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DNA Donors: Wugtrio / Scizor
Fusion Name: Sciztrio
New Types: Water/Steel
Base Stats: 52 / 120 / 80 / 52 / 80 / 92 [BST: 476] (+0 HP / +5 Atk / +5 Def / +0 SpA / +5 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Wet Tech = (Gooey+ Technician)
Ability Description: Effects of Technician, Upon using a move boosted by Technician, the opposing pokemons speed is lowered by one stage
Notable Moves:
Bullet Punch, Aqua Jet, Triple Dive, U-Turn, Flip Turn, Dual Wingbeat, Knock Off, Trailblaze

Swords Dance, Roost
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Priority Abuser, Offensive Pivot, Speed Control
Role Justification: A high attack stat, STAB technician boosted priority, and Technician boosted Flip Turn allows it to hit hard against most Pokémon. Its defenses are weak and Deciperior walls it out.
DNA Donors: Wugtrio / Scizor
Fusion Name: Sciztrio-Mega
New Types: Water/Steel
Base Stats: 52 / 140 / 120 / 62 / 100 / 102 [BST: 576] (+0 HP / +25 Atk / +45 Def / +10 SpA / +25 SpD / +10 Spe)
New Ability: Technician
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Priority Abuser, Offensive Pivot,
Role Justification: Similar to the base form, trading its speed control capabilities for even more power and bulk.

DNA Donors: Tapu Koko / Aurorus
Fusion Name: Tapu Aura
New Types:

Base Stats: 96 / 99 / 78 / 99 / 83 / 102 [BST: 557] (+0 HP / +2 Atk / +0 Def / +1 SpA / +0 SpD / +8 Spe)
New Ability: Galvanize = (Electric Surge + Refrigerate)
Ability Description: This pokemons normal type moves become electric type and are boosted by 1.2x
Notable Moves:
U-turn, Body Slam, Icicle Spear, Earthquake, Quick Attack
Freeze-Dry, Dark Pulse, Volt Switch, Grass Knot, Psychic
Stealth Rock, Encore
Intended Role: Mixed Attacker, Choice Item User
Role Justification: A pokemon that can go either physical or special, and with STAB BoltBeam on both sides, it guarantees neutral coverage on almost every pokemon. It also synergizes well with Iron Pins, giving its STAB Electric moves even more power. However, its offenses are poor to make up for it, and physical BoltBeam sets have to rely on Icicle spear.
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DNA Donors: Aurorus / Talonflame
Fusion Name: Auroflame
New Types:

Base Stats: 100 / 79 / 71 / 101 / 80 / 97 [BST: 527] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +15 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Boreal Flight = (Refrigerate + Gale Wings)
Ability Description: Refrigerate effects + Affected moves get +1 priority at full health.
Notable Moves:
nah you aint using this
Hyper Voice, Blizzard, Meteor Beam, Earth Power, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, Thunder
Roost, Defog
Intended Role: Cleaner
Role Justification: Bring in Auroflame and start shredding lower-health beasts and creatures with +1 priority STAB Hyper Voices. Ideally, used after your opponents team has Pokemon at low health, since Boreal Flight-boosted Voices are just shy of an OHKO strangely often.

slappin this here so i don't forget to sub anything like i did last slate
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DNA Donors: Sigilyph / Iron Bundle
Fusion Name: Iron Glyph
New Types:

Base Stats: 74 / 69 / 97 / 113 / 75 / 116 [BST: 544] (+10 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +5 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Attack Protocol = (Tinted Lens + Quark Drive)
Ability Description: Not very effective attacks deal neutral damage on Electric Terrain
Notable Moves:
Flip Turn, U-Turn
Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Expanding Force, Air Slash, Ancient Power, Energy Ball, Heat Wave, Freeze Dry
Roost, Taunt, Trick, Thunder Wave, Calm Mind, Defog
Intended Role: Special Sweeper, Special Wallbreaker, Offensive Pivot, Hazard Removal (Defog)
Role Justification: This would be the first water type in the tier, and we need more type diversity. It also pairs really nicely with Iron Pins. Could theoretically be a Psychic Terrain abuser, but that’s seems niche at best without a psychic surge mon.

DNA Donors: Castform / Genesect
Fusion Name: Geneform
New Types:

Base Stats: 70 / 95 / 82 / 105 / 82 / 94 [BST: 528] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +10 SpA / +0 SpD / +10 Spe)
New Ability: Weather Report = (Forecast + Download)
Ability Description: Boosts either Atk or SpAtk by one stage in any weather except sandstorm.
Notable Moves:
U-Turn, Extreme Speed
Blizzard, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Techno Blast
Shift Gear
Intended Role: Weather Abuser, Special/Mixed Sweeper, Special/Mixed Wallbreaker, Offensive Pivot
Role Justification: This mon could be a threat under a variety of weathers, and could use its cool coverage options to punch holes in opposing mons before coming in later to hit weakened mons with extreme speed. It can also set up with shift gear to hit on the physical side. The low accuracy of the coverage moves when outside of their weathers and this mons abysmal typing helps balance it out.

DNA Donors: Annihilape / Kingambit
Fusion Name: Annihilambit
New Types:

Base Stats: 105 / 125 / 100 / 55 / 87 / 73 [BST: 545] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +3 Spe)
New Ability: Defiant = (Defiant + Defiant)
Ability Description: This Pokémon’s attack stat is raised by two stages for each stat lowered by an opposing Pokemon.
Notable Moves:
Close Combat, Drain Punch, Rage Fist, Knock Off, Kowtow Cleave, Iron Head, Sucker Punch, U-Turn

Bulk Up, Swords Dance, Taunt, Stealth Rock
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Physical Sweeper, Pivot, Physical Wall?
Role Justification: With high natural bulk and dangerous attack stat, this mon could be very scary with its rage fist shenanigans combined with a strong sucker punch to hit faster threats. It has multiple set up options, and increased longevity with drain punch. Defiant punishes Defog mons, allowing you to pair it with a rocker or run rocks yourself. This thing is kind of crazy.
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DNA Donors: Arboliva / Vanilluxe
Fusion Name: Vanilloliva
New Types:

Base Stats: 74 / 82 / 87 / 137 / 102 / 59 [BST: 541] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +20 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Snow Sower = (Seed Sower + Snow Warning)
Ability Description: Summons Snow and Grassy Terrain upon switching in. Summons both if hit by an attack.
Notable Moves:

Energy Ball, Giga Drain, Earth Power, Pollen Puff, Blizzard, Flash Cannon
Aurora Veil, Autotomize, Strength Sap,
Intended Role: Weather Setter, Terrain Setter, Screen Setter
Role Justification: Vanilloliva constantly keeps Snow and Grassy Terrain up thanks to it's ability, while also being able to use Aurora Veil to make itself and any teammates bulkier. Strength Sap allows it to increase longevity, allowing it to keep the weather and terrain up even longer. It's high SpA also means it isn't a sitting duck, and it has ample coverage to use if it opts to not run STAB or attempt to sweep with Autotomize, although it's low speed hinders it from doing so consistently

DNA Donors: Dachsbun / Great Tusk
Fusion Name: Great Buns
New Types:

Base Stats: 87 / 115 / 123 / 51 / 75 / 91 [BST: 542] (+1 HP / +10 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +9 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Protosynthetic Bakery = (Well-Baked Body + Protosynthesis)
Ability Description: Combined Effects of both abilities
Notable Moves:
Earthquake, Body Press, Play Rough, Rapid Spin, Headlong Rush, Close Combat, Knock Off, Ice Spinner

Wish, Stealth Rocks
Intended Role: Hazard Setter, Hazard Removal, Wish Passer?
Role Justification: Does Great Tusk things with slightly more special bulk and worse physical bulk. Can patch up it's loss in physical bulk by switching in on a fire move, I guess. It's also a decent bit faster than Great Tusk at base, allowing it to run scarf sets better. It also gains the ability to heal through Wish, as compared to Great Tusk getting whittled down over time with no way to heal outside of leftovers.
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Sub Review. Part 1.
(Reminder, I am not a council member, just a guy who is pretty familiar with both the process and usually the metagame, so don't take this as the affirmative to act. Get second opinions!)

