Tournament LCPL 7 - Week 2

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in response to Sken calling me a weeb multiple times i've recently discovered that i was ghosted this week in lcpl and my team, the stuntin stunkys, have in fact lost this week 3-5 instead of tying it 4-4. sorry to my teammates, i let you down. i can provide logs if necessary.

edit: my week 1 win is null as well, as evidenced by this log

[7:31 PM] skenman: @shayman
[7:31 PM] skenman: do you realize
[7:31 PM] skenman: you just recognized
[7:31 PM] skenman: eseque won
[7:31 PM] skenman: the match
[7:31 PM] skenman: nails vs. eseque
[7:31 PM] shayman: only on a technicality
[7:31 PM] skenman: this is a fact
[7:31 PM] shayman: me and the crew still outplayed him
[7:31 PM] shayman: dw
[7:31 PM] skenman: you're, therefore, worse than eseque
[7:31 PM] shayman: hey
[7:32 PM] shayman: that's not ok
[7:32 PM] skenman: and a weeb.
[7:32 PM] shayman: i was ghosted week 1 too man
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