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New matchup: Flares. vs Drangonn.

Anyone who gets a sub-in opponent will get an extension if needed. Also Mysterious M don't worry I didn't forget you, it's just that your opp practiced in the PU room for hours for your match so I find it odd that he was a no-show. If I don't get a response from him by the end of today then you will get your sub-in. Tagging Plans so he sees it too.
Although I now see I have been subbed out, I am posting to confirm I had to drop out due to real life issues. I will, however, remain active in this meta and am happy to help anyone test in pu room. Thanks again Akir and everyone who helped organizing and promoting this project. Good luck to pu friends.


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I'm in contact with my opponent but it seems like he misunderstood/forgot my timezone. We might need an extension.
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