NOC Lovers Dance: Second Date Game Thread - Game Over

thanks! good job Eagle4 for ur first game back u played pretty well overall and hope to see u in more games but town united very quickly and think we did a good job setting a winning order

ty dusk for hosting, was fun esp cuz i wanted to play this setup for quite a long while so thanks for filling up every1, sorry to scum for the setup hope u guys had at least some fun with it

also it's hilarious how much people change, for better or worse, from their first games M2H


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this game was super stressful for me. being ic really isn't fun, ugh. I think most townies base their reads at least *somewhat* by how other people are reading them (this 100% isn't the only thing to base reads on, but it's a piece), so having everyone know I was town sort of limited some of the stuff I look for. I also think that since playing of m451, I have grown to really enjoy being chaotic town or a townie that does stuff to misdirect and to trick scum into doing bad things rather than to just be a townie trying to find town/scum.

idk, I'm sorta drained and tired so I don't think I can really find the thoughts I want to share... When I first started out here on smogon, I thought games where i was vanilla were the worst since I had no power over anything. Being a VT is prolly my favorite role now, though.

gj to all the VTs this game that ultimately got us to the end. I definitely respect Former's game and i agree that all the mechanics thrown at scum sort of doomed them... but it's also kinda crazy how far he made it, Eagle could have left the dance earlier too and have given former a seat at the f4, and if bgb would have refused to leave the dance who knows wut could have happened (idk wut I would have even done either, rip). it was a crazy game, so many things went wrong, but somehow things worked out. I view much of the town family as really dysfunctional, but I'm hoping it will grow to be the kind of crazy in-game dysfunctional and won't bleed out.

texas's reads were pretty good, once the dust settled. I think they were a bit confusing with early game and posts like "town me" sort of confused me, and the mid game m2h fight was weird but well I still think texas had the best reads this game once they got going and they deserve that much.
Gg everyone, this was hella fun for my first game back and it was cool to see how i've changed as a maf player (aka not a nervous wreck anymore)

I kinda agree that the set-up + maf being all ladies meant it was very very hard for them to pull off a win. Still, wp Former, you did a nice job, I have absolutely no idea why I stopped sring you (midway through pre-dance I messaged Duskfall98 w/ my maf predictions and they were

Eagle4 said:
texas / former / om / energy / dopog

the mafia layeth here

this has been your eagle4 d1 announcement
but you did something and it worked.

I think a lot of town played very well overall, a few townies made it very clear to almost everyone that they were town (Nuxl early on, M2H post-pairing with Heal) and by the end of first dance I was getting confused because it almost seemed to me that *everyone* was town (ofc dawning slacking helped w/ that).

Interested in hearing the reasoning behing the asek/tex ban Former ?? Still haven't got my head around that.

Learnt a few things about how I play now, what i'm good at and what i need to improve on:

1) I used to be so careful about what i say as both maf and town because i didn't want to appear scummy. Feel like i've loosened up a lot
2) I prioritise mechanical/mathematical logic wayyy too much over vibes -- reason my d1 maf predictions were quite accurate were because i was basing it on vibes alone, and then when i saw dopog leave it late to pair up and former get banned, i dropped them as suspicions because i thought maf wouldn't do that based on the mechanics of the game. Vibes started picking up again later w/ former re: their insistence that the game was already won didn't seem towny, but at that point I thought it was still mechanically/mathematically unlikely.
3) I'm indecisive and paranoid as fuck -- hence not fully trusting nuxl and m2h, not having strong scum reads on anyone and backtracking on my reads throughout - def need to improve on that lol

anyway great game, thx everyone x
texas i assumed you were scum because i knew nuxl m2h and heal were town and thought another good player would have to be scum.

I need to stop using this logic ur right.

