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Concept name:

Concept Name: Viable Bug-Type :galvantula: :buzzwole: :golisopod: :beedrill: :shuckle: :orbeetle: :volcarona:
Description: A viable Bug-Type Pokemon to use in the Hoenn Gaiden Metagame.
Justification: I've always advocated for Bug types in Hoenn Gaiden, and that won't stop now. Here's why: in spite of the increased number of viable Bug types in this metagame, they remain difficult to fit for too little reward outside a select few, and of them, none aside from Ledian are truly at the zenith of the metagame.

My point is this; I would love to see more critters buzzing around.
:ledian: :forretress: :volbeat: :illumise: :heracross: :armaldo:

More to come, will edit them in later :)

EDIT 7/30/2021:

Concept Name: Rags to Riches :luvdisc: :spinda: :sudowoodo: :farfetchd: :mightyena: :yanma: :delcatty:
Description: A buffed Pokemon from the dregs of ADV UU/NU
Justification: I really like the buffs we did to Plusle, Sableye and Ledian and I'd like to see more of these dramatic changes/buffs to Pokemon that are otherwise unusably bad.

My apologies to Ema for not putting this in my post earlier u_u

EDIT 7/31/2021:

Concept Name: Viable Spikes Setter :pincurchin: :greninja: :sandslash: :cacturne: :glalie: :garbodor: :coalossal:
Description: A Pokemon that can viably fit on a team as a Spiker without actively compromising the team
Justification: Spikes setters are one of the most important aspects of Gen 3 play in my eyes, and having more options for playing in this metagame seems to be the MO of the mod, so more Spikes setters should be a good thing. Right? Right. Several Pokemon in Gen 3 get Spikes in later games, and several Pokemon with Spikes in Gen 3 are terrible- not to mention the many good Spikers currently not in the mod.

Porygon should get spikes because it looks like a deformed lego and that would hurt to step on
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Concept Name: Viable Compound Eyes User :glaceon: :venomoth: :galvantula: :butterfree:
Description: Make a Compound Eyes user that can viably use moves with 70% accuracy or more like Iron Tail, Lovely Kiss, Glare, Blizzard, Thunder, High Jump Kick, and, for STAB, Mega Kick.
Justification: Compound Eyes is an interesting Gen 3 Ability that is unfortunately stuck with Pokémon that are either unevolved or just plain poor for ADV OU. A viable user that can make good use of Compound Eyes will be neat to see!

Concept Name: Storm in the Gaiden :seaking: :masquerain: :ninjask: :jumpluff:
Description: As we already have Sunflora, of all Pokémon, gaining access to Desolate Land, a Pokémon that can make good use of Primordial Sea or Delta Stream will also be made.
Justification: Something fun about Desolate Land is, despite how powerful it is on its own, only lasts as long as the user stays. Another user that utilizes Primordial Sea or Delta Stream will be interesting to see, which helps to both counter Tyranitar’s Sand Stream and not worry about causing the infamous weather wars.

Concept Name: Bad Typing Juggernaut :glastrier: :solrock: :lunatone: :parasect:
Description: A Pokémon of great stats, great Abilities and/or access to great moves that would be overpowered on a Pokémon with good typing is balanced by its bad typing.
Justification: Rock / Dark is not a good defensive typing, yet Tyranitar is king of ADV OU and Hoenn Gaiden. If a Rock / Dark Pokémon can find success in these metagames, a Pokémon with an abysmal typing can too with the right stats and tools!

Concept Name: Electric-type Wall :lanturn: :pachirisu: :rotom-heat: :stunfisk:
Description: A Pokémon with an Electric-typing whose main role is being a wall, either physical, special or mixed.
Justification: With only a weakness to Ground, you’d think Electric would be decent as a wall… but many Pokémon with this typing are either offensive oriented to begin with, sucked too much to be reliable as a wall, or is an Application Rotom (Wash and Heat in this case). A viable wall with Electric-typing shouldn’t hurt the metagame.


