Latios Sweep: The Pex Mew Team

Overview: Mew, Toxapex, Weavile, Landorous, Kartana, Latios

Too fast too furious: Latios Sweep!


Mew @ leftovers
Calm Nature

252 Def / 252 Hp / 4 Spe
- Spikes
- Roost
- Roar
- Taunt

Best lead ever made. Can tank hits very well. I may re work this later with calculations proving there is no better Spike setter than Mew in OU currently.

Taunt works very well against slower opponents like: Ferrothorn, Corviknight, Slowbro, Blissey, Poison Slow Bro, Toxapex, and many more.

Roar is to rack up extra damages and anything that thinks they are going to set up on my team.

Between Roar and Toxapex's Haze you aren't really going to have a way to set up on any of the walls of this team.

Roost is here because of natural bulk from Mew and Synchronize comes up a lot and only helps spread even more status' to my opponents.

The only thing that stops this set is a faster taunt user than himself which is rare because his base 100 is more than enough to be considered a fast taunt user.

If a dark pokemon switches in or a counter I go to pex and set up Toxic spikes tanks fairy hits as well and Roars them away. He also is able taunt out most Spikes setters and set up his own. Spikes is the most difficult hazard for this team to deal with. His lacking of an attack doesn't come up often.

I either switch, use Roar, or set up hazards. It's only problematic if somehow taunted.


Weavile @ Muscle Band/Boots
Jolly Nature

252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Spd
- Triple axel
- Ice shard
- Low kick
- Knock off

The wallbreaker. I opted for Muscle Band over Choice Band because I don't like coming in and out with this guy unless I have to. He hates SR and a lot of times I play through hazards because my team sets them very well.

Usually he only needs to come in once or twice if you are smart. He is immune to Psychic and tanks Ice, Ghost, and Dark hits for everyone else along with Pex; so Mew, Lando, and Latios are covered.

The difference between Choice Band and Muscle Band were nearly non existent in the calculations that mattered.

I felt this was the better option simply because he works very well in tag team with Latios. I found having one scarfed and the other banded was hindering the team a lot because it lacks pivot.

This guy also helps beat Dragonite. Ice shard plus Dragon Pulse even without rocks equals OHKO which matters because most guys normally play Boots on Dragonite, and with Multiscale plus 2 DD equals I loose pretty hard to it.

You can go to Pex snd try and Haze stall, but generally it can win stall especially with Roost.

Any Psychic pivot future sight team is useless because Weavile, Mew, and the Dragon naturally resist them or are immune. (Giving Toxapex excellent coverage options.)

I didn't plan for that, it just sort of happened. Hazards other then Spikes and SR are useless and Spikes doesn't really hurt this team badly enough to be considered a problem.

Although, if you can not get a defog; spikes can hurt Pex and Weavile a lot.

Tho Mew generally is able to grab a Roost and Pex has recovery options as well if the calculations are there.

You could opt for Boots because the only mon on this team truly bothered by hazards is Weavile.

SR/Spikes and status greatly hinder it and it's very frail which is another reason I went for Muscle Band over the Choice item.

Also, it's hard to grab a Sword Dance with him without screen protection.

I think Boots would take away from damage out put a little too much, so I just opted to be as careful as possible utilizing prediction and switch-ins with Weavile.

I try to either pick something off important early or clean up with him in later game..

However, if they are able to bait you in and out with pivot and set up hazards; Weavile can have a really hard time being effective.

With Boots I found that it was a bit easier to fend off against this issue. However, his damage out put was missing critical Knock Off kills.

I like this guy a lot on this team tho.I think Weavile is nuts and has been an OU staple since Gen 4 for a reason.

Triple Axel also helps play through Substitute users more effectively like physical offensive Dragapult. Low kick offers more damage to Melmetal, Heatran, Ferrothorn, Blissey, and OHKO's Bisharp. However, doesn't due anything to guys like Kartana. (Although, I wish it did.)


Toxapex @ Black Sludge

252 Def/ 252 Hp / 4 Spd

- Haze
- Toxic spikes
- Scald / Knock Off
- Recover

Rapid Spinner for Toxic Spikes, sets hazards and Latios and Mew cover him just fine. Just like Landorous he can take Knock Off/U-Turn hits and protect Mew and the Magical Dragon, Latios.

He can also take Fighting hits for Weavile and Kartana.

It's a very good stall mon and Haze allows him not to be set up on.

Tanks fairy hits and is the best answer to Trick Room users.

Pex baits and traps future sight players and Pokémon like Tapu Lele, so that I can switch and easily kill them.

Generally can beat Magma Trap users such as Heatran.

