NOC JOAT 10 Game Thread [Completed, GG Mafia]


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hi, I'm randing it now, you can assume it's random in all my games, as has been in the past

(I also personally recommend against games running plurality, because that creates a gamestate where early votes are stronger)

sorry I was in the middle of the ocean for the last day and had no internet oops
Wow... that night went atrociously.

I even had a hypoclaim clearing skipper ready.

Uh, I need to go over pages 1-36 again to re-read knowing Haruno and Ehmcee are clear. Celever, too, but I already thought he was clear.
the fuck was that night everyone just died???

i don't really have any strong reads & will need more time & discussion to be confident, but my top mafia candidates atm are JALMONT and zippy.
Well I was different in the last game because the game needed an energy jolt and I happened to have ways to engage people. Games get easier to talk about the longer they go on and at this point in old age I don’t have a strong inclination to “create” dialogue by rambling on about nothing in particular

I think this setup would be more interesting if the roles were spread out instead of on one person. I guess you’d have to give the mafia an extra member

Do you have anything to say now? It's been a whole day and 3 dead people. I'm thinking Aura Guardian is mafia based on comparing how they voted in 4 previous games compared to this one.

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