Loosely Resembling Some Variety Of Bird
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chatot for accuracy. mr. mime for efficiency (two hello hand waves per instance)

any further questions ?
You have made a grave error in your judgement. In assessing every single Pokemon capable of not only masquerading as Obi Wan but assuming his voice and a basic knowledge of the English language, you have passed over one vital 'mon:

Zoroark, as portrayed in the games Pokemon Black and White 2, is capable of human speech. Within some fuckoff forest you may interact with a hiker, who gifts you a TM for the move Snarl after talking to him. But alas! t'was a foul trick that was played on you, for the hiker is revealed to be a Zoroark before disappearing into the wood.

Now, it is not a stretch to assume that a Zoroark would be capable of imitating well known Star Wars character Obi Wan. And we have already demonstrated that a Zoroark is capable of holding a conversation with an 11 year old. Now, it can be assumed that we can train this Zoroark to perfectly mimic Obi Wan's voice, allowing us, the people, to have a Zoroark pretending to be Obi Wan that says "Hello there" exactly like the original Obi Wan.

But why stop there? With this incredible beast, we can go much, much further. This Zoroark, trained in the art of voice and regular acting, can perfectly replicate anyone we want.

And when I say anyone, I mean anyone.

We can force this Zoroark to commit so much goddamn identity fraud it's not even funny.


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Lando-T seemed like the most reasonable choice.

Firstly, Its typing suggests that it has the high ground. They also both have a damn nice moustache. And whenever your opponent brings out a Lando-T, you can see its face tauntingly saying "hello there". But a big one is that Lando-T learns Swords Dance, with the Sword resembling the lightsaber. And as for the dancing part...

Too bad it's not an option since there already is a Lando in Star Wars. The second option would be Entei, but it just can't pull off these kinda moves...

Clearly the best pokemon would be Latios. We never see his human form, so one can reasonably assume it looks exactly like Ewan McGregor. As for the speaking part, he can speak telepathically so he just has to assume the voice of Obi-Wan within your mind and then move his lips accordingly. Simple as that! Now, the real question: What pokemon would respond with "General Kenobi"?

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