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Concept Name: Suddenly Signature Ability :kecleon::spectrier::salazzle::mudsdale:
Description: Introducing a future gen ability and designing a Pokémon around it for exclusive use
Justification: Yes, this is another thinly-veiled attempt at getting Protean Kecleon into this metagame, but that's not all this is. Probably even more so than moves, there are a ton of very interesting abilities from future generations that could or would be potentially problematic if they were distributed to multiple Pokémon, like Protean, Moxie, Stamina, Corrosion, No Guard, etc. However, if we design a specific Pokémon to use these elements in a balanced way, then we'll have a very fun to use and interesting new part of the metagame on our hands

Concept Name: Viable NFE :scyther::type null::shelgon::gligar:
Description: Buffing a Not-Fully Evolved Pokemon to OU viability while differentiating it from its evolution so it's not outclassed
Justification: Since the Eviolite doesn't exist in this gen (not that we want Eviolite Chansey or Gligar to exist, please don't add Eviolite), no NFEs currently sniff OU viability, with the closest being Chansey, who would be amazing if Blissey didn't exist, and Type: Null, who can be a nasty wincon with Iron Defense and Swords Dance since it can't get crit but is just a worse CurseLax at the end of the day. Oh, and Clamperl sees minuscule use as a Baton Pass recipient, I guess. Thus, buffing an NFE could be interesting as not only would it add another viable Pokemon, it makes for an interesting challenge in that you have to consider that any moves you add to the NFE also get added to the final evolution, not to mention an inherent BST limit as prevos can only have the same or less BST than their evo, so you really have think about the changes you make. Also, for the likes of Porygon2 and Magneton, if you add their evolutions without outclassing them, then technically you also created a viable NFE in the process, so that's an option as well

Concept Name: Steel-type Coverage User :metagross::mawile::steelix::clefable:
Description: A Pokémon that has desirable Steel-type coverage, whether it has STAB on it or not
Justification: Steel, while a notoriously amazing defensive typing, is probably the worst offensive typing in the game by a wide margin. Steel is only super effective against Rock and Ice, which are both already covered by the amazing offensive typing of Fighting while being resisted by the ever common Electric, Water, and itself. Plus, the only widely distributed Steel-type moves are the unreliable Iron Tail, Hidden Power Steel (which is outclassed by HP Fighting), and Meteor Mash, which is limited to Metagross and Mawile (and Clefable, I guess). Thus, currently the only Pokémon that ever think to use Steel coverage are the Meteor Mash users. However, Steel coverage has a couple useful qualities, like pretty good neutral coverage (being resisted by only 4 types to Fighting's 4 + 1 immunity) which notably makes it neutral against non-Jellicent Ghosts and Salamence and, probably the biggest boon, super effective against Aerodactyl. This combined with just how good of a move Meteor Mash is could lead to interesting applications of the worst offensive typing in the game we could explore, whether it gets STAB on it or not
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Concept Name: Be Kind, Please Rewind
Description: Pick a submission from a previous round and use it as your entry. Ask the original creator for permission first if it's not yours.
Justification: We've had so many awesome ideas that missed being included due to a couple of votes

Concept name: Form changer
Description: A Pokemon with multiple forms that are all viable in the meta.
Justification: Form changers are cool but we don't really have any aside from Silvally (which is a bit unwieldy) and the bad Castform (unless you count Cramorant). This could trigger in many ways, such as out of battle (Deoxys) or in battle (Cherrim), and have other conditions such as item-based (Giratina), move-based (Meloetta), or ability-based (Darmanitan).
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Concept Name: 2 Late 2 B Great
Description: Introduce a move from Gen IV+ which sees little to no use in a modern metagame, but which could have meta use in HG.
Justification: Power creep is the name of the game. A lot of what we would now consider "underpowered" moves would have been quite good back in Gen III. Let's add one, and some users.

Concept Name: Viable Rough Skin User
Description: A Pokémon that can actually make use of Rough Skin.
Justification: Rough Skin is a cool ability in a meta ruled by chip damage. Unfortunately, it's limited to one of the frailest Pokémon in the game. This could add an interesting new aspect to TSS.