:Aurorus::Frosmoth: Pretty boring tbh, and as far as I am familiar Snow mechanics are not yet implemented so the gimmick doesn't work yet. Also at the end of the day it's an Ice type with no recovery, so the walling thing is pretty mid. Quiver Dance is ok though but it's so slow.

:Iron-Valiant::Tauros: I like it, shoddy typing aside, it has oodles of coverage and has a pretty great statline, immediately establishing itself as menacing offensive threat.

:Palafin::Tatsugiri: If this had recovery I'd be 100% down. As it stands it's a Dondozo with extra utility in exchange for Body Press (pretty big) and Unaware (REALLY BIG). I am not 100% on it yet, but I'd wanna see more arguments for it.

:Diancie::buzzwole: It feels like it heavily competes with Decipherior. Outside of that fact, STAB Body Press + Diamond Storm is pretty good, solid PhysDef mon.
:Tapu-Bulu::Walking-Wake: Pretty solid Pokemon, adding a well needed Water and Fairy type into the mix. Unfortunately the lack of any good Fairy STAB (even Draining Kiss) heavily lowers my excitement for it. I'm also not really interested in Terrain Wars or any field condition this tries to facilitate.

:Whimsicott::sandy-shocks: It has my fav Protosynthesis user and one of my fav type combos. Whimsy Shocks is a very solid offensive pivot imo, adding a Spikes setter and defogger. New Fairies are great as well.

:Feraligatr::Mandibuzz: Solid defensive Water type, but personally not my cup of tea.

:Centiskorch::Tornadus-Therian: I love this Pokémon, if it got Defog it would be perfect. As it stands it's a cool offensive Pokémon and I would appreciate the defensive utility that it lends to the meta. I wish it got Brave Bird as well.

:Togekiss::Greninja: Has a VERY high ceiling imo, but it isn't an end all destroyer. Personally just to be safe I would remove the Special Attack boosts given.

:Scyther::Infernape: I would not even bother trying the Ensure shit. This will most likely be a fast hit and run Boots Heavy Duty pivot. It has a lot of strong coverage and STAB U-turn is great.

:Aurorus::Meganium: This is pretty ass tbh IMO. It's just kinda better Abomasnow, which isn't that high of a ceiling.

:Absol::Iron-Valiant: It's a solid mixed Attacker, I wish the Mega Pokémon was not as fast as it is right now, 140 Speed + it's actual offensive prowess feels like it would quickly usurp Toed as the best speedster out here.

:Cryogonal::Clefable: Idk, I just not 100% solid on this. It has nice immunities and all but at the end of the day, it's a frail Ice type with a lower power ceiling than most.

:Oricorio-Sensu::Meowscarada: It's a gimmick one generation too late imo. Quiver Dance locks you into Bug typing unless you attack first, which puts you in a bind.

:Jellicent::vikavolt: Water Bug. Not cool. Adding a Water type that can't check any Fire ever nor the best offensive Steel rn is crazy.

:Infernape::vanilluxe: snow, yuck. Mentioned alr, but I'm not looking forward to a metagame ruled by teams specializing in field effects.

Any reason as to why you have to incorporate crappy Hax into this Pokémon? It makes it very unappealing imo.

:Vanilluxe::nihilego: See Rogue, but less so since it's not ubermensch coverage god mon.

Grouping the rest of them, they all feel like unfocused gimmick Pokémon. Slither Moth is the most viable here by a big margin but it reeks of "slap the counterparts together", not really something I tend to approve of, esp if the end product doesn't mesh particularly well. Wigglydozo is way too }massive and easy to take advantage of right now, and I can only see that growing as the metagame and it's offensive threats diversify. I realistically do not think it gets any mileage out of any listed move outside of Liquid WishTect and Rocks, so they are just cluttering the sub. Zangrier is just kinda bad, physical sets are a no bueno, so I'll focus on special. My problem is it's very frail, meaning it's very hard to get off reliable Nasty Plots. Dual STAB being 80 BP with such low SpA will hurt it as well.

Here you are, raising the bar. Once again, completely redefining what it means to be a competitive Pokémon and a well put together fusion. These are simply the greatest Pokemon I've seen submitted, and each and every one of them offer substantial metagame development if each is added. I do not believe anyone else here can top this, so might as well they give up.

:Golem-Alola::lokix: ate boosted STAB Electric type First Impression backed by Electric Terrain. *Cue SpongeBob sad music* I feel like this Pokémon would make Rhyp whichever form absolutely mandatory on every single team, and it gets Ice Punch for the NFE one so...

:Electrode::glalie: Feels like it wants more oomph somewhere. It's not getting it from it's stats, so I suggest trying to work with it's ability more.

:Hawlucha::Basculin: Weak as hell. I'd take advantage of the stat boost using same abilities grant, as rn this Pokémon is looking rather mediocre long term. This is def not "pretty much Hawl" cuz Unburden defines Hawlucha.

:Gyarados::Honchkrow: Brave Bird alone doesn't save this from being worse Gyarados imo, the no bulk and much lower speed cramp it's style of being a sweeper. Also, please the list of moves here is really unnecessary, stick to the essentials: STABs and viable options.

:Chi-Yu::Moltres: Broken.

:Chatot::Salamence: Mega is broken, don't even try to salvage it. Getting that out of the way. The base form doesn't have much of anything going for it, Nasty Plot is big but it's so frail I don't really think that matters much. And Evasion lowering as a mainline effect is pretty silly, esp when u don't have have real love that can truly abuse this, and if they are scared of that move they can just switch out and ur back to square 1 anyway.

:Beautifly::Yveltal: I respect the legendary sub. I also respect the Beautifly positioning. I don't think this is particularly problematic but I can see this being added and not being particularly notable after the fact, like if one more good Steel or a Fairy comes in.

:Klawf::Magearna: Pretty bad imo. Doesn't really do much since it's pretty weak, not particularly useful defensively and has a weird ability tbh. It's not as hot as one thinks, like I do not feel very bad if I switch out whatever I have into Iron Meta for near free rn (you not doing too much u boosted to a bulky variant and are immediately forced out).

:Milotic::Meloetta: Serene Grace on a Water type with Scald is all I need to see, 0/10. (Pirouette is not real don't waste time making stuff up for it.)

:Krookodile::Starmie: I wish it were bulkier, but outside of that I guess it's fine. Ceiling feels like its a bit higher for Water types than it usually is but I think the metagame just wants 1 good one back.

:Persian::Iron-Valiant: imo much worse than Iron Taur. Fairy Normal isn't that appealing of a STAB combo to begin with, and unlike Taur you have a much lower power ceiling to work with due to 100 offenses. SD Booster could work as an anti offense mon, but I think offense needs to fully flesh out prior to anti offense mons being able to rear their heads fully.

:Sigilyph::rotom-frost: Alot of the criticisms lobbied to the Cryogoclef fusion from earlier, but not as bad because I think Ice Psychic is a better offensive typing and this Pokemon overall is much more geared to offensive Ice.

:Slowking-Galar::tentacruel: I'd think this Pokémon would be fine if it weren't another Regenerator. Not broken, just pretty unappealing.

