. Each Pokemon is given...
  • A set of random stats that all add up to anywhere between 485-540, with 570 and 600 being options as well
  • Two or three randomly-chosen abilities
  • One or two randomly-chosen types
  • 17 random moves in addition to the 12+ universal moves (movepools are small because all moves in this are hopefully going to be good)
  • A name from a community member, first come first serve except I name the last one
These also apply to the power level slate, by the way. No type will show up more than twice in any of these slates on a Pokemon.

Eighth Step - The Last Mandatory Slate
If you've been paying close attention, you'd notice that the power level slate adds 5 and the rest before now add 20 more. That's a bit less to the 27-30 estimate, right? Well, since only one Pokemon gets in per slate, and since the power level of this mod will undoubtedly rise at least a little, there's going to be a final slate that adds Pokemon that didn't quite make it for any reason earlier. Users will submit any Pokemon they think will fit this metagame now from any earlier slate, and those will be voted on in the end. Whichever 2-5 get the most votes will win.

Optional - Balancing Slates
There's a very good chance the resulting metagame will have at least one or two Pokemon that is too bad or good. In that case, we have ways of randomizing them to be rebalanced. I've made a random mega generator as well that gives one ability, potentially one typing, and boosts that add to 100 and can go negative in certain stats, and so there will be a slate to give one of five megas to a bad Pokemon. If a Pokemon is too good, the community or council will decide what aspect of its leads to it being broken - stats, abilities, movepool, or potentially even typing. If stats are chosen, for example, five additional stat spreads will be put in its place and the most balanced one will be voted on.

Important Notes
A few other things I felt should be mentioned...
  • The Pokemon and typing slates will all have submission and voting phases that last 5 and 2 days respectively. Discussion phase is where you discuss the possible implications of each of the Pokemon/type charts, and voting is self-explanatory.
  • The item, ability, and move slates will have me ping each participant with their list of things to fuse. These do not need to win anything and will be added automatically unless I have any issue with the submissions.
  • I will not be voting at all unless it's to break a tie, so don't worry about complications with ties.
  • Status immunities are decided in the typing slate. I will generate a number 1 to 10 for all statuses with immunities + powders, and the type it correlates with gets the immunity. I will also additionally be rolling 1-18 for a possible second type to be immune to poison, where if it's greater than 10, only one type gets the immunity.
  • For every Pokemon slate, you can vote to have none of the options win. You can vote for "none," and if "none" wins, then no Pokemon will be added. The end result will still be that same 27-30, so don't worry about a slot being lost to a bad slate.
  • Pokemon should not be voted in based on how interesting of a mega they may have. I don't want to just toss out megas everywhere.
  • As mentioned before, abilities and moves can be unbalanced. Pokemon, items, and type charts should not be.
  • Please read the second post if you want to participate in the ability, move, or item slates! You will not be able to if you ignore it.

Council -
Just me so far. I may keep it like this honestly, I want to try something.

Important Links -
Roulettemons Main Discord Server - Useful for matchmaking, announcements, and discussion on the meta. You can also ask questions here.
General Pet Mods Discord Server - Useful if you want to get involved with the Pet Mods community as a whole.
EXTREME ROULETTEMONS METAGAME SPREADSHEET - This contains every custom element we have so far and will be constantly updated as we go on. This is very important, you'll likely need this in order to play the format.
EXTREME ROULETTEMONS RANDOM POKEMON GENERATOR - This is the Pokemon generator. Note that the sheet's formatting is pretty bad and that it doesn't have any information about the format itself. Its sole purpose is for if you want to generate things like type charts or Pokemon.
EXTREME ROULETTEMONS Random Team Generator - Coming soon! This will only be made after the metagame is nearing completion and will contain sample movesets and randomly-generated teams.
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Something that will be kind of unique about this mod out of necessity is that I need to know how many people are interested in helping with abilities, moves, and items so I can give out the amount needed. I've been had people DM me if they want to join for this part of the mod so I know to message them with their part. However, this part of the mod has already happened, so these are no longer open. I'm leaving this list here to thank the users who contributed to making the elements for this mod.
Thanks guys!
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Step 1 - Randomizing the Type Chart (For people planning on joining past April 4th, 2021 - note that this IS NOT the current slate!)
Above, you can see three type charts we'll be voting on. One of these three is likely what we'll use for the mod, albeit with actual, non-placeholder names. Now, let's discuss this together... How balanced is each type chart? Are any perfectly balanced, and if not, is that a good thing? Should we focus on one with more or less individual matchups? These are not the only things we should focus on, but they are all definitely things that you can mention when you post. Discussion phase has begun and will likely last 5 days! Feel free to make any post as long or as short as you want about your thoughts on the three type charts.

