Infinite Ditto Giveaway [Done, don't post]

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IGN: Denmi Lovoto
Deposited: Lvl 4 Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: Adamant
Message: Buckert + Ad

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Hi there Buckert, here is my request:

IGN: Steve
Deposited: Level 2 Female Wurmple (Japanese)
Ditto Wanted: Quiet 31/31/31/31/31/00
Message: Buckert + Quiet

Thank you very much in advance!
Thanks for the previous Ditto. I would like to ask for a Ditto for my friend.

Deposit: Wurmple, Female, Level 5
IGN: Sapphire
Message: Buckert Timid
Ditto requested: Flawless Timid Ditto

Thank you in advance and on the behalf of my friend. I will tell her not to give it away to anyone else if you send a Ditto my way. :)

Edit: Taken down temporarily.
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IGN: tex
Deposited: Level 3 Female Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: careful flawless ditto
Message: Buckert careful
Thank you kindly Buckert!
Hey Buckert! I haven't taken advantage of your giveaway before but I'll be getting back into some breeding soon and want to fill out my Ditto collection (so I'll be getting a few off you over time, if thats alright?).

First off, could I please get this? :P

IGN: Kyle
Deposited: Wurmple (F), level 2
Ditto Wanted: Brave (31/31/31/31/31/00)
Message: Buckert+BRAVE TR

Thank you in advance!
Deposited lv2 F Wurmple
IGN: Leeman
Ditto Wanted: Modest Ditto
Message: Buckert iz kool

I don't know how to express gratitude without it sounding cheesy
So I'll just say Thank You Buckert!!!
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Deposited lvl 5 (F) Wurmple.
IGN: Zach
Ditto Wanted: Timid 31 | 30 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 31 Ice
Message: Buckert HP Ice
IGN: God
Deposited: Lvl 3 female Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: Flawless 31|31|31|31|31|31 jolly pref
Message: Bukert jolly

You've helped so many people with dittos even if i don't get one. I think you're amazing.
IGN: Ma Boi
Deposited: Level 2 Female wurmple
Ditto Wanted: Jolly nature
Message: Buckert Jolly any HP
Thanks for the giveaway :3
IGN: Mack Busk
Deposited: Level 3 Female Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: Timid 0 Atk
Message: Buckert 0 Atk
Thank you Buckert!!

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Deposited a Level 2 Female Wurmple with Pecha Berry
IGN: Anthony
Ditto Wanted: Careful
Message: Buckert Careful

Thanks in advance!
IGN: Derrick
Deposited: Level 3 Female Wurmple (holding pecha berry if that helps)
Ditto Wanted: Jolly HP Electric
Message: Buckert HP Elect

Thanks a bunch for this I appreciate it
IGN: Raphaelo
Deposited: Level 5 Female Wurmple
Ditto Wanted: Modest ditto
Message: Buckert Modest
IGN: Maximus
Deposited: Lvl 2 female Wurmple (Holding Pecha Berry)
Ditto Wanted: Adamant 31 | 31 | 31 | 01 | 31 | 31 Ditto *Shiny if possible :)
Message: Buckert Adamant
Thank you for your generosity, it's much appreciated


Obsessive Collecting Disorder
Moderators, please lock this giveaway for a few weeks. Will be quite busy the next few weeks with moving in my new apartment.

Thanks in advance!
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