:Sneasler::Masquerain: Not a fan, seems likes it steamrolls the current meta with a small amount of support. If we had better walls or just defensive pivots for this I'd be more up for it but as it stands it's a turn off.

:Excadrill::Aurorus: Similar feelings to the one above. It's hard enough to check as is, ion know why Mold Breaker needs to be another addition as well, hard enough to check Ice Ground coverage. Unpunishable hazard removal also is just cringe, esp one as risk free with such big rewards as this.

:Stunfisk-Galar::Iron-Valiant: Agree with what Ana said in discord, the Pokemon just feels mid and doesn't feel like it will age well later into the future.
:Florges::Starmie: Starges is crazy. Reminds me of Whimsicottic from FE UU, and it feels like it would be a metagame defining mon. I'm trying to think if it would be too much in any particular area but IMO I think it's roundabout just right, with enough existing checks to it rn.

:Mamoswine::Swampert: I wish this was just cooler Swampert, woulda immediately gotten my vote. As it stands it's a solid enough Attacker. Relying on Boots suck but it's ability gives it enough switch in points. Personally I don't think Ice Water is all that impressive on physical Pokémon, too easily blanketed by generic waters.

:Iron-Valiant::Noivern: Togekiss at home is fire. Personally, I saw no reason to nerf this thing in the first place, if anything it's STAB + Coverage as a lot harder to process. Ability being Infiltrator+ instead of generic Quark Drive ability no. 8455366 is very appreciated.

:Ceruledge::Comfey: Triage does not affect Bitter Blade.

:Beartic::Iron-Valiant: at first I was very wary of this Pokémon, as Booster Energy just made this a broken anti offensive mon that requires zero dedicated set up. Then I ran calcs, it is statistically impossible for this thing to get a Speed Boost unless you start removing IVs from your Pokémon! At that point it's too weak to apply too much pressure outside of extreme cases. So now it's just big wallbreaker, which is fine.

:Dondozo::Cursola: Personally, you are giving this alot of hype and praise calling it a mixed Wallbreaker, mixed wall and the like. Realistically speaking this Pokémon is running TWO sets - Strength Sap CM, and Scald Rocks defensive Pivot. It's stats do not suggest wallbreaker at all, it's ability is pretty inferior to Unaware so it basically is useless versus the Pokemon it wants to wall. I'd focus on what this Pokemon wants and is capable of doing and tweak it to that, instead of this mishmash nonsense mon. I'd remove all of the unnecessary moves like Amnesia and Wave Crash from this Pokémon, it just serves as a distraction.

:Corviknight::kingler: Pretty excellent defensive Water type, in fact it's defensive ability makes me a little wary, as it makes this Pokemon extremely difficult to consistently breaker through outside of Zappy moves. I suggest swapping one of the abilities for one the weaker options like Hyper Cutter or Unnerve. Otherwise, imo a perfect fusion.

:Golem-Alola::Conkeldurr: Not my cup of tea, but at least the concept is more restrained than Zap Fimp. I suggest moving that 10 SpD to HP, probably makes it a bit more worthwhile. Otherwise kinda mid? Punching moves sorta suck.

:Ribombee::Magnezone: This would be SO cool if 95% of the time this was not gonna just be used as a cheese Sticky Web lead.

:Tapu-Fini::Ludicolo: I think you should use up that extra 10 points. Distribute it wisely. Outside of that it's probably the Water Fairy type subbed so far that is least likely to suck and not be broken. So that's a really good point in favour of it!
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DNA Donors: Volcanion / Seismitoad
Fusion Name: Seismicanion
New Types:

Base Stats: 92 / 102 / 104 / 120 / 82 / 72 [BST: 572] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +7 Def / +13 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Amphibious = (Water Absorb + Poison Touch)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both abilities
Notable Moves:
Knock Off
Scald, Earth Power, Fire Blast, Sludge Bomb
Stealth Rock, Defog
Intended Role: Defensive Water / Ground, generic bulky Water
Role Justification: Non-passive water-type wall. Defog and SR are great to have and it's got great coverage from Volcanion which is good too, especially considering Specs sets being more viable as it isn't forced into Boots. SpDef is pretty lackluster if uninvested.

DNA Donors: Arcanine / Mienshao
Fusion Name: Arcashao
New Types:

Base Stats: 87 / 117 / 70 / 97 / 70 / 105 [BST: 546] (+10 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +5 Spe)
New Ability: Immortal Intimidation = (Intimidate + Regenerator)
Ability Description: Effects of both abilities
Notable Moves:
Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Extreme Speed, Knock Off,
Swords Dance
Intended Role: Offensive Regen Fire pivot
Role Justification: Flare Blitz + Regenerator is a scary combo and combined with great coverage, solid STABs, and access to U-Turn, this should be a good threat with a solid defensive presence due to Intimidate and Regenerator.
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DNA Donors: :skeledirge: / :noivern:
Fusion Name: Skelevern
New Types

Base Stats: 105 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 80 / 95 [BST: 550] (+11 HP / +3 Atk / +0 Def / +2 SpA / +3 SpD / +1 Spe)
New Ability: Impulsive = (Unaware + Infiltrator)
Ability Description: combined effects
Notable Moves:
U-Turn lol
Torch Song, Hurricane, Boomburst, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Draco Meteor
Roost, Slack Off, Defog, Will-o-Wisp
Role Justification: Fast offensive Skeledirge fusion. Incredible special movepool with tools like Boomburst, Torch Song/Flamethrower, and Hurricane plus the added ability to ignore defensive stat changes with its ability is held back by a glaring 4x weakness to Stealth Rock. It can pivot out of a few situations with U-Turn and it can run defensive if you REALLY want to with reliable recovery, WoW, and Defog. Might go wild with its set variety too thanks to all the tools it has.
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Sub Review. Number 2.
(Reminder, I am not a council member, just a guy who is pretty familiar with both the process and usually the metagame, so don't take this as the affirmative to act. Get second opinions!)

:Wo-Chien::Omanyte: This not having recovery really lets it down. Imo just go with like, Gastrodon, as you water parent and be conservative with the stat bumps.

:Giratina::dugtrio-alola: Pump that Attack up!!! Anyway, this is a good Pokémon, but rn cannot touch Iron Meta. At least let it be alot more menacing if the Iron Meta is down.

:Haxorus::Skeledirge: This Pokemon imo doesn't have the stats or typing to be able to flex being able to reliably be special or physical like Iron Meta and still be viable, especially long term. You should decide what offensive direction you want to lean, and replace one of the members for a more compatible partner.

:Galvantula::copperajah: I think it falls short in too much areas. Not bulky enough, or not fast enough. It's really just a compatibility of stats thing, which you can't really help, but it is what it is. At least to me.

:Landorus::Aromatisse: Seems really strong. Speed is like the only reason why this isn't broken.

:Pangoro::Gourgeist: I think this should get some more Attack.

:Salazzle::roaring-moon: A good submission! Nothing much really to critique here, I think this Pokémon as is is excellent. Def getting a vote from me.

:Ursaluna::Volcarona: Honestly, what a garbage Pokémon. It's designed to screw over Rotoghold, but it can't do anything TO Rotoghold. It takes advantage of it, and does it set hazards? Force it out to remove them? No, It just clicks a VERY telegraphed U-turn. Don't even bother with the "set up bait" discussion, an 80 SpA Pokémon has no interest using QD. Something like Choice Rotoghold makes a lot more progress with a quick Trick more than anything else it could ever do in return.

:Palafin::Flutter-Mane: I've seen you try to make it work, but honestly, it's pretty eh. Just make a good Fairy Water type, instead of trying to forcefully balance two Uber Pokémon, people will most likely skip over the Pokemon on principle.