Concept Name: Non-Ice Type Hail Teammate
Description: A Pokémon that synergizes well with Snow Warning that is not an Ice-type.
Justification: It's not AS bad to be an Ice-type in a meta without Stealth Rock, but you still don't want to stack a bunch of them... which is unfortunately something hail teams are prone to. This Pokémon would give hail teams a bit of much-needed diversity.

Concept Name: Modernized Ability
Description: An ability that exists in Gen III which has been updated in recent generations receives said update.
Justification: A lot of Gen III abilities were fairly underwhelming, but received later modifications to make them less so; this change would grant some additional utility to an old ability, or change how some Pokémon can be played. For example, updating Oblivious to prevent Taunt, Sturdy to its Gen V+ mechanics, Intimidate to not affect Pokémon with Own Tempo or Inner Focus, or Rough Skin to deal 1/8th damage instead of 1/16th.
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resub lol

Concept Name: Newer Gen Legends or Mythicals
Description: Some legends/myths provide some cool new ways to build teams.
Justification: Some legendaries provide some cool unique strategies. Regigigas would be decent in ADV with moves like Knock Off and Rest. Diancie and Magearna have a ton versatility. Necrozma has Photon Geyser which gives it a STAB move on physical and special sets. Both Urshifus have immense wallbreaking potential with their signature moves. Honorable Mentions go to the Tapus, which can be added to the game, but are hard to make unique from existing Pokemon.

Concept Name: Buffs to fallen OU-viable Pokemon
Description: Some OU or UUBL Pokemon lost Viability with the new additions.
Justification: Buffs to Water-types like Cloyster and Slowbro hurt the viability of Milotic and Gyarados, while the latter alongside Breloom doesn't appreciate new Flying-types and Breloom doesn't enjoy Overcoat. Hariyama lost viability with many new Pokemon that can check Tyranitar and have Knock Off. Porygon2 struggles with the greater emphasis on offensive prowess. There are many more Pokemon, but these are the notable ones.

Concept Name: Offensive Normal Type
Description: Exactly what it says on the tin.
Justification: While HG does have a fair amount of viable Normal-types, many of them share one aspect in particular; they’re passive. This is a shame, because they have the potential to be genuine threats with their expansive coverage and useful immunities to Ghost, which have seen a rise with the advent of Golurk and Girafarig.

Concept Name: Spinner That Beats Ghosts
Description: A Rapid Spin user that can beat Ghost-types.
Justification: Spinning has become harder with the addition of several Ghosts. A spinner that beats said Ghosts would be much welcomed.


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:Weezing-galar: :toxapex: :barraskewda:
Concept name: Overshadowed ability
Description: Bring an ability from a more recent generation, that’s unique but the Pokémon has an ability better than it to use
Justification: There are lots of cool abilities that never get a time to shine due to these Pokémon having better and more viable abilities

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Our winners:
  • Be Kind, Please Rewind
  • Viable NFE
  • Bad Typing Juggernaut
  • Rags to Riches
  • New Gen Mythicals
  • Non-Ice Hail teammate
  • Overshadowed Ability
No special announcements for any of these. The Submission template is in the OP. Subs close in 4 days.
Concept Name:Be Kind,Please Rewind(formerly my Suddenly Signature)
Pokemon Name:Cobalion
Stats:91/90/129/90/72/108 Total:580
Abilities:Clear Body
Notable Moves:Sacred Sword(New Gen),Swords Dance,Rock Slide(New),Hidden Power Ghost/Ground
How It Fulfills the Concept:In Gen 6 and onwards,Sacred Sword was made no longer signature to the Swords Of Justice,being given to the Aegislash line and eventually Zacian.With neither of them OR the other Swords Of Justice it has Sacred Sword to itself.This reliable,strong Fighting STAB coupled with a secondary Steel typing for a nice defensive combo,Rock Slide as coverage,and the nice combo of Clear Body and SD,and Cobalion is a dangerous set-up sweeper.Its good typing allows it to take out multiple top threats,such as Ttar,Aerodactyl,and Salamence.
Sample Set:
Cobalion @ Leftovers
Ability:Clear Body
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Sacred Sword
- Rock Slide
- Hidden Power [Ghost]/[Ground]
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Concept Name: Be Kind, Please Rewind (Formerly ViZar's Rock-Resisting Spiker)
Pokemon Name: Flygon