EDIT: Forgot to note that these count offenses. So if it says Blue is strong against Blue, then it's super effective against itself. Blue is weak against Blue means it's a resistance.
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Alright, at a glance, the first chart seems way more balanced than the other two. Blue type over in chart 3 looks absurdly strong and chart 2 kinda feels like every type interacts with the same few (blue, pink, black, white).

Chart 1 feels the most balanced overall, with each type having its fair share of weaknesses, resistances, coverage, and resists.

Chart 2 is jank. Black2 is absolutely insane as a coverage type, and White2 is suffering.
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Here's my first impressions. I may post again later when I give a 24 hour warning.

Chart 1 has a pretty even amount of interactions, with there not being too much or too little of types being strong or weak against each other in my opinion. Too many and it'll be too easy for everything to hit everything and it'd become offense-fest, too few and it's just uninteresting and all the types blend together too much. We have Pink with only one winning matchup and three losing, but that winning matchup is Green, which has zero losing matchups otherwise, which might artificially make it good. Pretty good choice.

I mentioned that too many leads to everything hitting everything, and Chart 2 suffers that. Four of the types have three or more winning matchups and would most likely be able to cover each other very well. I also knew the base Roulettemons Pokemon as ones that would almost always have kind of insane coverage, and I don't see why this would be any different. You could always balance this out by making all the offensive Pokemon bad compared to the walls, but that's not a very good way of going about this. Not a fan of this option.

Lastly, Chart 3. This one has its designated coverage types with a majority having either too many or few. The good offensive and defensive types are extremely obvious here, but about half of the types just seem really bland for me. There's probably some implication that all of this has but I don't immediately see it. I might end up changing my mind later, but as it stands, I prefer Chart 1 to this because of how linear and empty it seems.
I made visual type charts, which will make it easier for some people to view how each type performs.

Capture d’écran 2021-04-01 à 23.35.55.png

Capture d’écran 2021-04-01 à 20.55.21.png

Capture d’écran 2021-04-01 à 21.56.48.png
When read from the side, Green (o) means a good matchup, Red (x) means a bad matchup, Green (~) means a good matchup where you are immune to that type and Red (-) means a bad matchup where that type is immune to yours. When read from the top, Red means a good matchup and Green, a bad one. Cyan and Dark Blue are also used for types that resist themselves or for types that hit themselves super effectively.

This is the average number of types that interact with another for each chart.
Chart 1: 3.2
Chart 2: 4.2
Chart 3: 2.6

Each type interacts with about 3 types in Chart 1. This would lead to the more balanced metagame available as there will be good neutralities available as well as quite a few resists and weaknesses. From the statistics, it seems like it would lead to a metagame neither Hyper-Offensive, nor Hyper-Defensive.

As we can see, on average, each type in Chart 2 interact with 4 others. This leads to little room for bulky neutralities to take hits and makes offensive coverage a lot better. There are also more resists on average, but most offensive pokemons will have an advantage because they will barely need any coverage to be effective.

Chart 3 leads to a metagame with many neutralities as less types interact with each other. As such, bulky defensive pokemons will thrive in this metagame due to their many neutralities.

Numbers aside, let's look at the actual charts.

Chart 1
Chart 1's main attacking types seem to be Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. Yellow and Green only have 1 resist and hit 2 types SE while Orange and Blue have 2 resists but hit 3 types SE. Their resists don't overlap whatsoever, so you'll probably need an answer to all 4 types, which is not ideal. However, if the defensive pokemons have the bulk to take neutral hits from these pokemons, it shouldn't be too bad. As for defensive types, Blue dominates with 4 resists for only 1 weakness. No other type seems to stand out defensively though. Overall, doesn't seem too bad but Blue seems like a far superior type to every other.