:Metagross::Miraidon: There is no such thing as a viable user of Steel Roller with it's current implementation. It's akin to running Giga Impact on any physical set, or Relic Song on any attempt at being special. Outside of the bad attempt at a gimmick it's just a boring stat stick. We already got a Metagross fusion with high stats that likes Electric Terrain.

:Quaquaval::overqwil: Not a bad mon, it's cool. Not interested though but that's ok. It being a very solid sweeper is great for it, since it can snowball relatively easily. And it serves the role of a defensive pivot quite well.

:Pawmot::hatterene: Wow Revival Blessing on a Pokemon with lots of defensive utility so nice so smart nothing bad will happen. 0/10 awful meta addition

:Baxcalibur::bronzong: What does this do other than "I can switch into a Fire type move"? It's Attack stat isn't particularly noteworthy, compounded by weaker BP STABs that don't mesh well. it's slower than what can considered the base line for offensive wallbreakers in 67 Speed. Like outside of checking a fire type what does this add to a team? Imo, not very much. Fire types aren't that hard to wall.

:Lilligant-Hisui::Tyranitar: Drought ick. Victory Dance seems nuts, as well as Band. Not sure what part of the Dark / Fighting typing with that statline leans itself to defensive roles though.

:Cryogonal::Glimmora: Hates Steels. It probably will serve a similar role to that as standard Glimmora, but with less defensive utility since it's Rocks weak and less resistances.

:Lumineon::Gastrodon: Strong but pretty frail. Not really sure if it's gonna be a great addition to the meta.

:Seismitoad::Dondozo: Imo the best of the Water Ground types submitted, it's well rounded bulk, an always useful ability and great utility. Superb pick.

:Tentacruel::Regidrago: Personally I think it's a bit mediocre. Particularly the ability. It barely does anything for it, since Dragon STAB isn't something defensive Pokémon tend to carry.

:Moltres::comfey: Pretty low-key, wish it had more power behind it because as is it's a little lacking imo.

:Hawlucha::Kingambit: Mighty strong. Urshifu at home is gonna be hard pressed to find consistent switchins, though Rhyp seems more keen on sustaining itself v it instead of it's Evo.

:grafaiai::Moltres: Its fine, more manageable than Hawlucha 2.0, but I'm still uncertain about my thoughts on this type of mon rn overall.

:Scream-Tail::Tapu-Koko: Same feelings, pretty great mon but it feels like once again, the meta is being saturated with Terrain abusers in rapid succession.

:Golisopod::Tauros-paldea-blaze:Very solid, probably one of my favorite takes on the bulky Water made so far. Chock full of utility and a solid much more useful version of Emergency Exit.

:Iron-Bundle::Leavanny: Fast offensive pivot, not having coverage for Steel types hurt this alot more than it should tbh, as I can see this barely making progress outside of U-turn spam. Really I don't see this being all that successful due to poor coverage and boots reliance, but webs is pretty good for viability though, even though I hate them.

:Sneasler::Tinkaton: The ability makes no sense, since nothing about Poison Touch nor Mold Breaker specifies typing. Outside of that it's fine, Gigaton Hammer is pretty strong but 102 Atk certainly levels the playing field. And from my experience with STABmons, metas should be able to comfortably handle a Gigaton Hammer of it's calibur, this meta included.

:Tapu-Lele::Diancie: Diamond Storm is useless don't mention it. Outside of that it's a slow and weak Tapu Lele, nothing too remarkable here tbh. If this got Draining Kiss though, I'd sing it's praises alot more.

:Breloom::tornadus: I do not think +1 priority on Spore is worth getting inflicted with Toxic poison. I would also add Poison Heal affects and readjust the stats to compensate for the higher power ceiling. Bullet Seed is also godawful here, please remove.

:Samurott-Hisui::Weavile: Mon goes crazy. Weavile at home that also applies insane pressure (pun intended) when it spams it's Dark type move. If it wins it would imo quickly cement itself as a top threat.

:Mamoswine::Brambleghast: Definitely a very interesting take on the Ice Grass type. I think a Pokémon like this has a very high skill ceiling even with it's immunities involved, and I am not yet 100% sure on how much value you can get out in return. One thing is for sure though, this thing really wished it got U-turn.

:Glimmora::Carracosta: I'm not feeling it tbh. Idk I am just not very impressed with this Pokemon.

:Whiscash::Bellibolt: This thing has the potential to go the distance, Water Electric is a really fun typing, and Electromorphosis is an ability I've wanted to see perform at the higher level.

:Wugtrio::Scizor: Quite literally the reason why I decided to review subs this time around. This thing is BAD. Bug Water with such atrocious bulk gives this Pokémon next to no opportunities to switch in. Gooey is also a trash secondary part. Imo typing needs to change for this to have even an inkling of viability. And the +20 points you get? Please use them. And I would try and find a way to make a better ability as well, this Pokemon needs it.

:Tapu-Koko::Aurorus: This is pretty alright. I think a Pokémon like this ought to be faster as well, so I'd look into that. Makes using it alot more worthwhile since none of it's offenses crack 100 for some reason.

:Aurorus::Talonflame: This is also fine, but even more than Kokoruros above this could do for some slight stat increases.

:Sigilyph::Iron-Bundle: The ability is imo a lil bit niche imo. If you gotta bring Terrain to back this up at least get good value out of it. Also, it's bulk leaves alot to be desired.

:Castform::Genesect: Imo this is very bad outside of doing the CB Extreme Speed shit, and on that end I'd rather this be Normal Steel than Normal Bug, Stealth Rock and all. Even then it can only go so far there, and with the 92 Atk def will feel a bit underwhelming at times. The whole weather gimmick thing being proposed probably will not really matter. Finally, that's not how Techno Blast works, so you can't mention that in your sub.

:Arboliva::vanilluxe: Seeing as we got a Grass type Arboliva sub that sets Grassy Terrain on switch in, this feels mighty redundant.

Good ass review.

:Volcanion::Palossand: Very strong. Like, very strong. Too strong? Imo yee, but here what other people say about it.

:Skeledirge::Noivern: You would get alot lore mileage long term if you took those 10 Speed points (and honestly them 3 Atk points) and put them in HP or something. Leverage that defensive typing and ability more than that speed tier that probably will not matter two slates in. You're still top three in speed if you win and nothing else faster does so win win.
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DNA Donors: Avalugg-Hisui / Dusknoir
Fusion Name: Avanoir-Hisui
New Types:

Base Stats: 70 / 130 / 160 / 49 / 85 / 41 [BST: 535] (+0 HP / +17 Atk / +1 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Downpour = (Ice Body + Pressure)
Ability Description: If targeted by a foe's move: move loses 1 extra PP, this Pokemon restores 1/16 max HP.
Notable Moves:
Earthquake, Ice Spinner, Mountain Gale, Poltergeist, Rapid Spin, Shadow Sneak

Protect, Recover, Stealth Rock, Trick Room, Will-O-Wisp
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Physical Wall
Role Justification: idea started off as dollar store kyurem but now its ghost avalugg. checks deciperior and rhytrix pretty well.
DNA Donors: Toxicroak / Golisopod
Fusion Name: Croaklisopod
New Types:

Base Stats:
126 (+10)
73 (+10)
New Ability: Tactical Exit = (Anticipation+Emergency Exit)
Ability Description: Only point of this sub is I like this: If you are to be hit with a super effective move, then switch out, the incoming Pokémon takes the move
Notable Moves:
Close Combat, Knock Off, Drill Run, Poispn Jab, First Impression

Toxic, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker,
Role Justification: Aha stronk funny ability, p good momentum frapper against Choice locks, especially if incoming EQs

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Mixed Attacker + Set-Up Sweeper
DNA Donors: Infernape / Serperior
Fusion Name: Inferior
New Types:

Base Stats: 75 / 90 / 90 / 90 / 90 / 110 [BST: 545] (+0 HP / +1 Atk / +7 Def / +1 SpA / +7 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Overblaze = (Blaze + Overgrow)
Ability Description: Blaze + Overgrow
Notable Moves:
Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Knock Off, Earthquake, U-Turn, Flare Blitz
Leaf Storm, Flamethrower, Focus Blast
Stealth Rock, Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Defog
Intended Role: Setup Sweeper, Mixed Attacker, Hazards Setter, Fast Pivot
Role Justification: Inferior can fulfill a variety of different roles, from using SD and NP to set up and wreak havoc, using its wide movepool to threaten different walls, and acting as a pivot, SR setter, and hazard remover. It can do everything.

