Tournament Hackmons Cup Extravaganza (SIGNUPS!)

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Co-hosted by Aquaa (Aqua) and MultiAmmiratore (Chiori Mikami). Approved by Irpachuza.

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Welcome to the first ever edition of the new Hackmons Cup Extravaganza tournament! This tournament is meant to serve as a comparatively more luck-based competition, which will not grant points toward the Rands Slam circuit.

In this tournament, players will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills (and luck) in various Hackmons Cup formats, in Single Elimination format!

Included in this tournament are the following Hackmons Cup-based formats:

Gen 8 Hackmons Cup
Gen 8 Doubles Hackmons Cup
Gen 7 Hackmons Cup
Gen 1 Hackmons Cup
Gen 8 Hackmons Cup (one vs one & no Dynamax)

How does this tour work?

In this tournament, paired players will take turns locking and banning formats.

For instance, let’s say we have Aqua vs Chiori Mikami listed as one of the matchups.

To kick things off, Aqua decides to lock Gen 8 Hackmons Cup. Next, Chiori Mikami decides to lock Gen 8 Doubles Hackmons Cup. Following that, Chiori Mikami will ban Gen 1 Hackmons Cup. Finally, Aqua will ban Gen 8 Hackmons Cup (one vs one).

As a result, the series will begin between Aqua and Chiori Mikami in the one unchosen format Gen 7 Hackmons Cup.

Whoever loses in the first game will subsequently play against their opponent in the format that they have locked. If the game one defeated player ties the second game, the final game will be the format chosen by the winner of the first game.

NOTE: The Gen 8 Hackmons Cup (one vs one) format must exclude Dynamax. In order to challenge each other to this format, please use this command:

/challenge gen 8 hackmons cup@@@pickedteamsize=1, dynamaxclause, teampreview

Don’t worry! All you need to do is copy & paste the above command in the PMs of your opponent. Doing so will automatically challenge them to Gen 8 Hackmons Cup One vs One without Dynamax.


The winner of this tournament will be awarded recognition in the Hall of Fame on the Random Battles Room website/roomintro!

Furthermore, the winner gets to choose between:
  • Receiving their own join-phrase in the Random Battles room for two months.
  • Room Prize Winner (^) in the Random Battles room for two months.

Other rules/info
  • Replays must be posted on the thread by winners. Please do not just save the replays and call it a day. Failure to post replays on the weekly threads will require both you and your opponent to redo your games, regardless of whether or not the replays exist.​

  • Scheduling must be done in either player’s public walls on Smogon. Evidence that at least one of the players has contacted their opponent will be accepted if done so on Smogon Walls, and nowhere else.

How to sign up?

As always, simply post “in” and your registration is complete! The deadline for signing up for this tournament will be Saturday, July 31st at 11:59 PM @GMT +2.

The Hackmons Cup Extravaganza tournament will commence on August 1st!
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