Live Video mafia

If we wanted automated hosting in text we could just use MU anyway

Are we going to submit actions by signalling or what
We're going to use zoom for video (we tested it out earlier). It has simple private messaging for actions. Mafia chat might be skype / irc / something if we ever get teams of 3 or more.
O ty

It would prob be ideal if we could compile a short explanation of how it's gonna work while we collect interest

'Cause stuff like that might matter to people idk

anyway I'm in for sure as long as it's on a weekend in Australian time (Friday - Saturday for you people.. can't do Sunday)
Filled out, but scheduling activities that I don't tell people about more than a day in advance is difficult for me. These times are *probably* good


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can't fill that out until i get my work schedule but as you probably are aware august 1-5 is 100% no for me
Both friday and Saturday work for the 4 people that signed up. We'll probably start looking for people ~7 EDT Friday in hopes of an ~8 EDT start. If all goes well, we can try again Saturday. If nothing goes well, we'll try Saturday.


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I MIGHT be able to do Friday depending on how long you guys play bc im driving home friday
d&d group can't meet up except at that time, and we haven't met up in months, so I won't be able to make it.. sorry..

I'm still fine for any time later and all times Saturday
doodle was basically worthless anyway, just wanted to see what time to aim for more than anything (afternoon start v late evening start). Never expected answers to be binding in any sense.

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