Also, Mew generally wins that match up one on one as well and can get up one to two layers of spikes or force the switch.

Pex deals with Sword Dance Kartana, Bisharp, Scizor, and Melmetal a bit more easily.

If it is playing Earthquake I try to go to Landorous or play around it as best as I can. If it has Ice Punch and Quake; Melmetal can be very difficult for the team as an entirety.

Most do.

I prefer Scald because it is more helpful against Landorous/Melmetal when they attempt to switch in. If Trick Room is up Scald is definitely more effective.

His Psychic Weakness is covered by Mew, Latios, and Weavile. His ground weakness is covered by Landorous, Latios, and Kartana.

This is subperb coverage ensuring Toxapex can stay alive for the duration of the match.

Not often did burns conflict with toxic damages on Scald.


Landorous @ leftovers
252 Hp/ 252 Def / 4 Spe
- Defog
- Toxic / Knock Off / Hammer Arm
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock

Guys' here because he has excellent typing and covers Weavile and Toxapex's ground weaknesses very well. Also, he can tank physical Dark hits very well. This is a Spikes team first but this guy is no slouch in setting up rocks.

Also he is immune to Spikes and an average defogger when needed. Also his quake hits pretty hard. Toxic can be swapped for Knock off or a fighting move. Also, defog can be as well.

This team focuses so hard on setting hazards that a rapid spinner may be more effective than a defogger or nothing at all and choosing to play through hazards. This team has excellent self recovery options and immunities to most hazards, a toxic spikes spinner, and acces to defog, so I wouldn't say it's a staple even if you choose to drop defog.

This guy fits the team like a glove after testing and seems to be very effective. However, he has a paper thin special defense so you have to be careful when switching in even if he is the correct switch. Knock off helps remove Boots in tandem with Weavile making it to where your opponent must defog or spin away hazards.

I believe that was more effective than defog, but defog came up early match often especially with mirror match Landorous SR users. However late match if hazards were established Knock off or toxic would seem to be more effective if they had a Toxic Spikes spinner. This guy helped counter opposing Pex in tandem with Latios limiting it from switching in.

He also helps against Melmetal, anything physically frail, but also struggled to check Trick Room users and lacked accessibility against fairy types either. However, Mew + Pex proved to cover this failure.

So, in conclusion; Landorous set up Stealth Rock, Spreads status or Defogs early. Knock off was proven to be the most effective due to the synergy with Weavile and Hazards. Intimidate is an amazing ability of this particular pokemon.

It came up a lot. Stealth Rock helped against: Zapdos, Dragonite, Weavile, Pelipper, Hawlucha, and many more.

Anything that is weak to Rock allows for the move to be insanely useful.

Most users that are either resistant or are immune to Spikes, aren't against SR, so I felt it was necessary to play a good Stealth Rocks user in order to get maximum use from Mew's Roar and Spikes.


Kartana @ focus sash
Beast Boost
252 Atk/ 252 Spe 4 Hp
- Sword dance
- Knock off
- Leaf blade
- Sacred sword

Kartana is an excellent sword dance user and sash works very well on this guy. Comes up against Trick Room as well being able to have a second turn. (I know this isn't UU, but I figured it was worth mentioning) Also, helps against speed tie mirror Kartana.

If you have to switch in before defog it is usually fine this guy resists rock and is immune to toxic, and in my opinion a better Sword Dance user than scarfer any day if the week.

He sports excellent coverages usually after +1 Sword Dance if your opponent does not have a counter you will win the match. He counters anything that attempts to wall this team. Sash also helps him nab a kill anyways if he somehow happens to be slower than your opponent.

I don't like him with Band because I'd rather just Band something like Bisharp with prio, Scizor, or anything else lol, and scarf is a wasted item on Kartana.

It's literally faster than 70% of the meta. I generally play him as a revenge killer or Wall breaker or late game sweeper. Again, his coverage options are incredible and he hits insanely hard.

Sometimes you wish you had Steel Coverage, but it would be the least important coverage. In that essence he would probably be better on Muscle Band as well, but I don't like that either. His Sword Dance has way too many set up opportunities and is probably the easiest sweeper to use in OU.

I have not posted calc, but with +1 SD and +1 Beast Boost that should end the match or heavily hinder the opponents switch in capacity.

Even still their switch in has to be faster to revenge kill or take 2/3 hits and still revenge kill or you still sweep their team.

Sash has came up a lot in tandem with this strategy. Also, Kartana is immune to Toxic and resist Rocks. He is bothered by Spikes, so you could opt for Boots or Aguya Berry.


