Teambuilder Florges-Blue loses moves/evs when viewing another Pokemon

What type of bug are you reporting? Teambuilder

What is the bug?

Florges when you choose a different sprite decides to reset itself to default sprite + default moveset when you select florges (nothing at all).

Are you able to replicate it? If so, how?
have florges-blue for ex. -> try to switch to another pokemon in the builder -> it may not work the first time -> go back to florges-blue -> switch off it again to another pokemon and it should reset back to florges with no moves, items, and ev's
I toyed around with this a bit and can recreate it easily. Furthermore this seems to affect some other Pokémon with purely aesthetical formes like Gastrodon as well.

There's no real chance aspect to it, but to get it to happen consistently you need to be a bit more specific than HTC is letting out. Specifically, the glitch happens when you are on the "Pokémon" field, and then move to another field. You don't even have to go to another mon: I got it to happen just by clicking a moveslot after having been on the Pokémon field.

HTC's vid also shows this: notice how the glitch happens at 0:02 and 0:16, but not at 0:12 because they were on a move field when clicking something else.

A more specific step-by-step would then be:

Go to teambuilder -> Select a format where the mon is legal -> Add the mon (in this example Florges-Blue, but worked w Gastrodon-East and Vivillon-Marine as well) -> Click the "Pokémon" field to make the list of Pokémon show up -> Click anywhere else

This glitch does not seem to affect aesthetical formes that are selected separately in the builder like Maushold-Four, only ones that are selected after already selecting the base mon.

edit: it gets weirder, the glitch doesn't trigger unless a format is selected (selecting formats for builder is p ass while PS is down, but I got the glitch to trigger by editing an old Gen 7 RU team; it doesn't trigger on a blanco Gen 9 team with no format selected)
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I'm unable to reproduce this by following the steps provided/the video.

What browser are you using? Check that its up to date and try reproducing the issue again as well. In addition do you have any extensions/browser plugins that affect showdown in use? If so can you try disabling them and trying to reproduce again?

chrome is up to date

my extensions are:
- adblock for youtube
- ublock orgin
- annotations for youtube
- google docs offline
- return youtube dislike
- steam db

to my knowledge none of these should have any impact on showdown and how it functions
Hopping in with some extra information I found to more accurately recreate the bug:

It seems that the bug only triggers whenever the Pokémon list shows "Florges" instead of "Florges-Blue". For example, in the first image (with no tier selected) the glitch wouldn't trigger because Florges-Blue is shown at the top of the mon list.


However, if I do the same thing in Gen 7 RU, the list of mons shows "Florges" instead. If I click another field at that point, Teambuilder immediately reverts to Florges and deletes set data.


I have none of the extensions HTC has and my Chrome is also up-to-date. As a result I'm 99.9% sure this isn't a browser issue, just that the glitch only happens under pretty specific circumstances.

I also got the bug to trigger on dl server under the same circumstances (doesn't happen in Paldea Dex Draft, which shows Florges-Blue in mon list, but happens in Distortion Draft, which shows Florges) so it doesn't have anything to do with teambuilder being in offline mode either (though it is easier to trigger in online mode since you can select the format there).


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Was able to recreate this.

Steps to recreate:
1. Put florges in team (Note: This is more apparent in past gen formats like Gen 7)
2. Add whatever
3. change florges color to whatever (Note: In Gen 9 teambuilder, click on the pokemon field before changing the florges color)
4. if there is a discrepancy between the florges in the pokemon list/teambuilder set, click on the florges in the pokemon list.

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