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Jirachi es un Pokémon defensivo excelente con uno de los mejores typings secundarios disponibles, Steel, permitiéndole ofrecer a los equipos Psychic un sólido paquete de resistencias que incluye a Fairy y Steel, inmunidad a Poison y una neutralidad vital contra Bug-type, algo de lo que Psychic suele carecer en Pokémon defensivos. La base 100 en todas sus stats le permite a Jirachi ser de gran valor para equipos Psychic, especialmente cuando usa U-turn. U-turn específicamente le permite actuar como un pivot defensivo y lento con el cual hacer entrar a compañeros de equipo de forma segura y obtener ventaja. Gracias a su inmunidad a Poison, Jirachi puede evitar Toxic, lo que lo hace un increíble Pokémon defensivo para Psychic. Gracias a su vasto movepool y gran cantidad de opciones de utility, como Healing Wish, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Toxic y Wish entre otros, Jirachi puede llevar a cabo un gran número de roles en estos equipos, entre los cuales se incluye el de Stealth Rock setter, status spreader y el de un fuerte pivot. Su habilidad, Serene Grace, le da la oportunidad de vencer a Pokémon más lentos con la probabilidad doblada de flinch de Iron Head, especialmente junto a Thunder Wave. Sin embargo, Jirachi es perjudicado por estar limitado a cuatro moveslots, lo que limita el número de roles que puede llevar a cabo de forma efectiva.


Jirachi es una buena opción ofensiva en equipos Steel gracias a su typing, geniales stats en general y su acceso a un gran movimiento de setup, Z-Happy Hour. Esta combinación de bondades ayuda a Steel en matchups importantes como Poison y Water. Z-Happy Hour también permite a Jirachi actuar como un late-game cleaner, potenciando todas sus stats por 1 y permitiéndole lidiar con muchos revenge killers gracias al incremento en sus defensas. Su typing Psychic le da neutralidad a Fighting y le otorga a Steel una respuesta confiable a Poison-types peligrosos como Mega Venusaur y Toxapex gracias a sus movimientos con STAB súper efectivos. Jirachi también tiene la opción de usar un set bulky Calm Mind para ser un sweeper más resistente, tomando ventaja de cores defensivos para hacer set up y combatir equipos Water- y Flying-type de forma más fiable comparado con el set Z-Happy Hour con el que solo puede hacer set up una vez. Aparte de esto, su bulk por encima del promedio para un Pokémon ofensivo combinado con buenas opciones de cobertura como Thunderbolt también le permite amenazar a types más defensivos como Water y Flying. Sin embargo, Jirachi es muy dependiente de Z-Happy Hour para poder dañar equipos, ya que el daño general que hace sin boosts deja bastante que desear debido a sus mediocres stats ofensivas. Sumado a esto, Z-Happy Hour puede ser muy arriesgado y poco fiable debido a que solo funciona una vez por partida. Calm Mind Jirachi es vulnerable a revenge killers rápidos como Landorus-T y no amenaza equipos de forma inmediata. Jirachi también puede ser difícil de encajar en equipos, ya que compite por un lugar con las muchas otras opciones ofensivas de Steel como Magnezone o Bisharp.

name: Specially Defensive (Psychic)
move 1: Iron Head
move 2: Stealth Rock
move 3: Toxic / Thunder Wave
move 4: Wish / U-turn
item: Leftovers
ability: Serene Grace
nature: Careful
evs: 252 HP / 176 SpD / 80 Spe


Iron Head is Jirachi's attack of choice, as it carries Steel-type STAB, has a doubled flinch rate thanks to Serene Grace, and is extremely spammable. Stealth Rock puts pressure on opposing teams, most notably Bug and Flying teams, while also breaking Focus Sashes and providing nice chip damage. Toxic is the better of Jirachi's two status options because of its ability to wear down opposing walls such as Mantine and Porygon2. Thunder Wave is another good status option that can be used to cut a foe's Speed in half, and when used with Iron Head, it can completely shut Pokemon down. U-turn is Jirachi's form of slow pivoting, which brings teammates in safely. Alternatively, Wish gives Jirachi recovery beyond Leftovers and allows it to become a decent check or counter to some major threats in the metagame such as Choice Scarf Tapu Bulu.

Set Details

Full investment in HP gives Jirachi the highest possible mixed bulk. 80 EVs are placed in Jirachi's Speed stat in order for it to reach 256 Speed, allowing it to outspeed fully invested Adamant Diggersby. The rest of the EVs go into Special Defense with a Careful nature to maximize Jirachi's special tanking potential. Serene Grace lets Jirachi make greater use of Iron Head by doubling its flinch rate. Leftovers rounds out the set as a form of passive recovery that allows Jirachi to pivot more freely by giving it greater longevity.