Stats: Unchanged
Abilities: Levitate
Notable Moves: +Spikes, +Morning Sun, +Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Protect, Toxic
How It Fulfills the Original Concept: ViZar chose Flygon for the original Concept since it has incredible longevity with its typing and ability. Morning Sun gives it recovery, which becomes worse in Sandstorm, but it gets the job done and it has a place on weatherless teams, which can remove Sand. Dragon Dance allows it to be a bigger threat which again is great thanks to its longevity.


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Concept Name: Be Kind, Please Rewind
Pokemon Name: Glaceon
Typing: Ice
Stats: 65 HP / 60 Atk / 115 Def / 130 SpA / 95 SpD / 65 Speed
Abilities: Ice Body / Compound Eyes
(Compound Eyes reminder: Compound Eyes multiplies the Pokémon’s accuracy to a 130% of normal. For example, Blizzard’s 70% Accuracy becomes 91%, and Lovely Kiss‘s 75% becomes 98%.)
Notable Moves: Blizzard, Ice Beam, Hidden Power Fire/Electric/Grass, Toxic
Added Moves: Surf, Lovely Kiss, Haze, Ice Ball, Hydro Pump, Super Fang, Weather Ball, Recover, Calm Mind
How It Fulfills the Concept: A resub from last slate, this time with emphais of Compound Eyes. Glaceon, although a slow Ice-type, got decent bulk and by far the highest Special Attack of all Ice-type, boasting the strongest Ice Beam, and especially Blizzard through Compound Eyes. A 120 BP STAB Ice-type move with an acceptable 91% accuracy means it will hit hard with that 130 base Special Attack, making a destructive wallbreaker.

At the moment, Ice Body isn’t worth using anyways considering you have Tyranitar to deal with. Lovely Kiss may not be entirely 100% accurate unlike Spore, but Spore can be ignored by Overcoat, but that Ability is practically useless against other sleep-inducng moves which includes a 98% accurate Lovely Kiss. This makes switching extremely risky, which means even Metagross and Tyranitar are not viable considered as viable switch-in unless you already have a teammate that got asleep. Not even Chansey wants to waste time with it, lest it will allows Magic Guard Sableye to switch in!

Concept Name: Viable NFE
Pokemon Name: Shelgon
Typing: Dragon
Stats: 95 HP / 50 Atk / 85 Def / 50 SpA / 100 SpD / 50 Speed
Abilities: Overcoat (replaces Rock Head)
Notable Moves: Toxic, Substitute, Iron Defense, Roar, Wish, Rain Dance, Sunny Day
Added Moves: None
How It Fulfills the Concept: Overcoat gives it immunity to Sandstorm damage and Hail damage, alongside immunity to Spore and Stun Spore. The newly gained Rapid Spin also allows it to become one of the walls with Spin support. Roar allows it to phaze set up sweepers, and Wish will help out healing itself or allied. It stood out from Salamence by being a lot more defensive and provide some support.

Concept Name: Bad Typing Juggernaut
Pokemon Name: Mr. Rime
Typing: Psychic / Ice
Stats: 80 HP / 65 Atk / 75 Def / 110 SpA / 100 SpD / 90 Speed
Abilities: Overcoat / Trace
Notable Moves: Ice Beam, Psychic, Calm Mind, Sucker Punch, Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Light Screen, Reflect, Slack Off, Ice Shard, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Fake Out, Confuse Ray, Baton Pass
Added Moves: Hidden Power (preferably Fighitng, Fire or Grass), Toxic
How It Fulfills the Concept: With better base Speed and gained access to Hidden Power and Toxic, Mr. Rime will be a powerful threat in Hoenn Gaiden with priority STAB in the form of Ice Shard, Sucker Punch calculated on its Special Attack, access of Slack Off, Rapid Spin and dual screens for Support, and using Trace to mess up with walls or punish Intimdiate users. It’s Ice / Psychic type is not a good defensive typing, but can turn the tide if used correctly as an offensive typing.

