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name: Choice Specs
move 1: Lava Plume
move 2: Psychic
move 3: Scorching Sands
move 4: Fire Blast / Overheat
item: Choice Specs
ability: Flame Body
nature: Modest
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Magmar's wallbreaking coverage and good Speed makes it near-unstoppable when boosted by Choice Specs. Almost nothing safely switches into its boosted attacks, with Grass-types, Golbat, and Gurdurr being some of its many victims. Psychic nails Poison-types like Mareanie and Scorching Sands allows Magmar to revenge kill Fire-types like Lampent and the mirror. For a stronger STAB attack than Lava Plume, Fire Blast is ran so Magmar may spam it and clean late-game. Otherwise, Overheat's raw power is great for wallbreaking and can OHKO targets like Piloswine after Stealth Rock + Spikes chip damage. Teleport is also sometimes ran over its additional Fire-type coverage so that Magmar can gain momentum on its switch-ins.

Keeping entry hazards off the field is imperative so that Magmar maximizes its wallbreaking turns and avoids being KOed from priority users like Thwackey and Gurdurr. Naturally, Choice Specs Magmar ought to have Defog and Magic Bounce support from Golbat, Vullaby, and Hattrem. Rapid Spin Wartortle is a phenomenal partner for both Rapid Spin and pivoting with Flip Turn, as it brings Magmar in versus Grass-types like Tangela and Ferroseed. Additional pivots like Thwackey and Slowpoke also work to this degree. Marshtomp is the one notable wall that counters Magmar, so try to force damage on it from Thief Electabuzz and Toxic Spikes Koffing to help wear it down.

name: Stallbreaker
move 1: Taunt
move 2: Fire Blast
move 3: Seismic Toss / Psychic
move 4: Fire Spin / Thief / Lava Plume
item: Eviolite / Heavy-Duty Boots / No Item
ability: Flame Body / Vital Spirit
nature: Modest
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Using Taunt allows Magmar to prevent recovery and detrimental status from walls like Duosion, Clefairy, and Galarian Corsola. From there, Magmar may try a variety of moves to facilitate its role as a stallbreaker: Fire Spin + Seismic Toss traps special walls like Duosion and Marshtomp, Thief + No Item wears down the aforementioned walls, and additional coverage like Psychic and Lava Plume reliably revenge kills Tangela, Golbat, and Mareanie. The extra bulk from Eviolite is important when trapping and forcing attacks with Taunt, but Heavy-Duty Boots is often better for hit-and-run playstyles. Flame Body is generally the best ability due to punishing physical attackers like Golbat and Thwackey, though Vital Spirit with Eviolite allows Magmar to switch into Tangela better.

Given that Magmar often eliminates or at least forces damage on to special walls, specially offensive cleaners like Electabuzz and Shell Smash Wartortle make for great partners. Try pivots like Thwackey, Vullaby, and Galarian Linoone to get Magmar in safely in versus targets like Tangela and Golbat. Regenerator walls like Tangela and Mareanie function as defensive pivots for Magmar, and they are great at sponging hits when Magmar procures attacks through Taunt. Their Knock Off support is also crucial for wearing down switch-ins like Golbat and Piloswine so that Magmar is more effective at breaking them. Spikes users like Ferroseed and Roselia also help wear down walls for Magmar, and in return they appreciate its Taunt for preventing Defog.

name: Belly Drum
move 1: Belly Drum
move 2: Flare Blitz / Fire Punch
move 3: Thunder Punch
move 4: Mach Punch
item: Sitrus Berry
ability: Vital Spirit
nature: Modest
evs: 100 HP / 252 Atk / 156 Spe

Due to the potency of Magmar's specially offensive sets, vulnerable Pokemon tend to switch out against Magmar, which in turn creates a perfect opportunity to setup with Belly Drum. Water-types like Mareanie and Wartortle might try switching in to take a Fire Blast only to succumb thereafter to a +6 Thunder Punch. Flare Blitz is optimal for wallbreaking, like OHKOing Piloswine and Gurdurr, but Fire Punch is better for cleaning thanks to its lack of recoil. Mach Punch is used for its priority, notably KOing Galarian Linoone while still threatening faster threats like Electabuzz and Raboot. 156 Speed EVs allows Magmar to outspeed Adamant Thwackey, and the rest of its bulk is necessary for setting up and triggering Sitrus Berry. Vital Spirit also allows Magmar to setup on Tangela.

Magmar needs to preserve as much HP as possible to setup and sweep, so entry hazard removal and prevention from Golbat, Gurdurr, Wartortle, and Hattrem is a must. The latter two are often better than Defog, though, as Magmar needs its own entry hazard support to wear down walls like Marshtomp. For this task, Ferroseed, Roselia, and Mareanie work best. Item removal from Electabuzz, Golbat, and Koffing is another way to wear down walls so that Magmar can clean. Water-types like defensive Wartortle and Slowpoke lure in Grass-types and pivot off them, which in turn often creates a perfect opportunity for Magmar to use Belly Drum. On more offensive teams, additional sweepers like Swords Dance Thwackey, Bulk Up Gurdurr, and Shell Smash Wartortle work as great cleaners after Magmar eliminates a crucial wall but goes down to Flare Blitz recoil.

Other Options
Choice Specs Magmar could incorporate other attacks like Seismic Toss and Thief to play around some defensive cores at the cost of revenge kill opportunities. Double-Edge over Thunder Punch is a way for Belly Drum Magmar to OHKO Marshtomp after boosting, but this should only be ran if the team absolutely needs Marshtomp removed as otherwise Thunder Punch is more reliable. Toxic hits Marshtomp and Wartortle, but ultimately Seismic Toss is more effective at wearing these targets down. Focus Blast is Magmar's strongest special attack to hit Piloswine and Marshtomp, though its inaccuracy makes it less popular.

Checks and Counters

**Water-types**: Marshtomp is the best counter to Magmar, easily tanking on any of Magmar's sets by forcing it out with Earthquake and walling its attacks. Other Water-types like Watortle, Mareanie, Slowpoke, and Chinchou work well for discouraging Fire Blast sweeps, but they could drop to repeated hits as well as Belly Drum Magmar.

**Special Walls**: Gabite functions like Marshomp thanks to its resistances and access to STAB Earthquake. Other walls like Duosion and Vullaby might not take most of Magmar's boosted hits and stallbreaking moves, but they deter the use of coverage like Psychic and can scout which set or attacks Magmar is running.

**Revenge Killers**: Electabuzz, Raboot, and Galarian Linoone force out Magmar. Lampent trades hits well with Magmar and can even switch into it as long as Magmar lacks Scorching Sands. Priority from Gurdurr, Raboot, and Thwackey can take out a worn down Magmar, especially Belly Drum variants.

**Entry Hazards**: Unless Magmar is running Heavy-Duty Boots, entry hazards are a huge concern for limiting switch-ins and making Magmar much more vulnerable to revenge killers.

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