Chart 2
Chart 2 is weird. Blue seems to dominate since it hits 4 types SE and is only resisted by 2, though Orange, Yellow and Purple could be appreciated for their neutral coverage. Yellow is in an especially good spot as it only fears pink. Speaking of Pink, it's also an above average type and countering the best type in the format will probably also make it very good. However, some types struggle badly. Red and White have way too many bad matchups for what they offer in terms of good matchups. Black has 4 good matchups and 4 bad ones but being beaten by nearly half the format isn't a good thing as it'll be easy to switch-into and threaten out. Overall, Chart 2 seems pretty chaotic, which would be fitting for the mod, but it also seems quite unbalanced.

Chart 3
Chart 3 has a lot more types that resist each other, making it more defensive. As such, only Red and Yellow seem to have an offensive advantage because they're only resisted by 1 type and they beat multiple others. The rest of the types are mostly defensive or neutral. So overall, Chart 3 seems simple and kind of boring and would lead to a more defensive metagame.

Despite Blue's dominance, I think Chart 1 is the best one as it is fairly balanced without being too boring. While Chart 2 is fairly chaotic and Chart 3 is just boring, Chart 1 offers a more complex but seemingly balanced metagame.
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I mean, people above me have proven how balanced Chart 1 is compared to the other two.
So, I won't bother explaining much and say that Chart 1 is probably the way to go.

Admittingly, Chart 3 doesn't look that bad either, but my choice still goes to Chart 1


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Quite a few people have been voting but this is just discussion phase, although we may not even need to go to voting. Votes don't count here, but it seems to nearly universally be in favor of Set 1 and despite having said we'll take 5 days, we may only need 3. I think it's so hugely in favor of Chart 1 that we could just move onto voting.

A few more assorted thoughts while I'm here. Chart 1 having Blue as a type to be worried of might not be bad, it has four Resistances and can work as a Steel-type, which some people have expressed worry over us not having one here. Roulettemons in base form was an offense-based meta so having the type chart as a more offense-oriented one would be a bad idea, but not an unworkable one. We can make our fused attacks weaker to counterbalance this, although just having an intrinsically not offensive type chart is probably just better. My thoughts on Chart 3 have not changed.

But uhhh...I guess I'll make kind of a different announcement. I'm not going to do this for any future slate, but I'm going to give a 24 hour warning. If nobody gives any reason for why we shouldn't go Chart 1, it will win by default.


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Okay, there's no opposition. I see no real reason not to move on then.

Step 2 - Naming the Types

(thank you to Hematite i think it was for making this visual!)
Next, we'll be naming our types. The arrows imply strong matchups, so Black is super effective against + resists Gray for example. We could stick to colors, but discussion on the Pet Mods Discord lead to the conclusion that it'd probably be best to make things make sense, so I'd like to suggest you all try the same even if it's not mandatory. You could still have things like the Computer-type beating the Table-type that can be a stretch even if understandable by some weird logic, or it can't at all like the Bean-type beating the Egg-type. It's your choice.

With that, here's my submission. I'd like for you to use the template, although using an image like this isn't required.

Red -> Blade
Orange -> Stone
Yellow -> Brawn
Green -> Heat
Blue -> Plastic
Purple -> Paper
Pink -> Ceramic
White -> Crystal
Black -> Sweet
Gray -> Bone

Poison -> Poison
Toxic -> Toxic
Burn -> Polluted
Paralysis -> Quicksand
Freeze -> Overheated
Sleep -> Sleep

- Rock, Paper, Scissors was the main type chart I'd center this around. Earl suggested I use blade instead and I feel it works best, it's the most broad and can encompass swords and knives while not even implying either. Stone is a stand-in for Rock, and Blade doesn't have to be related to metal.
- Crystals are prone to shattering more than slashing, and you could also make some magic crystal implication to maybe have secondary reason to be strong against Blade. This type would also include things like glass and ice.
- Stones shatter Glass, Glass is resistant to Heat, Heat ignites Paper, but Scoopapa had mentioned that Glass and Crystal could make complications with sprites and a Ceramic-type wouldn't. They have the same properties so good idea, except Ceramic would also include Pokemon centered around the clays and loams that make it.
- Plastic can be used to make mallets that shatter Glass and melt under Heat. Don't remember why exactly it beats Paper, though.
- Sweets are foods that Blades would cut, and are also packaged in Plastic.
- Brawn is a stand-in for Fighting. Fighting beating Rock would translate here, but bodybuilders have to keep in good shape, and they can't eat Sweets.
- Lastly, the sugar in Sweets corrode away teeth, which don't really have many obvious matchups here otherwise. RoDG suggested I change this to Bone to make it less specific, but Pokemon related around teeth can still be involved.