Concept Name: Rags to Riches
Pokemon Name: Wigglytuff
Typing: Normal
Stats: 140 HP / 110 Atk / 75 Def / 110 SpA / 70 SpD / 50 Speed
Abilities: Cute Charm / Thick Fat
Notable Moves: Double-Edge, Return, Wish, Toxic, Counter, Protect, Reflect, Light Screen, Body Slam, Safeguard, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Fake Tears, Brick Break, Substitute, Focus Punch, Perish Song, Hideen Power Grass
Added Moves: Knock Off, Spikes
How It Fulfills the Concept: Wigglytuff, despite its large HP, is a master-of-none that suffered from being just “worse Clefable” diring generations. Not in here, with better stats and Thick Fat to make better use of its enormous toolset it has!

With Expert Belt, it can afford to go to mixed sets, or utilize its slightly better bulk and high HP to run Counter to stop DD sweepers like Salamence. Thick Fat also allows for better match-up against several Fire-type and Ice-type threats. Wigglytuff’s versatility is ramped up, but it‘s slow Speed, lack of recovery outside of momentum-draining Wish and weakness to Fighting will keep it in check.

Concept Name: Newer Gen Legendary
Pokemon Name: Uxie
Typing: Psychic
Stats: 75 HP / 75 Atk / 130 Def / 75 SpA / 130 SpD / 95 Speed
Abilities: Levitate
Notable Moves: Memento, Yawn, Calm Mind, Protect, Substitute, Thunder Wave, Knock Off, Toxic, Heal Bell, Psychic, Amnesia, Rest + Sleep Talk, Light Screen, Reflect, Imprison, Foul Play, Thunderbolt, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Giga Drain
Added Moves: Recover
How It Fulfills the Concept: Uxie‘s bulk is more impressive in Gen 3 than in later Generations, with tools like Memento, Yawn, Thunder Wave, Light Screen, Reflect, Foul Play, Heal Bell and Knock Off giving it versatility as a wall. 95 Speed is also speedy for a defensive-oriented Pokémon, allowing it to utilize Foul Play against slower non-Dark Calm Mind users.
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Concept Name: Rags to Riches
Pokemon Name: Parasect
Typing: Bug / Ghost
Stats: 75 / 120 / 75 / 70 / 75 / 75 (490 BST)
Abilities: Effect Spore / Water Absorb
Notable Moves: Spore, Lunge*, Shadow Ball, Swords Dance, Stun Spore, Knock Off*, Hidden Power Rock/Fighting
How It Fulfills the Concept: Shedinja doesn't actually show how cool Bug/Ghost is in this meta, so Parasect is here to do it. Between Spore, Lunge, Stun Spore and Knock Off, Parasect is deceptively hard to switch into, and it forces a lot of switches which is amazing for a Spikes meta. Bug is also a great type for this meta, hitting Ttar and Celebi hard. We all know how amazing Ghost is as well. Not only does it passively block Rapid Spin, it's also a great offensive type for dealing with all of the Ghosts we've added to the meta.

Concept Name: Overshadowed Ability
Pokemon Name: Spinda
Typing: Normal / Dark
Stats: 85 / 85 / 85 / 115 / 65 / 75 (500 BST)
Abilities: Water Veil
Notable Moves: Rapid Spin, Sucker Punch*, Hypnosis, Crunch*, Slack Off, Wish, Baton Pass, Disable, Encore, Pursuit*
How It Fulfills the Concept: We added a lot of Ghosts to the meta and our spinners are suffering for it. Here is a spinner that beats those Ghosts. Water Veil is mainly useful in blocking wisp ghosts: Jelly, Gengar and Giraf. Pursuit and Sucker Punch play mindgames with every Ghosts, much like Bisharp did pre-dexit. With the Ghosts denied entry, it is free to spin.
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