Help round out my team?

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I'm new to competitive battling and I haven't played pokemon since gen 2, so I assume this is probably not a great team lol. I'm not really attached to any of the pokemon, I just want a solid team that isn't too hard for a newb to play. Here's my team so far.

Scizor @ Choice Band
Physical Sweeper/Scout

U Turn
Bullet Punch
??? Not sure what to use here. Suggestions welcome.

Cloyster @ King's Rock
Special Sweeper
Skill Link/Jolly

Shell Smash
Icicle Spear
Rock Blast
Ice Shard

Rotom-W @ Leftovers
Bulky Attacker

Volt Switch
Hidden Power Ice
Hydro Pump

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers

Stealth Rock
Power Whip
Gyro Ball / Thunder Wave

That's what I'm thinking so far.

I'm considering using a Gliscor as a physical wall to round out the team. I'm also considering using prankster Klefki instead of Ferrothorn. I'm not really attached to either of them, so if there are any other hazard pokemon that would work better, I'd have no problem switching. Keep in mind this is my first full team I've ever tried to make, so if there are any obvious mistakes that's probably why lol. Any suggestions and criticisms are greatly appreciated.
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