- Plastic is the easiest thing to associate with Polluting, so it's going to take place of Burn's name. I imagine inhaling something noxious or getting some plastic stuck around some part of your body would make it harder to attack stuff, too.
- Quicksand is made from similar stuff that makes Ceramic, and could make it tougher to move.
- Something that's Overheated could be exhausted and incapacitated much like Freezing.

Now for examples of some existing Pokemon that fit each type...

Blade - Bisharp, Gallade, Scyther etc.
Stone - Gigalith, Golem, Archeops etc.
Brawn - Machamp, Conkeldurr, Lucario etc.
Heat - Talonflame, Typhlosion, Groudon etc.
Plastic - Garbodor, Porygon, can’t think of much else as of now
Paper - Kartana, can’t think of much else as of now
Ceramic - Sandaconda, Polteageist, Claydol etc.
Crystal - Sableye, Diancie, Regice etc.
Sweet - Slurpuff, Appletun, Vanilluxe etc.
Bone - Lucario, Seviper, Eternatus etc.

Red -> (new type)
Orange -> (new type)
Yellow -> (new type)
Green -> (new type)
Blue -> (new type)
Purple -> (new type)
Pink -> (new type)
Black -> (new type)
White -> (new type)
Gray -> (new type)

Poison -> (new name, should be related to yellow and pink)

Toxic -> (new name, should be related to yellow and pink)
Burn -> (new name, should be related to blue)
Paralysis -> (new name, should be related to pink)
Freeze -> (new name, should be related to green)
Sleep -> (new name)

I'll be giving 4 days, although I don't know if anyone will need longer. You can submit up to three, and note that you do not need to be signed up to participate in this phase. Please DM me you need me to make this part last a bit longer, I don't mind changing it on the fly. See you then!
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Super Smash Bros. Types

Red -> Mario
Orange -> Metroid
Yellow -> Pokemon
Green -> Yoshi
Blue -> StarFox
Purple -> DK
Pink -> Kirby
Black -> Mother
White -> Zelda
Gray -> F-Zero

Totally non-sensical, but I feel like it's kind of the point with a 'roulette' meta (fun fact: I actually RNGed the order of these to get with the roulette idea).


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Important thing to note that I forgot - we will be renaming the statuses as well this slate if you so please. Their effects will stay the same, and Toxic and Poison will both have different names. I'm changing the template but be sure to mention if you want to keep the statuses the same.
Red = Arid
Orange = Heat
Yellow = Liquid
Green = Cold
Blue = Spiritual
Purple = Moist
Pink = Treatment
Black = Wind
White = Natural
Gray = Aerosol

Poison = Liquify
Toxic = Heavily Liquify
Burn = Possessed
Paralyze = Overdosed
Freeze = Freeze
Sleep = Sleep
Powder = Wave

I probably could say "I tried my best" but I just really busy do other things, so it's probably better if I had more times.
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types based on the seven deadly sins + 3 others

extreme roulette.jpg

Red -> Envy
Orange -> Pride
Yellow -> Wrath
Green -> Greed
Blue -> Gluttony
Purple -> Lust
Pink -> Purity
White -> Sloth
Black -> Might
Gray -> Divine

Poison -> Anger (Wrath, Purity)
Toxic -> Rage (Wrath, Purity)
Burn -> Hunger (Gluttony)
Paralysis -> Attraction (Lust)
Freeze -> Debt (Greed)

