Tournament HPL 3 Week 6

Unfortunately, will have to call act. Opponent didn't show up in the scheduled time; after 15 minutes, their team was notified in the HPL discord and no sub was available. The scheduling is in my wall and the discord logs are in the hpl server. :(
This is bs, you told me the rule wasn’t the way it was leading to me not subbing earlier until it was confirmed u were wrong after the 30 mins. We missed out on sub in time due to your mistake. You are still online and have no reason to nitpick about rules. Also, I showed that i wanted to sub well before the 30 mins but you were wrong about the rules leading us to not sub then. tldr; i said i would sub well before 30 mins had passed, wasn’t posted in 30 mins due to misunderstanding with rules, opp was still online and in a position to play but calls act instead of discussing even playing me. There is precedent from this tour that suggests you can sub foreigns for hindi.
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