Pivot + Hazard Remover
DNA Donors: Zapdos / Pangoro
Fusion Name: Zaporo
New Types:

Base Stats: 95 / 115 / 85 / 100 / 80 / 80 [BST: 555] (+3 HP / +8 Atk / +4 Def / +3 SpA / +0 SpD / +1 Spe)
New Ability: Static Breaker = (Static + Breaker)
Ability Description: Static + Mold Breaker
Notable Moves:
Close Combat, Brave Bird, U-Turn, Ice Punch, Earthquake
Parting Shot, Roost, Defog, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Bulky Pivot, Hazard Remover, Scarfer
Role Justification: Zaporo uses Parting Shot pivot and can bypass Good as Gold as a defogger to provide much-needed hazard removal.

Special Wallbreaker + Bulky Pivot
DNA Donors: Clawitzer / Goodra
Fusion Name: Goozer
New Types:

Base Stats: 80 / 90 / 80 / 115 / 120 / 70 [BST: 555] (+0 HP / +4 Atk / +1 Def / +0 SpA / +1 SpD / +1 Spe)
New Ability: Goo Launcher = (Mega Launcher + Gooey)
Ability Description: Mega Launcher + Gooey
Notable Moves:
Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse
Intended Role: Special Wallbreaker, Bulky Pivot
Role Justification: Goozer likes to run Specs, AV, or even Scarf when pivoting and breaking.

Mixed Wall + Hazard Setter
DNA Donors: Ferrothorn / Clodsire
Fusion Name: Clodthorn
New Types:

Base Stats: 105 / 84 / 95 / 49 / 108 / 20 [BST: 461] (+3 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Iron Absorb= (Iron Barbs + Water Absorb)
Ability Description: Iron Barbs + Water Absorb
Notable Moves:
Gyro Ball, Unaware

Stealth Rock, Spikes, Leech Seed, Recover, Curse,
Intended Role: Physical Wall, Special Wall
Role Justification: Clodarmor acts as a useful wall with the ability to set up hazards.
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the existence of 1. good as gold 2. neutralizing gas and 3. gimmick mon (body slam guguzzparce) by slate 2 spells the end of svfe. therefore, we have implemented the newest and greatest iteration:





Fusion Evolution Dondozo (FEDD)
with a wide range of roles from dondozo to dondozo transformer to dondozo abuser to dondozo breaker to dondozo wall to dondozo thrower, this will shape up to be an extremely interesting metagame.
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coritales's offensive typing is too good with qd, change offensive typing and/or remove spa boosts
were not gonna accept palagiri as changing into a vanilla pokemon is against the spirit of fe
mon has too much offensive presence with nasty plot + astral barrage + special moxie + wide coverage. would recommend changing typing
serene grace scald cm is obnoxious please change the abil to not have that
not vetoed but if it wins were gonna change the form name
roaring saloon is not vetoed but if it wins were gonna change the name
ursarona is too bulky for a fire ground qd user, change typing or devolve or something
beemoth always critting makes no sense because sniper does not ensure crits
too potent of a smasher due to its coverage, either devolve or change water to rock
too powerful with vd + status immune, nerf offensive typing and/or ability
snink's ability needs to be revised to remove the "grant a user an immunity" because that didn't come from either ability
breladus having priority spore + ph is broken, remove the prankster part
weavurott being weavile with sharpness ceaseless edge is broken + ability is stretchy and obnoxious - change ability and remove dark typing
this mon is broken, change the ability to not immediate reduce spd
this isnt vetoed but in the future just say tinted lens effects in electric terrain
ability makes no sense because emergency exit does not let you switch to a pokemon before the opponent attacks, please change ability
mon preemptively bans rain with how strong it is as a rain abuser so just replace swift swim with another ability
ability is stretchy (unfortunate, this one is cool)

name doesnt combine both names and is way too bulky with unaware (and even without it), change typing and remove unaware and defense boosts

24 hours to fix

also these forms banned


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Alright, some things out the way. The following submissions were changed but remain too strong and as such will still be vetoed


Everything else from the above post has been fixed. Voting can now begin and will last for two days.

Don't forget we also have to vote on four moves on whether they should be allowed or not. To do son, fill out the questions in this link


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And here are our winners!

:sv/whimsicott::sv/sandy shocks:


75 / 75 / 91 / 109 / 81 / 109
Once Upon a Time - Effects of Infiltrator and Protosynthesis.

:sv/roaring moon::sv/salazzle:


90 / 110 / 65 / 85 / 80 / 120
Primitive - Effects of Protosynthesis and Oblivious.

:sv/iron valiant::sv/absol:


70 / 130 / 80 / 100 / 60 / 100
System Purge - Hit by a Dark move or Booster Energy used: highest stat is 1.3x, or 1.5x if Speed.

:iron valiant::absol-mega:

70 / 150 / 80 / 140 / 60 / 140
Magic Bounce - This Pokemon blocks certain Status moves and bounces them back to the user.



75 / 125 / 125 / 45 / 85 / 70
Delayed Reaction - This Pokemon switches out at the end of the next turn after being lowered to 50% of its max HP.


75 / 90 / 70 / 109 / 70 / 108
Choreography - Effects of Protean and Dancer.


82 / 123 / 75 / 75 / 65 / 104
Squall - Immune to Fire and Ice attacks. When hit by a move of those types or when Tailwind begins, raises Attack by one stage.


45 / 57 / 35 / 37 / 32 / 65
Squall - Immune to Fire and Ice attacks. When hit by a move of those types or when Tailwind begins, raises Attack by one stage.

Note: Mega Sol Valiant is quickbanned.

Whimsy Sands: 8

Roaring Sal: 7

Sol Valiant: 6
Golisoros-Fire: 6

Meowscorio-Sensu: 5

Brambleswine: 5

Primapod: 4
Skelevern: 4
Great Buns: 4
Qwilzor: 4

Whiscelli: 3
Koko Tail: 3
Zaporo: 3
Seismidozo: 3
Cryostar: 3
Giratrio-Origin-Alola: 3

Arcashao: 2
Kinguledge: 2
Slither Moth: 2
Ribozone: 2
Swoocrozma-Dawn-Wings: 2
Goozer: 2
Galvarajah: 2
Mandigatr: 2
Krookomie: 2
Avanoir-Hisui: 2
Ursarona: 2

Vanilego: 1
Calygoose-Shadow: 1
Iron Milo: 1
Flutter Fin: 1
Quqaquaqwil: 1
Pawhat: 1
Carramorra: 1
Zwolancie: 1
Gigamurott-Hisui: 1
Masquasler: 1
Iron Taur: 1
Kingknight: 1
Lelencie: 1
Gyarakrow: 1
Chi-Tres: 1
Togeninja: 1
Annihilambit: 1
Kingior: 1
Beemoth: 1
Miloettic: 1
Wigglydozo: 1
Conkelem-Alola: 1
Tapu Colo: 1
Tyranigant-Hisui: 1
Bellitran: 1
Wo-Nyte: 1
Eternadash: 1
Torniskorch: 1


Now, for the results on our Move Votes...