Divine: Pokemon that are seen as mythical (not necessarily legendary) and have special qualities that put them above other pokemon. They do not really affect or are affected by the other types, except for Might.
  • Weak to Might: Classic trope of a strong/strong willed individual challenging divine beings
Might: Pokemon that are strong, whether in physical strength (most common), mental fortitude, or in willpower.
  • SE on Divine: see Divine
  • SE on Wrath: The mighty warrior can take down a rampaging beast
  • DNE Gluttony: Even the strongest warrior cannot budge a gluttonous creature due to their weight (kind of a stretch)
  • Weak to Envy: Basic supervillain plotline, weak character is envious of the superhero's strength so they devise a scheme to defeat them
Wrath: Pokemon that are angry, destructive, uncontrollable, etc.
  • SE on Pride: The pride of others make people angry
  • Weak to Might: see Might
  • Self Weak: Two angry creatures will fight each other
Pride: Pokemon that are prideful, leaders, overconfident, etc.
  • SE on Envy: Pride overshadows Envy
  • SE on Sloth: Prideful people will control the lazy people, force them to act
  • SE on Purity: Prideful people will manipulate the pure hearted
  • Weak to Wrath: see Wrath
  • Weak to Lust: big boba
Sloth: Pokemon that are slow, lazy, sleepy, etc.
  • SE on Envy: Lazy people have nothing to be envious of
  • Self Resist: Two lazy opponents wont do anything to each other
  • Weak to Pride: see Pride
Envy: Pokemon that are jealous, use trickery, etc.
  • SE on Might: see Might
  • SE on Lust: envious of big boba
  • Weak to Pride: see Pride
  • Weak to Sloth: see Sloth
Lust: Pokemon that are attractive, romantic, etc. :blobglare: (note: this fits better than the original meaning)
  • SE on Pride: see Pride
  • Weak to Envy: see Envy
  • Weak to Greed: money provides big boba
  • Weak to Gluttony: no big boba, only food
Gluttony: Pokemon that are hungry, eat food, food based, etc.
  • SE on Lust: see Lust
  • SE on Purity: Being a Glutton tarnishes Purity
  • Self Resist: Gluttony is already hungry, would not have much effect
  • Immune to Might: see Might
  • Weak to Greed: Money provides food
Greed: Pokemon that are greedy, based on money, etc.
  • SE on Lust: see Lust
  • SE on Gluttony: see Gluttony
  • Weak to Purity: Robin Hood
Purity: Pokemon that are pure hearted, kind, innocent, etc.
  • SE on Greed: see Greed
  • Self Resist: Pure pokemon would not want to harm another
  • Weak to Pride: see Pride
  • Weak to Gluttony: see Gluttony
  • Anger and Rage: The pokemon becomes angry, causing them to lose themselves over time. Wrath is already angry, and Pure pokemon cannot be moved by anger.
  • Hunger: The pokemon becomes hungry, causing them to starve and become weak over time. Gluttonous pokemon are already hungry.
  • Attraction: Big boba causes pokemon to become frozen in awe.
  • Debt: The pokemon is stuck in debt, and wants to get free.
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Red = Heat
Orange = Deep
Yellow = Nature
Green = Shine
Blue = Magic
Purple = Gloom
Pink = Wind
Black = Artificial
White = Mineral
Gray = Beast

Poison, Toxic Poison, and Sleep stay the same
Burn = Hex
Paralysis = Exhaust
Freeze = Blind

Gloom is like if you combined the vibes of ghost and bug, sort of a "subterranean creatures" type.
Deep represents the deep sea and the creatures that live there.

I'm personally quite proud of this chart, because I think it a) doesnt have many stretches and b) would be fun to actually design pokemon for.

Deep beats Heat because it's hard to start a fire in the deep ocean.
Heat beats Gloom because heat can lead to light and smoke. Light hurts the eyes of cavedwellers, and smoke + enclosed spaces = lung cancer.
Heat beats Artificial because metal can melt.
Minerals also are just really resistant to heat.
Nature beats Deep because deep ocean weirdos cant breathe on land (also because nature and Deep were originally grass and water stand-ins).
Gloom beats Deep because underground weirdos are wackier than deep sea weirdos.
Deep beats Wind because the wind has no effect on the deep sea.
Deep beats Mineral because water can erode the minerals.
Nature beats itself because of survival of the fittest.
Artificial beats Nature because manmade stuff is destroying the environment.
Shine beats Magic because it's really hard to concentrate on magic when someone's shining a bright light in your eyes, and because magical curses often end at dawn.
Shine beats Gloom for pretty much the same reason that Heat beats gloom, bright lights blind the underground critters.
Wind beats Shine because things that can fly are in the sky all the time, and they dont go blind.
Magic resists Magic because magic users know each others' tricks.
Magic beats Gloom because magic is highly effective against spooky things such as ghosts or monsters.
Magic beats Wind because wizards can control the wind with their magic. (yes i know that applies to other things too, be quiet)
Magic beats Artificial because telekinesis exists and can break the machines.
Wind just doesnt do much against Wind.
Artificial doesn't effect Magic because magic users can just yeet the machines away from them.
Artificial beats Beast because manmade things are destroying the environment.
Mineral self-resists because 2 immovable objects arent gonna do shit to each other.

