[Gen 6-7-8] ⚡ Blizz's Ditto Dynamo ⚡

Hey again,

Hoping to grab Stonjourner #39, since it seems to be a Sword-exclusive and I have Shield.
  • Home Username: Derren
  • Pokémon Deposited: Female Carkol Lv. 18
  • Requesting Stonjourner #39
Thanks again!
Hi there!

I would love a Ditto please!

Home Username: Cartoons
Pokémon Deposited: Make Carkoal LV. 18
Name: Most
For: LV.100 Ditto

Thank you in advance for your help! X
If you redeposit within the next 20-25 mins I can deliver it to you, otherwise I'd recommend waiting until this time tomorrow to redeposit and notify me due to the snipe-heavy nature of spitback requests.
Omg bless you. Trying again!

Home name: Eski
Gender of the Pokemon deposited: Female
Number of the Pokemon requested: 55
Hey there, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Game: Ultra Sun
  • IGN: Luxaflex
  • Deposited: Male Fearow Lv. 26
  • Requesting Most's Ditto

    Thanks a Lot!
Hi, I would like a ditto, the german one for breeding preferably.
Home username: Fensay
carcoal gender: male

hope i did this right (:
You've requested a Ditto lvl 1-10 on the GTS. All Dittos offered in this giveaway are lvl 100. Please modify your GTS request and notify me.
thats super embaressing I totally read the wrong lines :') somehow read the lines under spitbacks instead of the dittos, i reuploaded it to the gts again :')
Hi there,

I would love to get the Ditto (Most)
  • Home Username: Yun
  • Pokémon Deposited: Female Carkol Lv. 18
  • Requesting Ditto (Most)
Thanks again!
I would like a ditto please.

Game: Y
IGN: Nyx
Pokemon: Lvl 23 female Slowpoke
Tag: Most Ditto

Thank you!

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