:primeape:Rage Fist is legal!:annihilape:
:rabsca:Revival Blessing is banned!:pawmot:
:cyclizar:Shed Tail is banned!:orthworm:
:houndstone:Last Respects is banned!:basculegion:




We now move onto a brief discussion phase. How will these winners affect the mod? What movesets do you think they'd run? Copy and paste the box below for a template on discussing them! The next slate will begin tomorrow.

:whimsicott::sandy shocks:
:roaring moon::salazzle:
:iron valiant::absol:
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good slate :holycrap:

:whimsicott::sandy shocks: cool offensive pivot with spikes n shit, might age poorly though spa can always be pumped more
Whimsy Sands @ Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
Ability: onceuponatime
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Earth Power
- Spikes
- Volt Switch

:roaring moon::salazzle: i loove fire lash knock off roost uturn
Roaring Sal @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Primitive
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fire Lash
- Knock Off
- Roost
- U-turn

:iron valiant::absol: looks alright but doubt the base will be good in the future. free mega
Sol Valiant @ Booster Energy
Ability: systempurge
EVs: 132 HP / 124 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Knock Off
- Play Rough
- Close Combat
- Swords Dance

Sol Valiant @ Choice Scarf
Ability: systempurge
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Knock Off
- Moonblast
- Close Combat
- Fire Blast

:golisopod::tauros-paldea-blaze: cool ability effect, lack of recovery outside pain split means it has a hard time activating more than once though
Golisoros-Blaze @ Leftovers / Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: delayedreaction
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Liquidation
- Knock Off
- Spikes
- Will-O-Wisp

:meowscarada::oricorio-sensu: not entirely sure how itll pan out but spikes + revdance sounds like a nice combo
Meowscorio-Sensu @ Leftovers
Ability: Choreography
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Revelation Dance
- Roost
- Quiver Dance
- Spikes / Aura Sphere

:brambleghast::mamoswine: looks pretty epic, icicle crash power whip eq has few switchins
Brambleswine @ Choice Band
Ability: Squall
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Icicle Crash
- Power Whip
- Earthquake
- Ice Shard / Knock Off / Spikes

Brambleswine @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Squall
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Icicle Crash
- Earthquake
- Power Whip / Ice Shard
- Spikes / Strength Sap / Knock Off
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:whimsicott::sandy shocks:Anaconja really likes doing Whimsicott fusions without Prankster, huh? Anyways, this can easily be a potent mon
:roaring moon::salazzle:IDK why the council didn't like Roaring Saloon, 1984. Either way, it's Fire typing combined with its ability may limit what we can get as a sun setter for the sake of balancing, especially with the other local Proto mons.
:iron valiant::absol:A bit boring, but it gets the job done.
:golisopod::tauros-paldea-blaze:INB4 decent Wish passers are almost banned out of this, but beyond that it's a potent pivot, although the extra turn will also ease prediction for the opponent.
:meowscarada::oricorio-sensu:Quite funny mon, if only Terastallizing wasn't banned.
:brambleghast::mamoswine:I can't help but feel like this may age poorly, but then again, it has a quite strong ability.
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:whimsicott::sandy shocks: - Whimsy Shocks is cool. Imo the lesser Ground Fairy won, but I still believe this is a pretty solid addition for the most part. The speed tier elevated this slate, and it being on the higher end of that will always be crucial to it's viability. With Volt Switch in the toolkit I can see Choice Scarf and Boots 3A Spikes being the leading sets.

:roaring moon::salazzle: Imo the stand out Pokémon this slate, by a very large margin. Roaring Sal is a solid offensive pivot and can force a multitude of switches thanks to Fire Lash, Knock Off and to a lesser extent Toxic Spikes. I'm thinking Dragon FlDance sets are not AS hot but I can be wrong and this set takes off crazy.

:iron valiant::absol: I think this Pokémon has really solid potential, primarily because of how easy it is to set Electric Terrain in this metagame. SD and LO 4A sets are really strong under terrain, and while Speed Boost Quark sets can be argued for, I genuinely think Sucker Punch is enough to propel it to a scary breaker to wear it doesn't need to EV it weird. 130 Atk Knock I think is hard for it to fall off.

Edit: This does not get triggered in Electric Terrain ignore all the praises it got dawg this is mid incarnate. It is probably good rn but long term :/

:golisopod::tauros-paldea-blaze: Solid Pokémon, one of my fav takes on a Water type, even if it's not the fav (rest in peace Seismidozo). Roaring Sal alone makes this thing alot more valuable to add to a team. No Future Sight shenanigans but it's ok. This thing is actually DRIPPING in utility, from Knock Off to Spikes to Will O Wisp to Toxic. I can't see this ever aging badly, great Pokémon.

:meowscarada::oricorio-sensu: Brah. Why? I want to say I am surprised this won, but I am not. I just can't understand WHY. I don't think set up sets are going to be particularly good, or at the very least pretty awkward to use. And I don't think Spikes + Rev Dance is particularly remarkable in our metagame, as the best hazard removal options so far don't really care about that. It doesn't help that we already got a more consistent Spikes setting Ground type. Specs are probably the only way this lasts long term viability wise. Honestly disappointed this even won.

:brambleghast::mamoswine: I think this is fine, I actually thought this had a lower Attack stat than it had so the 123 punch is pretty good to me. I still think that it has a pretty high skill ceiling in comparison to other Pokémon, but the higher power imo makes me feel a little more at ease. It doesn't 1 shot Fire types, only makes them somewhat weary, so I am good with it.
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:whimsicott::sandy shocks:A nice solid addition to the meta and with infiltrator being stacked on top of proto, no one is safe. At least for now but odds are it would probably get outclassed in about four slates, assuming power levels begin to rise.
:roaring moon::salazzle:Look any roaring moon fusion is probably gonna be good and a menace to society, and this is no exception. It'll probably stick around for a while as the children chant "ALL HAIL ROARING SAL!". Honestly I also think the name change was warranted, Roaring Saloon doesn't really flow as nice IMO. Kinda glad council stepped in there.
:iron valiant::absol: This one feels weird, and if I am being honest this one is also probably gonna need to get buffed in the future. I'm just gonna echo what everyone else is saying because it'll be good for now but probably outclassed later. If I had to predict the buff it would just be like a combined effects of both abilities thing so it can use E-Terrain and become a menace that way.
:golisopod::tauros-paldea-blaze:A nice bulky water boy that can be used to gain some momentum. Honestly even with pain split being the only recovery it brings so much other shit to the table that I don't see anyone complaining about this too much.
:meowscarada::oricorio-sensu:I know some people will not enjoy the gimmick of protean rev dance and yeah it'll probably need to get buffed at some point or get left in the dust but for now I think it's serviceable. It would get like a C- if I had to grade it.
:brambleghast::mamoswine: Now this, this is a good ice type. Note it's not slow, defensive, and it's not half Avalugg. Remember kids being half Avalugg is like being half shit, and you don't wanna be half shit. My hatred for the sentient table aside this is probably my favorite of the slate. Brambleghast's ability being used like this is why I like FE to begin with. It may not hit the hardest or be the strongest but I think it'll add some fun strategic moments into the mix.


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:brambleghaSt: Slate 4 - First Act Closure :mamoswine:

We have now gotten a pretty good set of Pokémon for a base roster. I believe by the end of Slate 4, we should have a proper metagame ready. So, with that in mind, take this slate as our conclusion to this metagame's starting point as after this we will ideally be moving to more of a middle point. Use this slate to polish some important roles you may feel are missing!