I quickly lost my sanity trying to write these, can you tell?
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Red -> Citizens
Orange -> Clergy
Yellow -> Occult
Green -> Merchants
Blue -> Royals
Purple -> Peasants
Pink -> Knights
Black -> Criminals
White -> Artists
Gray -> Travellers

Poison -> Curse
(Occult & Knights are immune)
Toxic -> Hex (Occult & Knights are immune)
Burn -> Hunger (Royals are immune)
Paralysis -> Wound (Knights are immune)
Freeze -> Debt (Merchants are immune)
Sleep -> Illness
Powder moves are now "miracles" I guess

My types are based of hierarchic roles during the late middle-ages/early renaissance. I started by putting "Royal" on blue and everything just kinda happened to fit from there. If think most of the weaknesses make sense, the only logical problems i see are typings that should interact but don't really, but tbh I think its fine as is rn.
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Red -> Vampire

Orange -> Solar

Yellow -> Shade

Green ->Fungi

Blue -> Mineral

Purple -> Cave

Pink -> Arid

Black -> Mirror

White -> Wood

Gray -> Magic

Poison -> Wither (new name, should be related to Shade and Arid)
Toxic -> Decay (new name, should be related to Shade and Arid)
Burn -> Crystalize (new name, should be related to Mineral)
Paralysis -> Fatigue (new name, should be related to Cave and Arid)
Freeze -> Infected (new name, should be related to Fungi)
Sleep -> Sleep (old name)
Powder -> Thermal (new name, should be related to Solar)


Vampire is weak to Solar for Vampires burning in the sun, and weak to Wood for Vampires being defeated by wooden stakes. It is strong against Mirror because they don't have reflections and strong against Cave because they can turn into bats. Vampire Types could be designed afetr blood-sucking animals and actual vampires

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Solar is weak to Shade because the sun cannot touch shadows, and weak to Cave because the sun does not reach caves. It is strong against Vampire for burning them, Wood for burning them and Arid for deteriorating the soil. Solar Types could be designed after incarnations of the Sun, heat and creatures who otherwise are sun-related, such as basking lizards and some plants.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Shade is weak to Mirror because shadows can be reflected, and weak to itself because combining two shadows will only make it stronger. It is strong against Solar because the Sun cannot touch shadows. Shade Types could be designed after cursed shadows.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Fungi is weak to Arid because they need humid environments to thrive. It is strong against Caves because caves are usually humid and dark, giving the perfect conditions for them to live in, and strong against Mineral because they can deteriorate the minerals. Fungi Types could be mostly based on Mushrooms and Moss.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Mineral is weak to Fungi because fungus can deteriorate minerals. They are strong against Cave because they are usually located inside caves, and against Arid because mineral salt can be used to help treat the soil. They are immune to Mirror because Minerals are typically already reflective. Mineral Types could vary from non-mechanic metallic beings to crystal creatures.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Cave is weak to Fungi because caves give them perfect conditions to spread, to Vampire because they can turn into Bats, and to Mineral because they're where minerals are most usually formed. It is strong against Solar because the sun cannot reach caves. Cave Types could be designed after cave dwellers, both real and mythological

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Arid is weak to Solar because the scorching sun deteriorates the soil futher, and to Mineral because Saltes can help to get rid of arid soil. It is strong against Fungi because Fungi cannot grow in places with low humidity. Arid Types could be based on the cracked soil and on desert creatures.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Mirror is weak to Vampires because they don't have reflections, and has no effect on Mineral because they're often already reflective. Mirror is super-effective against Shade because shadows can be reflected, and to Magic becauseof the popular trope of magic being reflected back at the user. Mirror Types would be pokémon who represent the concept of Reflection or Imitation in some way.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:



Wood is weak to Solar because wood burns with too much heat, and strong against Vampire because of wooden stakes. Wood Types would be mostly made of trees, as well as beings who are either made of wood or use wooden tools.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:


Magic is weak against Mirror because of the trope ofmagic being reflected back at the attacker, and neutral against everything else because of Magic being very versatile on its spells. Magic Types would either be creatures who do magic or who are in some way related to magic.