Usage Tips

Jirachi can work as lead on Psychic, as it can put immediate pressure on the opposing team with Stealth Rock and status while also providing momentum quickly via a slow U-turn. This Jirachi set should be used as a switch-in to the many special attacks it is resistant or immune to. Jirachi can be used to tank physical attacks as well thanks to its maximum investment in HP and incredible defensive typing, but it will not be able to take these hits as easily. Take advantage of Jirachi's great utility options in setting up Stealth Rock, spreading status with Toxic or Thunder Wave, and healing itself and others via Wish support. Thanks to its Steel typing, access to Toxic and Thunder Wave, and ability to spam Iron Head, Jirachi can be used to shut down opposing walls and defensive Pokemon such as Chansey, Mega Venusaur, and Staraptor with few to no drawbacks. Jirachi is Psychic's most valuable defensive check to Bug-type threats such as Choice Scarf Heracross and Scolipede, so keeping it healthy to successfully manage these Pokemon is vital. Jirachi is an amazing pivot for Psychic teams as well, using U-turn to bring momentum to its team's side by taking attacks for the Pokemon it's pivoting out to. If Jirachi has Wish, it can successfully combine it with Iron Head spamming as well as status moves to stall out opposing Pokemon such as Choice Scarf Tapu Bulu; however, Wish also enables Jirachi to heal teammates. Be wary of Pokemon that may carry super effective attacks, especially physical ones, as moves like Knock Off and Earthquake can usually take Jirachi out quickly. Make sure to switch out to an appropriate teammate when faced with most physical attackers, as the lack of investment in Jirachi's Defense stat can leave it fairly vulnerable to Pokemon such as Garchomp and Landorus-T.

Team Options

Slowbro is an amazing teammate for Jirachi, as it carries a resistance to one of Jirachi's weaknesses in Fire, can check Water-types more easily, and most importantly provides a switch-in to physical attackers that can work with Jirachi in a pivot core thanks to Regenerator. Mega Slowbro provides even better physically defensive support in exchange for the loss of Regenerator, which could end up being a good reason to run Wish on Jirachi. Victini is Psychic's best physical wallbreaker, checking common threats to Jirachi such as Ferrothorn and Mega Scizor and providing an offensive check to Pokemon like Volcarona, Choice Scarf Heracross, and Choice Scarf Excadrill. It also acts as an offensive pivot thanks to U-turn, which can bring Jirachi in on threats to Victini such as Rock- and Water-types as well as on defensive and utility Pokemon like Porygon2 and Klefki. Latios is one of Psychic's best special wallbreakers and is a good offensive check to Pokemon that threaten Jirachi, namely Garchomp, Heatran, and Nidoking. It can also act as a switch-in to Fire- and Ground-type attacks and provide support in the form of Defog for removing entry hazards and can benefit greatly from Jirachi's status spreading, pivoting, and Wish passing. Mega Latios can break down annoying Steel-types that can wall Jirachi while also gaining great support via Jirachi's utility in U-turn, Wish, and Healing Wish. Focus Sash + Counter Alakazam can work well with Jirachi's slow pivoting as a check to physical sweepers. Jirachi can also keep Alakazam healthy via Wish. Mega Alakazam works as a powerful sweeper that can switch in safely thanks to Jirachi's U-turn and can easily take over the momentum of a match. Meloetta is Psychic's most solid check to Ghost-types because of its immunity to their STAB attacks. It can provide great support for Jirachi against Pokemon such as Blacephalon, Gengar, and Mimikyu and greatly appreciates Wish support due to its lack of recovery. Mew can act as either a stallbreaker that can help Jirachi spread status with Will-O-Wisp or as a scout that can also remove the items of opposing Pokemon with Knock Off. Stallbreaker Mew also appreciates Stealth Rock support from Jirachi, which frees up its own moveslots for more essential utility options in Defog and Taunt. Mewnium Z Mew can gain favorable matchups thanks to Jirachi's slow U-turn, which can also lead to an easy use of Rock Polish or Nasty Plot for a sweep. Mega Latias pairs well with Jirachi as a check to Fire- and Ground-type attacks while also being a potent threat as a setup sweeper. Jirachi is able to bring Mega Latias in safely and give it great support via Wish and Healing Wish. Mega Gallade is another excellent teammate that appreciates Jirachi's support immensely so that it can effectively break down defensive cores and find safe opportunities to set up a Swords Dance.
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