This slate will last for a week, ending on the 16th​
DNA Donors: :Farigiraf: / :Vikavolt:
Fusion Name: Vikagiraf
New Types:

Base Stats: 110 / 80 / 80 / 130 / 75 / 51 [BST: 526] (+12 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +3 SpA / +3 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Counterquake = (Cud Chew + Levitate)
Ability Description: Immune to Ground-type moves, being hit by one makes this Pokemon use it at the end of the next turn.
Notable Moves:
Hyper Voice, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch, Energy Ball
Sticky Web, Trick Room, Roost
Intended Role: Trick Room Setter, Hazard Setter, Special Wallbreaker, Offensive/Defensive Pivot
Role Justification: Funny Trick Room Pokemon. Can hit really hard thanks to its massive 130 SpA stat and can also run a defensive set if it wants. (WIP)

DNA Donors: Girafarig / Grubbin
Fusion Name: Grubbafarig
New Types:

Base Stats: 70 / 75 / 55 / 75 / 55 / 65 [BST: 395] (+12 HP / +4 Atk / +0 Def / +3 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Inner Hivemind = (Inner Focus + Swarm)
Ability Description: Combined effects.
Notable Moves: lol
Role Justification: it giraffe baby

DNA Donors: Walrein / Corviknight
Fusion Name: Walriknight
New Types:

Base Stats: 105 / 95 / 100 / 75 / 90 / 66 [BST: 531] (+1 HP / +12 Atk / +3 Def / +1 SpA / +3 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Downpour = (Ice Body + Pressure)
Ability Description: If this Pokemon is the target of an opposing Pokemon's move, that move loses one additional PP and this Pokemon restores 1/16th of its maximum HP.
Notable Moves:
U-Turn, Body Press, Brave Bird, Liquidation
Defog, Roost, Iron Defense, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Hazard Control, Hazard Control Deterrent, Mixed Wall, Setup Sweeper
Role Justification: Fat Hazard Control Wall that introduces both a Water-type and a Flying-type to our meta. Downpour lets it stay around for longer thanks to its massive bulk and it can try setting up with SD or Iron Defense if it wants. Has a crippling 4x weakness to Electric and is forced to use HDB as an item though. Will show NFE and LC later.
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DNA Donors: Incineroar / Florges
Fusion Name: Floroar
New Types:

Base Stats: 88 / 90 / 80 / 100 / 122 / 70 [BST: 550] (+2 HP / +0 Atk / +1 Def / +4 SpA / +0 SpD / +3 Spe)
New Ability: Scary Flower = (Intimidate + Flower Veil)
Ability Description: Combined effects of both abilites.
Notable Moves:
Knock Off, U-Turn
Flamethrower, Moonblast, Scorching Sands
Will-O-Wisp, Parting Shot, Nasty Plot, Synthesis, Toxic, Calm Mind, Wish
Intended Role: Bulky Support, Special Wall, Defensive Pivot, Defensive Set-Up Sweeper
Role Justification: Due to its incredible bulk, good utility, Fire/Fairy typing, and fantastic abilities, Floroar is an excellent special wall. Access to moves such as U-Turn and Parting Shot let it serve as a defensive pivot. It can serve as a defensive set-up sweeper with its good coverage and mutliple set-up moves. However, its slow speed and common weaknesses due bring it down. Those that are unaffected by Intimidate can also take advantage of its lesser physical bulk.

DNA Donors: Milotic / Togekiss
Fusion Name: Milokiss
New Types:

Base Stats: 90 / 55 / 90 / 110 / 120 / 80 [BST: 545] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +3 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Marvel Luck = (Marvel Scale + Super Luck)
Ability Description: Combined effects of both abilites.
Notable Moves:
Flip Turn
Scald, Air Slash, Ice Beam, Flamethrower
Defog, Roost, Nasty Plot, Haze, Heal Bell
Intended Role: Defensive Pivot, Special Wall
Role Justification: Boasting incredible bulk and a Water/Flying typing, Milokiss serves as a respectable pivot and wall with Flip Turn. It also has several other utility options such as Heal Bell and Defog. Its not passive either with a solid SpA stat and good coverage. However, a 4x weakness to Electric is quite fatal. It also can't always fit everything it wants on one set.

DNA Donors: Centiskorch / Durant
Fusion Name: Centiant
New Types:

Base Stats: 80 / 115 / 90 / 70 / 70 / 95 [BST: 520] (+1 HP / +3 Atk / +2 Def / +1 SpA / +1 SpD / +8 Spe)
New Ability: Fiery Hustle = (Flash Fire + Hustle)
Ability Description: Combined effects of both abilites.
Notable Moves:
Flare Blitz, Fire Lash, Iron Head, Power Whip, Knock Off, Superpower, First Impression

Intended Role: Coil Sweeper, Wallbreaker
Role Justification: With its fantastic typing, abilites, and access to Coil, Centiant serves as a solid sweeper. It also has great coverage such as Knock Off and Power Whip. It can also work as a powerful wallbreaker when equipped with a Choice Band. However, its speed is only decent, meaning it can be difficult to sweep faster teams. Its poor special bulk does not help matters. Neither does its weaknesses to common types such as Ground.

:swsh/lunatone::sv/iron bundle:
DNA Donors: Lunatone / Iron Bundle
Fusion Name: Luna Bundle
New Types:

Base Stats: 76 / 70 / 92 / 110 / 76 / 106 [BST: 530] (+3 HP / +3 Atk / +3 Def / +1 SpA / +4 SpD / +3 Spe)
New Ability: Dirt Powered = (Levitate + Quark Drive)
Ability Description: When hit by a Ground type move, Quark Drive's effects apply. Immune to Ground.
Notable Moves:
Flip Turn
Meteor Beam, Power Gem, Ice Beam, Freeze-Dry, Earth Power
Stealth Rock, Rock Polish, Nasty Plot, Taunt
Intended Role: Special Wallbreaker, Special Sweeper
Role Justification: Boasting a fantastic offensive typing, good stats, and great coverage, Luna Bundle is a very powerful special attacker. With its ability and Meteor Beam, Luna Bundle is great as either a wallbreaker or sweeper. However, Rock/Ice is a terrible typing defensively, which combined with its poor special bulk makes it easily revenge killed.
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:bw/magnezone::bw/togekiss:changed abil
DNA Donors: Magnezone / Togekiss
Fusion Name: Magnekiss
New Types:

Base Stats: 80 / 60 / 105 / 125 / 105 / 75 [BST: 550] (+3 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +3 SpD / +5 Spe)
New Ability: Megamind = (Analytic + Super Luck)
Ability Description: Combined effects
Notable Moves:

Volt Switch, Air Slash, Fire Blast, Grass Knot, Thunderbolt, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast
Roost, Defog, Thunder Wave, Nasty Plot, Thunder Wave, Yawn, Trick
Intended Role: Defensive Pivot, Wallbreaker, Hazard Control, Offensive Pivot
Role Justification: Electric/Flying is an excellent defensive typing for this metagame, and with Magnekiss's solid bulk and typing, it will have the ability to switch in to many Pokemon of the tier, such as Revarantis, Iron Meta, and Slither King, as well as checking many others. With it forcing many switches, a buffed Analytic is a perfect fit and allows it to threaten many things. It has many roles it can decently occupy, but nothing too overbearing in one regard, and will likely be an effective presence in this metagame.