Latios @ choice scarf

252 Spa / 252 Spe / 4 Spd

- Dragon Pulse
- Psychic
- Mystical fire
- Thunder bolt / Trick

This guy is super fast and sports undeniable coverages. Counters almost the entire meta. Very under rated set. Has resistances to Toxic, takes SR normally, Levitate comes up a lot, and he hits very hard. After hazards are set up this guy is unstoppable.

Also can serve as a special wall

Pros: fast hits hard, resists Toxic and burns and takes SR normally immune to Spikes

Cons: U-turn weakness, Dark weakness lol hates T-Wave

Best scarf user ever.

I've had a lot of fun utilizing this set without Trick. With Trick the opponent knows he's scarfed/gives up speed bluff to opponent with extra coverage option.

Your opponent just think you are playing soul dew latios or with specs because he hits harder than Latias.

At first this team played Latias for better bluff, but her base 110 was not as nice as her counter parts base 130.

I'm really not sure how this thing is UUBL because the numbers just on this set are beyond godly. I believe (whether this team is good or bad,) that Latios with Scarf item may be the best revenge killer in OU currently.

Also, as stated it can serve as a special wall/late game sweeper. He does exceptionally well at it.

In conclusion, this team lacks pivot, a spinner for screens and opposing hazards. Hyper offensive teams with a lot of pivot seem to be the only issue for it. Trick Room can also be a pain, but you won't see that often. U-turn teams are difficult due to Mew, Latios, and Weavile suffering weakness to it. Although, Pex and Landorous takes those hits well. So does Kartana.

Either way, this team proved to have great synergy and could lay hazards down and re set them if needed at ease against a lot of the meta. It was a very fun team to build and test. It also proved to be effective in the things it was built for which was laying down hazards and abusing the fastest (most realistic) mon in OU. Only out sped by CS users above base 110spe and Barraskewda in the rain in which he beats one on one (provided it doesn't play Ice Fang) some do/some don't. I generally try to scout with Pex first.

Here are some coverages and Calc photos of the Magical Dragon vs gen 8 OU.

Mystical Fire vs Kartana = OHKO
Dragon Pulse vs Dragapult = OHKO
Psychic vs Blaziken After Protect + Speed Boost even if Sashed = OHKO
Psychic vs Toxapex = 2HKO
Thunderbolt vs Pelipper = OHKO
Mystical Fire vs Ferrorhorn after SR damage = OHKO
Dragon Pulse vs Weavile = 2HKO after SR or Spikes = OHKO
Psychic vs Landorous = 2HKO
Psychic vs Tapu Koko = 2HKO
Dragon Pulse after SR vs Dragonite = OHKO
Mystical Fire vs Melmetal = 2HKO
Dragon Pulse vs Garachomp w/+1 speed boost after hazards = OHKO
Thunder Bolt vs Tapu Fini = 2HKO
Psychic vs Zerazora = 2HKO after Spikes (2 layers = OHKO)
Thunder Bolt vs Tornadus = 2HKO
Psychic vs Hawlucha = OHKO
Psychic vs Buzzwhole = OHKO
Psychic vs Rapid-U = OHKO
Psychic vs Regieleki after SR = OHKO
Mystical Fire vs Rillaboom = OHKO
Thunder Bolt vs Slowbro = 2HKO
Thunder Bolt vs Vocanion = 2HKO
Thunder Bolt vs Knight = 2HKO
Mystical Fire vs Bisharp = OHKO
Psychic vs Barraskewda after SR = OHKO
Psychic vs gengar = OHKO
Thunderbolt vs Barraskewda = OHKO
Outspeeds +1 Dragonite
Outspeeds +1.5 Garachomp

I opted for Pulse over Draco Meteor just in case you need to stay in. Plus if you use Draco you may as well spec him or play soul dew. Plus with hazards and without them Pulse does fine. Meteor only proves to be more useful against Dragonite

These are some of the calculations I previously did in the past. However, this Dragon hits very hard and fast and there are plenty of other coverages I did not explain.

Click in Calc button for Latios' coverages

Updated Calcs involving Mew vs U-Turn. Proving with the provided set I use is better than his utility set. Simply because he does not need the extra speed to set up Spikes. I'd rather have Mew's Roost and longevity so he can come in and out constantly. I did not do Calcs on him vs Poltergeist, Knock Off, or Dark Pulse because regardless unless you know they can't 2HKO; you should probably switch to Pex, Landorous, or Kartana.

Calcs with Weavile would take too long. Trust me, with racked up hazards, he's sweeping anything that isn't Corviknight or Toxapex. His Low Kick also 2HKO's Heatran.

Threat list:
Trick Room teams can be difficult
Anything that can wall weavile and latios
Fairy users and really strong steel users can be problematic but not really a counter

bisharp is a problem without pex


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