LC LC Fall Seasonal - Round 1

Altariel von Sweep

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Calling activity on MK007, he has not been active for a whole week and missed the deadline I imposed (sunday 6pm gmt +2). Upon this, I've decided to give him an hour and half more to get on, but still no answer. I really have no time to play mons today, and I would like to show proof.

e: you can check his profile if you need to verify it

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Notjackewu vs Mister Magnus
kiritofps  vs  fish anemometer
vs Havens
Nineage vs divine10
MK007 vs Altariel von Sweep
vs ur moom sus
Dead by Daylight vs PoseidonWrath
vs shadowtime2000
Tycarter vs femboy
qtfofs_ vs Zeyphri
Ryuuji vs MTB

Azluc On Top vs gali
Surfy vs luisin
DugZa vs Hys - you didn't ask, but it was a late sub so I'll hand it out

sero vs bodi 69
bella vs GasaiYunoSan


skippergamez and Seraphz you appear to have scheduled and played your game on smogon, but neither posted the result? will flip monday evening -4
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