DNA Donors: Magneton / Togetic
Fusion Name: Togeton
New Types:

Base Stats: 60 / 50 / 99 / 100 / 90 / 55 [BST: 454] (+8 HP / +0 Atk / +9 Def / +0 SpA / +3 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Megamind = (Analytic + Super Luck)
Ability Description: ce
Notable Moves:

Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Air Slash
Defog, Roost, Heal Bell, Thunder Wave, Yawn
Intended Role: Defensive Pivot
Role Justification: cool prevo that probably does something in a lower tier maybe

DNA Donors: Magnemite / Togepi
Fusion Name: Magnepi
New Types:

Base Stats: 30 / 27 / 67 / 77 / 70 / 32 [BST: 303] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +10 SpA / +10 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Megamind = (Analytic + Super Luck)
Ability Description: ce
Notable Moves:

Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Dazzling Gleam
Nasty Plot, Soft-Boiled, Thunder Wave, Yawn
Intended Role: LC
Role Justification: baby

DNA Donors: Noivern / Keldeo
Fusion Name: Noideo
New Types:

Base Stats: 90 / 71 / 85 / 116 / 85 / 118 [BST: 565] (+2 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +3 SpA / +0 SpD / +3 Spe)
New Ability: Martyr = (Telepathy + Justified)
Ability Description: This Pokemon does not take damage from Dark-type attacks.
Notable Moves:
U-Turn, Flip Turn
Scald, Hydro Pump, Hurricane, Secret Sword, Focus Blast, Flamethrower
Calm Mind, Switcheroo, Roost, Defog
Intended Role: Offensive Pivot, Revenge Killer, Hazard Control, Offensive Sweeper
Role Justification: A fast, decently bulky water/flying pivot with a dark immunity allows this to come into many pokemon in the metagame, such as Slither King, Roaring Sal, Golisoros, and Brambleswine. Once it's in, it can either defog, pivot in a threatening teammate, or dish out its own strong offense. It's STABS are very strong for the metagame.

DNA Donors: Magearna / Mantine
Fusion Name: Magentine
New Types:

Base Stats: 82 / 67 / 92 / 110 / 127 / 72 [BST: 550] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +5 SpA / +0 SpD / +5 Spe)
New Ability: Spirit-Heart = (Soul-Heart + Swift Swim)
Ability Description: This Pokemon's Speed is raised by 1 stage when another Pokemon faints.
Notable Moves:

Scald, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, Volt Switch, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast
Spikes, Calm Mind, Shift Gear, Roost, Defog, Haze, Heart Swap
Intended Role: Defensive Pivot, Set-Up Sweeper, Hazard Setter, Hazard Control, Special Wall
Role Justification: non-passive specially bulky steel wall. hard stops slither king and drampiclus as well as checking many more. uses these turns afforded to it to pivot in threatening teamates, set or remove hazards, or go blasting with its excellent coverage and solid stabs.

thanks aquatic <3
DNA Donors: Silvally / Wyrdeer
Fusion Name: Wyrvally
New Types:

Base Stats: 100 / 100 / 88 / 100 / 88 / 91 [BST: 567] (+1 HP / +0 Atk / +5 Def / +0 SpA / +3 SpD / +11 Spe)
New Ability: RKS Supressor = (RKS System + Intimidate)
Ability Description: Combined effects
Notable Moves:
Psyshield Bash, Earthquake, Multi-Attack, U-Turn, Flame Charge, Trailblaze
Thunderbolt, Psychic, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Earth Power
Defog, Parting Shot, Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, Calm Mind
Intended Role: Offensive Pivot, Defensive Pivot, Hazard Control, Late Game sweeper
Role Justification: basically a better silvally. intim+pivoting and hazard control is rly strong and can be any type. checks physical attackers rly well,can be offensive or defensive, generally just a very versatile poke

DNA Donors: Type: Null / Stantler
Fusion Name: Type: Antler
New Types:

Base Stats: 85 / 96 / 80 / 96 / 85 / 77 [BST: 519] (+1 HP / +1 Atk / +2 Def / +6 SpA / +5 SpD / +5 Spe)
New Ability: Warlord = (Battle Armor + Intimidate)
Ability Description: Combined effects.
Notable Moves:
Double Edge, Body Slam, Trailblaze, Earthquake, Psyshield Bash, Wild Charge, U-Turn, Flame Charge
Earth Power, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Tri Attack
Swords Dance, Thunder Wave, Calm Mind
Intended Role: Defensive Sweeper, Defensive Pivot
Role Justification: fatass bulky boosting wincon/intim pivot. likely not good in OU tho. ban this from NFE and LC tho lol.
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DNA Donors: Iron Hands / Grimmsnarl
Fusion Name: Iron Snarl
New Types:

Base Stats: 126 / 130 / 90 / 74 / 74 / 56 [BST: 550] (+2 HP / +0 Atk / +4 Def / +2 SpA / +3 SpD / +1 Spe)
New Ability: Superposed Drive = (Quark Drive + Pickpocket)
Ability Description: If Electric Terrain is active, or this Pokemon has no item, its highest stat is 1.3x; 1.5x if Speed.
Notable Moves:
Close Combat, Drain Punch, Play Rough, Spirit Break, Earthquake, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Crunch
Volt Switch
Parting Shot, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Physical Wall, Defensive Pivot
Role Justification: infinite quark drive. effective wallbreaker or physical wall.


DNA Donors: Zygarde / Gardevoir
Fusion Name: Zygardevoir
New Types:

Base Stats: 90 / 85 / 100 / 105 / 105 / 90 [BST: 575] (+2 HP / +3 Atk / +2 Def / +2 SpA / +0 SpD / +3 Spe)
New Ability: Soul Link = (Aura Break + Trace)
Ability Description: Effects of both abilities.
Notable Moves:
Dragon Tail
Core Enforcer, Moonblast, Earth Power
Wish, Will-o-Wisp, Glare, Haze, Teleport
Intended Role: Defensive Pivot, Mixed Wall
Role Justification: the core mon. great pivot, has two really good statuses to cripple with


DNA Donors: Zygarde / Gardevoir-Mega
Fusion Name: Zygardevoir-Mega
New Types:

Base Stats: 90 / 105 / 100 / 145 / 125 / 110 [BST: 675]
New Ability: Pixilate
Notable Moves:
Extreme Speed, Thousand Arrows
Core Enforcer, Hyper Voice, Earth Power
Dragon Dance, Coil, Calm Mind, Will-o-Wisp, Glare
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Special Wallbreaker, Set-up Sweeper (Dragon Dance, Coil)
Role Justification: the the atespeed. plays like mnm zyg but has the worse spa set too. should be fine with only 105 atk

DNA Donors: Manaphy / Skarmory
Fusion Name: Skaraphy
New Types:

Base Stats: 85 / 100 / 120 / 70 / 85 / 85 [BST: 545] (+3 HP / +10 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Hydroshield = (Hydration + Sturdy)
Ability Description: Effects of both abilities.
Notable Moves:
Liquidation, Brave Bird, Knock Off, U-Turn
Spikes, Stealth Rock, Defog, Roost, Swords Dance, Curse
Intended Role: Defensive Pivot, Physical Wall, Physical Wallbreaker
Role Justification: ur average water flying. has great utility and a weird sd set.

DNA Donors: Vespiquen / Volcanion
Fusion Name: Volcaquen
New Types:

Base Stats: 85 / 95 / 115 / 105 / 100 / 55 [BST: 555] (+10 HP / +0 Atk / +4 Def / +0 SpA / +4 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Water Pressure = (Pressure + Water Absorb)
Ability Description: Effects of both abilities.
Notable Moves:
U-Turn, Body Press
Flamethrower, Steam Eruption, Scald, Earth Power, Scorching Sands
Roost, Defog, Will-o-Wisp, Spikes, Haze
Intended Role: Defensive Pivot, Mixed Wall, Hazard Control (Defog), Hazard Setter (Spikes)
Role Justification: defogger that beats most of the current hazard setters. also a great slow pivot and spiker itself.
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