I knew the interaction when I tried to leave dance the first time with dawning was weird. I shouldve just done it but its fine.

great job to healndeal m2h and nuxl.
It was impossible for me to not make it personal, that is to say that my history with DS meant that a prolonged engagement in thread with him was NEVER going to be useful for me in assessing him to be town here. I expressed as much, consistently discouraging DS from engaging. In the first two posts there I expressed as much. Discouraging an engagement there and trying to read DS based on interactions w/ others was my way of TRYING to keep it impersonal but DS just cannot accept it when me specifically does not TR him so in any game that I do not explicitly TR him he is going to bait an interaction and then respond with frustration and AtE in the thread. The second to last quote is literally just me expressing a scum read after being baited to “come to an actual decision on his alignment.” The last one I already acknowledge was out of line. The third and fourth like maybe? Thank you for actually trying to show me what posts seemed bad to you but like the most I can give you is that I was a little bit course or abrasive with a person that I frankly didn’t want to speak to and that would not stop engaging and using AtE on me after being asked not to multiple times.
there's no such thing as town ATE. It's just having actual emotions and expressing them in thread.
That's where you came into things wrong this game, acting like I was doing things to purposefully get a rise from you when really I was just trying to sidestep you while still getting a read

btw my read on you was correct. Your read on me was wrong. Also, I wasn't an asshole this game. That goes to you, as has been pointed out many times by a number of players this game so like, maybe rethink the way you approach me, or just recuse yourself from games with me if you are unable to work this weird bias you have toward me M2H
you literally called me scum and said it’s be solved by nk. If you hadn’t died you prob would’ve pushed me if you stuck with what you said in thread.
I was never actually pushing you tho. Re read the lists I posted before I died. I specifically didnt come down as scum on you.
you literally called me scum and said it’s be solved by nk. If you hadn’t died you prob would’ve pushed me if you stuck with what you said in thread.
And yet what I was posting as my reads said I didnt think you were scum!

Its almost like I wasnt concerned with you at all other than you trolling me. Weird. I was trying to get you to reconsider me the whole time.
And yet what I was posting as my reads said I didnt think you were scum!

Its almost like I wasnt concerned with you at all other than you trolling me. Weird. I was trying to get you to reconsider me the whole time.
maybe expressing a town read on me would have helped with that, or you coulda just not interacted and let me read you from a distance like I kept asking you to do :blobshrug:
hi : )

my thoughts:

the set-up is fun! thanks for hosting Dusk. it seemed kinda over too soon and there was not a lot of time to tease out why people wanted to be partnered with certain others, but that's perhaps because town had it mostly sorted? i think obviously the goal for scum in a set-up like this is for one of the team to get into the town bloc. yet the town in this game performed excellently early d1/pre-dance, and I think Eagle4 and Nuxl in particular, were so townread so quickly that they really took that opportunity away from us. I think we as a team played pretty well late pre-dance onwards (maybe Dawning more mid pre-dance) and made it so there was a bit of a chance (M2H tr'd energy/dawning, eagle tr'd DS/myself, the former ban was a fantastic call by them and meant they were townread) but i think town had done the work early to really mitigate any chance we had.

i thought former did as well as they could given the way things were, and i appreciated that they played in a way I wouldn't (e.g. how tightly they stuck to their rhetoric of ""we" have this locked up, so difficult for scum to win", they helped sow apathy) and that they did that superbly to almost get within striking distance of a win. DawningWinds' entrance was so good too! i enjoyed playing scum with these guys.

I think HeaLnDeaL doing the posting analysis and then deciding to holster that analysis at f6 and leave it for a hypothetical lylo was a smart decision, as the game had played out the way town expected for the most part (i.e. they understood what was happening, most people's lists had a winning poe) and a major re-think was not necessary at that point. I've said thanks already but DS. rereading my iso was nice from a kindness standpoint which I think stands apart from playing to win the game thing so I appreciated that. i like that texas doesn't feel a need to fit into a certain playstyle/posting style and I was sad we didn't get to interact more in thread. energy rethinking their reasons for thinking texas is scum, and rethinking the assumptions they use for poe was really cool. also calem was a bit of a wildcard and that was enjoyable.

look forward to playing with you all again

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