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Give a quick (about a paragraph in length) overview of the Pokemon. Touch on each set with an analysis and talk about the Pokemon's place in the metagame, including the types of teams or teammates with which you would usually associate this Pokemon. Make sure to highlight both its strengths and its weaknesses. This section must be written in complete sentences.

move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:
ivs: (only put ivs if the Pokemon in question needs a particular Speed IV, otherwise just omit this)


* This section is where you justify all the choices made in the above Set in bullet point form

* Be sure to explain each move and the item, ability, nature, and EVs

* If multiple options are presented for any element listed, explain why one might choose to use one or the other (e.g. two suggested items).

Other Options

This section is where you talk about possible alternatives to any of the sets listed above. If a certain attack or item misses the cut for the suggested set, talk about it here. Mention why these alternative options might be useful in certain scenarios and make suggestions for what an altered set would look like. This section must also be written in complete sentences.

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