Vanilla Examples of pokémon who fit the type:

Wither and Decay end this destiny

Simillar to poison, only with the idea that Arid mons would be more resilient due to their harsher living conditions and Shade because you can't decay a shade.


The idea is that the Pokémon's body would be either start being covered in crystals or being turned into crystals itself. It halves Attack for the lack of control over a sudden unusual body change, and Mineral is immune to it because they are already Crystals.


Related to the idea that Cavernous places and Deserts are harder to live on and tire you out faster if you are not prepared, leading to lower negery (Speed) and exaustion (Skips a turn).


Related to the idea of a fungus infecting a body and rendering it unable to fight.


The Sun would overpower whatever is trying to change the temperature.
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Red -> Flow
Orange ->Patch
Yellow ->Break
Green -> Shock
Blue -> Relief
Purple -> Pressure
Pink -> Stress
Black -> Improvement
White -> Drain
Gray -> Sameness

Poison -> Stress (Break and Stress are immune)

Toxic -> Dire Stress (Break and Stress are immune)
Burn -> Pacify (Relief is immune)
Paralysis -> trapped (Pressure is immune)
Freeze -> Shocked (Shock is immune)
Sleep -> Dozing

Okay so this is all very weird and abstract. I feel as though there needs to be a better explanation to all of this so uhh I can try.

Flow in this case refers to more of a steady flow, that can't really be changed. On top of that going with the flow can alleviate pressure from someone. However you patch the flow in, it can't really go anywhere. You drain a flow and well it gets drained.

As stated before if you patch a flow it can't really go anywhere. However if you break off the patch then it becomes useless. Put to much pressure on a patch and it'll become useless.

Break in this case refers to breaking something. If you break is strong against itself because if you keep breaking something that is broken you just break it even more and leave it in a worse state. Improvement is strong against break because if you improve something to be better prepared against a break, then the break will do less damage. An improvement can stop breaks. Anyway why is Break immune to the Stress status conditions? The answer is that breaking things can help people relieve stress by allowing them to express that stress in a violent manner.

Shock is not referring to electricity in this case but more of the emotion of being shocked. Shock can cause pressure or break someone out of it, and likewise a great enough shock can disturb the relief of anyone.

Relief is strong against pressure and stress for the same reason really. With enough relief you stop being stressed and the pressure upon you is reduced. Likewise relief is strong against itself because if you become more relieved you're still relieved. Nothing really changes that much.

Pressure is a fun one because it can refer to the pressure placed upon a person or the physical pressure gravity brings. Also I've already explained it through the other types.

Stress is very similar to pressure in concept, however you might wonder why it resists itself. It's like this, if one thing is making you stressed and other thing is making you stressed the two things aren't in competition. It's not a matter of, "This is stressing me out more than the other thing" and more of a matter of "Holy shit both of these things are stressing me the fuck out! Christ on a bike this is awful!". Thus in my mind I view stress being resistant against itself rather than strong against itself. As for why it's strong against shock, stress can often be the source of shock. If someone who's stressed takes expresses their emotions in a nontraditional manner it will often illicit shock. If someone dies from stress the news of the death can cause shock to various people.

Improvement is one of the weirdest typings. Already explained the relationship it has with break, and improvement vs sameness is pretty obvious, but what about Improvement Vs Relief. Well my justification is that as life improves, as we improve, in theory relief would become something that is more attainable and when you're relieved you don't feel the need to improve. That's my idea behind it anyway.

Drain's main match ups are against patch and flow. Drain a flow and it gets redirected, put a patch over a drain and it becomes useless. Pretty simple.

Sameness: Improvement beats it for obvious reasons and it's neutral against everything else because it really isn't effecting anything. It's leaving things as they are.
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